Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Latest Adoptions

Misty and Boots left on Saturday to two different homes.  Misty is now living with a thirteen year old cat in a multi-generation household of five adults where she will receive a lot of attention!  Boots finally has gone to her forever home - where she will be the only cat living with a dad and his daughter.  They had adopted a cat named Emmy from us a couple of years ago that developed health problems and passed away within a year.  They were both so very nice and took such good care of Emmy. We know first hand Boots landed with a great family.

Three cats were brought down to the store last Friday...Swirls, Friskie and Little Fuzz. All three are fine with other cats and will acclimate easily to most environments.

Swirls is a young adult male that was found in the Cape May County Park actually wearing a leash and collar!  No one ever came looking for him.  He is micro chipped however the phone number listed with the chip is out of service.  Do not be alarmed by lumps you may feel on his sides.  Our vet has assured us the lumps are not hernias nor anything to be concerned about.  We did bring Swirls back to the Shelter today since it was reported he was having difficulty urinating. We are going to keep an eye on him for a day or two and decide if he can go back or if he has a urinary infection.

Little Fuzz is a two year old female that was part of an inside/outside group of cats belonging to the landlord of a rental property.  The tenants who had accepted the cats moved and the new tenants are  not so cat friendly.  The landlord took Little Fuzz and her brother Big Fuzz home for the winter months but would no longer keep them. Big Fuzz has been adopted. Little Fuzz is friendly and will make someone a nice pet!
Little Fuzz
Friskie has a history we will never know.  She first came into the Shelter in July of 2009.  She was only three months old and part of a managed colony.  She was socialized at the time and we felt it best to find her a home rather than return her to the colony.  She was subsequently transferred to a local rescue.  Prior to transfer a microchip was implanted.  On May 21st of this year we received a call from the Atlantic County Shelter that a cat with a microchip originating from our Shelter had been picked up by Animal Control and was in their shelter.  We picked up Friskie.  A check of our records revealed the transfer - however that rescue no longer had adoption records and the chip had never been registered by the adopter. Nine years later Friskie is back where she started from.
Please take a look at the calendar as a couple of unforeseen circumstances have led to two regular spots being available for the remainder of the summer.  Saturday Adoption Tables will need coverage as well as Sunday mornings.  Judy M and Deb & Warren will let me know as soon as they are able to return.  Cathy Tc will no longer be able to do every other Friday morning.  (Thank you for your help over the years, Cathy!!)  If you have any friends or family interested in joining us let me know!

Gentle reminder...please make sure to email the shelter (animal.shelter@cmcsheriff.net AND cc me daviesdunhour@comcast.net) on any observed health issues with the cats or logistical problems or anything.  If you call the Shelter please email the information as well when you get the first opportunity.  It really helps us to maintain communication and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks or gets lost in a message that may be repeated several times. 

As far as June scheduling needs...see below:

Sunday, June 17: Adoption Table
Wednesday, June 20: AM Cleaning AND Adoption Table
Friday, June 22: AM Cleaning
Sunday, June 24: AM Cleaning AND Adoption Table
Saturday, June 30: Adoption Table

As always - thank you all VERY much for your help! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Here's the Latest!

Hannah left over a week ago and will be the only pet in the house.  She will be getting a ton of attention!  Delaney and Dylan left the same date to a household with a bunch of young adults and two kittens. We have been worried about these two as they were a tad nervous and scared.  Two days after arriving at their home Delaney was afraid and would not come out from under a bed. Just today the adopter stated she is doing much better and both are slowly acclimating to the group and have their favorite humans.

Robin, Ziggy and Misty arrived at the store on Saturday. 

Misty is a young blue cream calico about a year and half old.  She is so pretty!  She was picked up by animal control along with her seven kittens from a woman who could not care for her and the litter.    Five of the kittens went to Animal Outreach and the other two have been placed in foster homes pending adoption.  Misty is sweet and will make a good companion for someone!  She loves to snuggle and is very friendly.
Robin and her littermate Christopher came into the Shelter in November of last year at about three months old.  They were born outside and were nervous and afraid when they arrived.  The two were adopted together late in December.  Sadly the adopter brought both back to the Shelter in early March stating they "were not warming up as expected."  Christopher was transferred to the Animal Adoption Center in Lindenwold and Robin is now at PetSmart.  Do not be concerned if you hear a snotty sound coming from Robin. It appears to be a chronic condition.  She underwent a nasal flush and the vet checked out the nasal passages - no polyps or obstructions were visible.  A bacteria analysis was unremarkable.  Robin is friendly, likes other cats and did fine with a small dog while in foster care.
Ziggy had two applications on him in no time.  Of course being a long haired male with two different colored eyes this is not a surprise.  We know how that goes!  He is about six months old and came in as a stray at the beginning of this month.  Many of you will probably never get a chance to meet this guy.
Below is a list of days that need to be filled in the next two weeks.  Deb and Warren are away so help is needed on a couple of  Sunday mornings.  Let me know if you are available to cover any of them.

Sunday, May 27: AM Cleaning and Adoption Table
Wednesday, May 30:  Adoption Table (PM)
Saturday, June 2: AM Cleaning 
Sunday, June 3: AM Cleaning and Adoption Table.

If you do the Adoption Table please make sure that people read and understand the last page of the application that indicates how long the process takes and the required paperwork.  We are changing that form so that is very clear to the applicant.  Some of the older forms are still at the store.  New forms will be sent down soon. I understand completely that people are anxious for the adoption to be approved and pick up arranged however due diligence still needs to be done. 

If someone is interested in adopting a kitten let them know we have litters coming in every day. We typically do not put kittens into fosters-pending-adoption until after their first shots which is about eight weeks.   Just have interested people call the Shelter or stop in to discuss with the staff  our policy on adopting kittens.

The Animal Alliance of Cape May County and the Shelter are still partnering to provide FREE spay/neuter for cats belonging to Cape May County residents.  This includes community cats, outside cats, TNR cats, owned cats, any cats - no matter what you call them!! Please pass that information on!!  Interested people can call the Shelter at 465-8923 or call the AACMC at 465-6388. 

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

May Brings Four Cats!

Here they are - four new arrivals! Dylan, Hannah, Delaney and Nala.  Gentle reminder...please go slowly with the new guys as they become accustomed to their new environment.  The most stressful time for a cat is when they change environment.  Move slowly and talk quietly and do not force them to come out or to interact with other the cats.  Let them move along at their own pace.

We transferred Flower to the Animal Adoption Center in Lindenwald.  She is fabulous and has been overlooked for way too long.  She will do well with the change in circumstances and most likely get a home quickly.

Dylan and Delaney are litter mates about seven months old.  They came from a situation in Beesley's Point where there was several unfixed cats.  They will be a tad shy and nervous at first but will be fine. Delaney is the least shy of the two. They were fostered for a while with one of our staff so they have lived in a house.  They would be best suited for a home without young kids and without dogs.   If someone is looking to adopt two cats suggest keeping these two together.  The adoption fee of $70.00 will cover both.
Darling Delaney
Dashing Dylan
Hannah is a senior lady about nine years old.  She showed up one day and a Good Samaritan began to feed her.  Eventually she came to us and we discovered she was spayed.  We posted her on our Facebook page and tried to find her home but to no avail.  Hannah qualifies for the Senior For Senior Adoption Program.
Hannah the Torti
Nala was trapped along with other cats in a TNR colony and it was discovered she was a nursing mom.  She was brought back to the colony and released to join her kittens. After the kittens could eat on their own they were all trapped. Nala enjoys when a fuss is made over her!  She is about two years old.
Princess Nala
***VERY IMPORTANT ***  The food in the bin needs to be the PetSmart Brand - Authority - Chicken & Rice Formula  HAIRBALL CONTROL.  Below is a picture of what the bag looks like.  Today staff emptied what was in the bin and replaced it with this product.  Ella ate this just fine at the Shelter and it helps with her grooming.  There is no need to feed her wet food. She is a grazer, too, and will snack slowly.  Also, it just seems terrible to feed wet food to just one of the cats!  The others must go nuts! While at the store we gave Ella a little pile of the hairball formula and she chomped away on it!   (We are receiving an application for Ella as I type this so hopefully that becomes a non issue anyway.  The applicant met Ella last night and it would be a Senior For Senior.)

A couple of the shifts sent out last week have been covered.  Below are the dates that still need someone:
Saturday, May 5, AM Cleaning AND Adoption Table
Sunday, May 13, AM Cleaning AND Adoption Table
Saturday, May 19, AM Cleaning
Sunday, May 20, Adoption Table
Sunday, May 27, AM Cleaning AND Adoption Table

And a reminder - please do not put any indication on a cage that an application is pending or discourage additional applications in any way. We continue to take applications until a cat goes home.  Many, many times applications fall through.  It ain't over til it's over!!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Onyx went home last night to a big group!  He gained a senior feline brother named Max, mom and dad, and two teenage human siblings.   He is going to have a nice life!  Happy tails, Onyx!

I know you are all anxious for new cats to come to the store.  This is always an add time of year.  At the Shelter we have the teenage cats left from last year's kitten season that are nervous or shy and are not good candidates for the activity and stress of PetSmart, kittens that are too young to go just yet and Barn Buddies.  Fortunately a local rescue is adopting several Barn Buddies next week which will help a lot with that population.

Just so you know should you meet the applicant at the adoption table...  A young woman put in an application for Ella over the weekend.  She called to check on her application twice on Monday however I had yet to review it.  She called a third time so I reviewed the application while she was on hold.  She lives with her parents and the application did not include approval from them (the homeowners) to adopt a cat.  When told she had to submit that approval and could do so via email, letter, call, etc, she became very upset that she was not advised of this during the first phone call. After a few minutes of an unpleasant conversation she hung up on me.  She has not contacted the Shelter since.  It is unfortunate how it ended however she did sign the form that indicates this is a requirement of adoption.  

Please take a look at the below dates that need coverage at PetSmart and let me know if you are available.  They are all in May with the exception of the first one:

Friday, April 27: PM Cleaning
Saturday, May 5: AM Cleaning and Adoption Table
Sunday, May 6: Adoption Table
Sunday, May 13: AM Cleaning and Adoption Table
Saturday, May 19: AM Cleaning
Sunday, May 20: Adoption Table
Sunday, May 27, AM Cleaning and Adoption Table

Friday, April 06, 2018

Welcome Ella and Minx!

Two pretty girls arrived at the store today! Please give them time to acclimate to their new environment.

Minx is over four years old and was brought to the Shelter by her owner in November of last year.  The landlord would not allow cats in the rental.  She has been an inside house pet her entire life and lived with other cats.  She will be fine with kids however never lived with dogs.
Ella came into the Shelter in January of this year as a stray.  She was already spayed so someone cared about her at one time.  We think she is about eleven years old. She will be a very nice companion.  She is snuggly and is a talker!  She thoroughly enjoys a good brushing! We do suspect Ella has only partial hearing. 
Some of the dates from the previous blog have been covered.  Below are the remaining ones:
Sunday, April 8:  AM Cleaning AND Adoption Table
Sunday, April 15: AM Cleaning AND Adoption Table
Sunday, April 22: Adoption Table
Sunday, April 29: Adoption Table

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Happy Tails, Tina!!

Tina went home last night!  She will gain a feline brother, three human siblings (ages 9, 7 and 1) and a mom and dad.  She will have lots of company! 

Right now the entire top row of cages is set up for new arrivals.  I'll let you all know when that happens.  Every time we are ready to send a cat down he or she gets adopted from the Shelter!!

Deb and Warren will be back on April 22 and will join us once again at PetSmart!  (Be warned, you guys, it is cold here!  It sure isn't Florida!!  Welcome back - we missed you!!)

Below are dates in April that still need coverage.  Please let me know if you are available to cover any of them:

Friday, April 6:  PM Cleaning
Sunday, April 8: AM Cleaning AND Adoption Table
Tuesday, April 10:  PM Cleaning
Wednesday, April 11:  AM Cleaning
Sunday, April 15:  AM Cleaning AND Adoption Table
Friday, April 20:  AM Cleaning
Sunday, April 22: Adoption Table
Sunday, April 29: Adoption Table

Monday, April 02, 2018

Hooray For Phoebe!!

The third time just has to be a charm for our precious Phoebe!  She was adopted by Becky, the PetSmart main manager so we can go ahead and celebrate!!  This WILL be Phoebe's furr-ever home!

Don't worry - more cats are coming to the store.  We were waiting until after the holiday.  Things always slow down during school holidays so we decided not to rush.

Below are the dates this month that need coverage.  Let me know if you are available to cover any of them:

Friday, April 6:   PM Cleaning
Sunday, April 8:   AM Cleaning & Adoption Table
Tuesday, April 10:   PM Cleaning
Wednesday, April 11:   AM Cleaning
Sunday, April 15:   AM Cleaning & Adoption Table
Sunday, April 22:   AM Cleaning & Adoption Table
Sunday, April 29:   Adoption Table

Welcome back, Jim and Eileen!! We are certain you had a warmer winter than we did!! As you can see we need your help!