Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Kittens Arrive & Some New Open Dates

Two kittens were brought down to PetSmart today and are in the big cage - Spangle and Sinatra.  They are actually from the same location as the other three kittens.  Both are very friendly and will acclimate quickly to any household.  Both are about 3-4 months.
The following dates need coverage:
Saturday, July 3, AM Cleaning (just received cancellation)
Saturday, July 9, AM Cleaning
Thursday, July 14, PM Cleaning
Saturday, July 23, AM Cleaning
Sunday, July 24, Adoption Table
Thursday, July 28, PM Cleaning
Sunday, July 31, Adoption Table

Monday, June 27, 2016

How Could I Forget Don Gato!!

Don Gato went home on Saturday, June 18, joining several kids (age 2, 3 and 7), mom and dad and Josephine the cat who was adopted from us at PetSmart in 2013.  Lots going on in that house!
Handsome Don Gato!
The woman adopting Kiwi came to the Shelter over the weekend and was introduced to some of our senior cats.  She will take Kiwi once she and her son have chosen another cat.

Sadly by Saturday one of the kittens brought to PetSmart was sneezing and had a weepy eye.  We brought them all back to the Shelter before they all became sick.  Crystal is scrubbing down the big cage today.  Another blog update will go out when we decide who is going next.

Thank you to the many volunteers who stepped up to fill the dates listed on the last blog.  Below are the dates that still need to be covered.  Every other Saturday starting July 9 needs to be filled so if you are interested in a regular spot on a weekend let me know.

Below are the dates that still need coverage:
Sunday, July 3, AM Cleaning (store opens at 10am on Sundays so you can sleep in!)
Saturday, July 9, AM Cleaning
Saturday, July 9, Adoption Table
Thursday, July 14, PM Cleaning
Saturday, July 23, AM Cleaning
Sunday, July 24, Adoption Table
Thursday, July 28, PM Cleaning
Friday, July 29, AM Cleaning
Sunday, July 31, Adoption Table

Friday, June 24, 2016

Good Things Continue!!

Kiwi has a home!! Yay!!  She is being adopted by a woman who works for the County that staff at the Shelter deal with often. Her name is Lisa and she read Kiwi's story and agrees she needs a break!  In addition to Kiwi, Lisa will be adopting a senior cat.  She was introduced to Daisy but apparently that did not turn out very well.  (As some of you know, Daisy has been a tad temperamental lately.)  Lisa will be meeting some senior cats at the Shelter over the weekend. 

Maria is adopted and going home tomorrow.  She is gaining a feline, canine, and human sibling - one of each!!

Three kittens arrived that will be occupying the big cage.  They are from a litter of five that was reportedly living outside.  Well, once you meet them you will see that more than likely someone had an unspayed female that had a litter and they kept them until they got big then dumped them outside and claimed they were strays.  All five are domestic and showed no signs of living outside when they arrived.   These three are fabulous!!  They will do fine in a home with cats, kids and dogs.
Dusty Miller

Below are the dates that need coverage in July.  There is a quite a few so please take a look and let me know if you can cover any.
Saturdays and Sundays, Adoption Table (July 2/3, 9/10, 16/17, 23/24, 30/31) (Judy M?)
Wednesdays, AM Cleaning (July 6, 13, 20, 27,)
Thursdays, AM Cleaning (July 7, 14, 21, 28)
Thursday, July 14, PM Cleaning
Thursday, July 18, PM Cleaning

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Latest Adoptions: Tux and Savannah

Tux and Savannah did not stay at the store very long!  Both left last Wednesday.  Tux will be living with a Husky, a ten year old cat named Captain and two humans!  His new mom is very excited about having him.  Savannah will be living with an older cat, two young adults and mom.  She is going to be well cared for, loved and happy!!

Daisy and Kiwi moved into PetSmart over the weekend.  These two are both very special cases!  Daisy is fourteen years old and is a beauty!  Can you believe her owner moved and brought her to the Shelter after fourteen years?!  It was the only home Daisy ever knew. We have had her since November of last year.  She did come in with another cat - Cole, an eight year male.  He is not a good prospect for PetSmart though. Pretty Daisy loves kids and loves attention!  She will do well in a home with other cats and even a dog.
Darling Daisy

Kiwi has had a tough time and looks like it!  She came in on June 3 of 2015 with a severely injured tail and terrible looking eyes.  Two vets told us that she has a very mild case of entropian and both agreed surgery is not advised.  When she came in it was apparent she had recently delivered a kitten.  Animal Control attempted to find her baby however could not.  We had a single very young kitten named Strawberry and gave it to Kiwi.  She took to it immediately and was a wonderful, loving mom to her foster baby!  Best mom ever! She was so depressed when Strawberry was adopted. This poor girl needs a break!!  Between her tail, eyes and a weight problem she is not the most attractive cat but, boy, she is a sweetheart!! 
Sweet Kiwi
The June calendar is complete with the exception of the Adoption Table on Sundays - June 18 and 25.  If you are available please let me know.  If you have never done the adoption table and would like to learn I will gladly arrange training for you!!  Also, it never hurts to look ahead to the July schedule!!

Kitten season is in full swing.  We have been inundated at the Shelter.  If you are interested in fostering please let me know.  We provide everything - litter, food, meds, support - you provide the love and the home!  Once they are ready for adoption we take them back.

Just a reminder - adoption fee for cats through June is only $10!  Such a deal!!