Friday, April 06, 2018

Welcome Ella and Minx!

Two pretty girls arrived at the store today! Please give them time to acclimate to their new environment.

Minx is over four years old and was brought to the Shelter by her owner in November of last year.  The landlord would not allow cats in the rental.  She has been an inside house pet her entire life and lived with other cats.  She will be fine with kids however never lived with dogs.
Ella came into the Shelter in January of this year as a stray.  She was already spayed so someone cared about her at one time.  We think she is about eleven years old. She will be a very nice companion.  She is snuggly and is a talker!  She thoroughly enjoys a good brushing! We do suspect Ella has only partial hearing. 
Some of the dates from the previous blog have been covered.  Below are the remaining ones:
Sunday, April 8:  AM Cleaning AND Adoption Table
Sunday, April 15: AM Cleaning AND Adoption Table
Sunday, April 22: Adoption Table
Sunday, April 29: Adoption Table

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Happy Tails, Tina!!

Tina went home last night!  She will gain a feline brother, three human siblings (ages 9, 7 and 1) and a mom and dad.  She will have lots of company! 

Right now the entire top row of cages is set up for new arrivals.  I'll let you all know when that happens.  Every time we are ready to send a cat down he or she gets adopted from the Shelter!!

Deb and Warren will be back on April 22 and will join us once again at PetSmart!  (Be warned, you guys, it is cold here!  It sure isn't Florida!!  Welcome back - we missed you!!)

Below are dates in April that still need coverage.  Please let me know if you are available to cover any of them:

Friday, April 6:  PM Cleaning
Sunday, April 8: AM Cleaning AND Adoption Table
Tuesday, April 10:  PM Cleaning
Wednesday, April 11:  AM Cleaning
Sunday, April 15:  AM Cleaning AND Adoption Table
Friday, April 20:  AM Cleaning
Sunday, April 22: Adoption Table
Sunday, April 29: Adoption Table

Monday, April 02, 2018

Hooray For Phoebe!!

The third time just has to be a charm for our precious Phoebe!  She was adopted by Becky, the PetSmart main manager so we can go ahead and celebrate!!  This WILL be Phoebe's furr-ever home!

Don't worry - more cats are coming to the store.  We were waiting until after the holiday.  Things always slow down during school holidays so we decided not to rush.

Below are the dates this month that need coverage.  Let me know if you are available to cover any of them:

Friday, April 6:   PM Cleaning
Sunday, April 8:   AM Cleaning & Adoption Table
Tuesday, April 10:   PM Cleaning
Wednesday, April 11:   AM Cleaning
Sunday, April 15:   AM Cleaning & Adoption Table
Sunday, April 22:   AM Cleaning & Adoption Table
Sunday, April 29:   Adoption Table

Welcome back, Jim and Eileen!! We are certain you had a warmer winter than we did!! As you can see we need your help! 

Friday, March 23, 2018

Farewell, Old Man! We are happy for you!

The very last adoption out of PetSmart was Solomon.  He went to a big family - Mom, Dad, three adult children, a Chihuahua named Chico and another cat named Constance.  They were so excited to add him to their family!

Phoebe arrived at the store yesterday.  She is a sweetheart with a hard luck story.  She was adopted last year from us - from PetSmart, actually,  so many of you may remember her.  She was part of what we called the "Friends" litter - Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Chandler.  Phoebe and Joey were adopted to a young couple last summer.  A couple weeks a woman came into the shelter carrying a cat she claimed to have found.  The cat was obviously suffering from a skin infection around her eyes, head and belly.  It was quite raw and scabbing.  Well, after scanning the "found" cat for a microchip we discovered Phoebe was a previous adoption from us.  We notified the adopter who told us he gave away Phoebe and Joey as they were not doing well with his dog.  Lo and behold - he gave the cats to the very same woman who "found" our Phoebe.  The "founder" was notified and animal control was sent to the property to make sure Joey was ok - which he is.  Phoebe was treated for the skin issue and now needs to go to a REAL forever home. She is a sweetheart and will be fine in a home with kids and other cats.  As far as dogs - we do not know if the dog didn't like the cats or the cats didn't like the dogs. 
We have received two applications for Boots -  unfortunately we had to deny both.  Boots can be quite temperamental.  She was surrendered because she was showing some annoyance and biting her previous owner.  Boots gets to a point where she has had it.  We have seen it at the Shelter.  Other cats will get her to point where she becomes aggressive.  This is all quite common of declawed cats as they get older.  Maybe because they now have arthritis in those joints that were cut, or bone spurs.  Discomfort could be making her cranky.   So,  PLEASE,  take our word for it and do not allow other cats to have access to her. 

If you are available to do the morning cleaning on this Sunday (March 25) please let me know.  Take a look at the April calendar and let me know if you can fill in on any of the days where help is needed.

Friday, March 02, 2018

Meet Solomon!

Meet King Solomon!  This gentle old man was brought to an area vet by someone who claimed to have found him. He was already neutered and declawed.  We think he is about ten years.  He is a nice cat and will make a very good companion! He qualifies for the Senior For Senior Adoption Program.

As you already know we brought Anya and Willow back to the Shelter.  Anya seems more comfortable and her belly is healing.

Below are dates in March that still need coverage.  Please let me know if you are available to cover any of them.
Saturday, March 10, AM Cleaning
Sunday, March 11, AM Cleaning & PM (Adoption Table)
Sunday, March 18, PM (Adoption Table)
Wednesday, March 21, PM (Adoption Table)
Saturday, March 24, AM Cleaning
Sunday, March 25, AM Cleaning & PM (Adoption Table)
Friday, March 30, PM Cleaning

Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy tails, Gene!!

Gene went home Wednesday night!  His new family put in an application after meeting him through the glass at PetSmart.  Mom, dad and their daughter officially met him Wednesday night and it was  they loved him!  He will be joining another cat in the house so will have both human and feline company.

Flower arrived today.  This pretty little girl came into the Shelter in mid July at about 10 weeks old and has been growing up in a cage.  She is ready for a home!
When Flower was dropped off Crystal checked on Anya.  It looks like the redness on her belly has subsided.  Do not be concerned that she has what appears to be udders or oversized mammary glands.  It is just her particular physical make up.  Also, she is a lot more outgoing than you may think!  Say her name and talk to her and she'll come to you looking for attention!

Only two openings in the schedule for this month that still need coverage:
Saturday, February 24, AM Cleaning
Sunday, February 25, Adoption Table

Happy Presidents' Weekend!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Zoe and Mittens Got Adopted!!

Zoe and Mittens went home last Wednesday.  Both will be the only pets in their respective households so will be showered with love and attention!

Four cats arrived on Friday...Onyx, Gene, Tina and Boots.

Onyx was originally adopted from the Shelter over a year ago.  He was brought back last month because he was either playing rough or reacting to being handled roughly by the owner's adult son. He is a great tom cat that is about six years old.  He is friendly and loves attention.  According to the previous owner Onyx gets along with other cats and never makes "mistakes"  as far as using his litterbox.
Gene is under a year old and was trapped in a local campground last August.  This little cutie may appear shy at first however he is friendly and ready for a home!
Tina is a little girl about a year old.  She came into the Shelter in October of last year along with two very young kittens.  She was skinny and hungry and so happy to be here!  Her kittens were adopted and she is ready to relax now.  She will be shy at first but once she warms up she will be grateful for the attention!!
Boots is an older girl who qualifies for the Senior For Senior Adoption Program.  Boots is over 12 years old and is declawed.    She can get a tad cranky like most female declaws and lets you know when she has had enough.  She just needs a spot on a bed in the sun in a quiet home.  She was surrendered to the Shelter in June of 2016.  Hopefully PetSmart does the trick and Boots gets to go home soon.
Medical is aware that Anya has a rash on her belly.  We are thinking maybe she is allergic to the litter or maybe detergent used to wash the blankets.   We hate to take her and Willow back to the Shelter because we were hoping PetSmart got these two girls adopted.  A decision will be made soon what to do.

Special thanks to Barbara Jones for eleven years of volunteering at PetSmart!  Barb was among the original volunteers who helped me set up the adoption center there when the store opened in 2006.  Work obligations have made it increasingly difficult for Barb to continue. We will miss you!!

Below are dates that still need coverage in February.  Barb was doing every other Saturday morning so now that spot is available.
Saturday, February 24, AM Cleaning
Sunday, February 25, AM Cleaning
Sunday, February 25, Adoption Table