Friday, December 30, 2016

Introducing the Cats at PetSmart!

This group is very nice!!  You guys are going to like each and every one of them!

First you got little Calvin.  A Good Samaritan who often works with the Shelter doing TNR in North Wildwood came upon a home where cats were being permitted to continue to breed.  Calvin originally came in as part of a TNR project. We met him and well, he was just too nice to not keep and put up for adoption!  He is young...about four months.  This lively little boy will do well in an active home.
Then you got beautiful Brownie.  She is a beautiful, long haired chocolate brown cat - Godiva would be a better name however that was already taken.  We think she is about ten years old.  She came into the Shelter this month already spayed.  Nothing seems to faze her!  She is very friendly and loves attention.  We think she is deaf.  She will acclimate to just about any environment.
Then there is littermates Poe and Ani...the little guys that love to run about when you let them out! They came in together as strays along with their mom and other kittens in early October.  They are about five months old.  Of course if they go together there is only one adoption fee!  They may be a little spooky when they first go home but will acclimate quickly.
And two other littermates...Preston and Porter...are occupying the big cage.  These two boys are also kittens from a TNR project.  They were both so sick when they came into the Shelter in late August.  After two months or so in our sick bay they are ready to be home!  They are always a treat getting back into the big cage!!  They are a resilient pair and will adapt to any household. 
Porter (left) and Preston (right)
And then pretty Gracie.  Gracie is a polydachtal and seems sad.  She was transferred from us to Parkway Veterinary Hospital six years ago as a kitten and adopted from there.  Sadly her owners are now ill and can no longer take care of her.  Good news though!!  Her application was approved today!  The applicant saw her in PetSmart and will meet her tomorrow with Judy M at the adoption table.  If all goes well Gracie will go home and join three dogs - all boxers.  The applicant is active with a boxer rescue so knows the importance of going slow with new pets.
Last but not least is Sweet Pea.  Sweet Pea was adopted from us two years ago as a kitten along with another kitten.  She was returned to us because the owner said she was urinating outside the box.  There was two children in the home - ages 4 and 6.  When we come up against this situation we err on the side of caution and try to put the cat in the mellowest home possible - adults only, no dogs, maybe another cat.  She did get along fine with the cat she lived with in her prior home.  We do say on her cage card no other cats however you will see her interact well with them.  A quiet home with another cat MAY work. We are just trying to keep her anxiety level in a home as low as possible. She definitely should not go to a home with dogs or kids.
Sweet Pea
So that is the crew that is bringing in the New Year!!  They really are a good bunch!!

The 2017 schedule is complete.  We are in need of a regular on Sunday mornings until Deb and Warren return in April, a regular for Wednesday mornings and help with the Sunday Adoption table. Please look at your schedules and let me know if you are available to help with any of those days.

A few reminders as we head into the new year....  Please go light on the litter and the food.  Petsmart writes off whatever we use. Remember, we go in twice a day.  Using this pine litter is so much better than clay BUT it is expensive.  It would be terrible - dirty, dusty and difficult to clean - if Petsmart management had us go back to it.  

A heartfelt thank you from all the Shelter staff and all the cats you helped throughout 2016!!  Your dedication never fails to amaze us - especially those of you have been on the schedule since Petsmart opened in 2006!!  We wish each and every one of you the beast of health and happiness in 2017!!