Friday, January 27, 2017

Porter Goes Home, Three Boys Arrive!

Porter left Wednesday night and will be living with a young man and his parents along with a canine brother.  The young man is excited about adopting Porter and bought him a big cat tree to help with the transition to the house.

George was brought back to the Shelter.  He was vomiting a lot which concerned the PetSmart management.  Jerry, who was dumped outside along with George, also vomits often.  Poor guys are a tad anxious with nervous stomachs.  Maybe due to their last home. 

We did note that there were treats in the cat cages with a red color. George had red tinge in his vomit and PetSmart employees thought is was blood - it was not.   Please do not give the cats any treats with food dye.  PetSmart brand called Authority is good, healthier treats. Please stick with them.  It is a GREAT rule of them to avoid pet food with colors.

Three boys are arriving tomorrow - Saturday.  They are Otis, Baby Boy, and Sir Tiger.

Otis and Baby Boy are two brothers that were left behind reportedly when their owners moved to Georgia. They are about four years old.  Ideally they should be adopted together - however it is not totally necessary. They are nice young men and will acclimate to a home with cats, kids and dogs. Otis is the bigger of the two and has an ear tip.

Baby Boy
Sir Tiger is about a year and half old.  He was abandoned in a carrier at Beacon Animal Rescue in Upper Township.  Unbeknownst to the person who dumped him Sir Tiger was microchipped.  Animal Control went to his home and advised them their cat was at the Shelter.  We received a call from the owner and Sir Tiger was properly surrendered to us.  He is a typical teenage boy - a little rough and loves to play!!  He does rough up other cats so may be best as an only cat in the house. Keep an eye on him when you let the cats out.   He would be suited for a house with a dog though!
Sir Tiger
If you are available to cover Monday, January 30, for the evening cleaning at PetSmart please call the Shelter at 465-8923 and leave a message for Leslie.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Preston Heads Home, Brownie Recovering, Two New Arrivals

Preston went home last Wednesday afternoon.  He will be living with another cat - one that is twelve years old.  In addition he will live with an elderly woman who lives alone however is visited daily by her granddaughter.  The granddaughter - an older teenager - is very excited about helping her grandmother take care of Preston.  Three generations showed up at the store to pick him up!

Brownie has an approved application but is still at the Shelter.  She was on antibiotics for upper respiratory and that has cleared up.  The approved adopter is planning to pick her up from the Shelter on Friday.  She lives in Gloucester County so needs to plan the trip.

Two new guys were brought to the store last week, Peach and George.

Peach is a male about six months old.  (Yes - I agree...Peach is a female name!  Don't blame me!! I am told the name stuck since he is peach colored. )  He came in along with a litter in September.  He did spend a little bit of time in a foster home.  He may be a little timid but will settle in.
We were sad to see George come back.  He was adopted from the Shelter two years ago along with his litter mate Jerry.  At the time of their adoption they were going on two years at the Shelter.  We were so happy to see them get a home.  Well, the adopter put them outside because "they were destroying the house."  A neighbor called animal control and had them picked up and brought back to us.  I did speak with the adopter who stated she could no longer care for George and Jerry.
Below are a couple dates in January and several dates in February that need coverage.  I am still looking for a regular Wednesday morning volunteer.  Let me know if you are available to cover any of these dates. As you can see they are color coded!  Red is Mornings, Green is Evenings, Blue is Adoption Table.

Wednesday, January 25 AM Cleaning
Sunday, January 29, AM Cleaning,
Sunday, January 29, Adoption Table
Monday, January 30, PM Cleaning

Wednesdays in February, AM Cleaning: 1, 8, 15, 22
Sunday, February 12, AM Cleaning
Friday, February 17, PM Cleaning
Monday, February 13, PM Cleaning
Sunday, February 26, AM Cleaning
Monday, February 27, PM Cleaning 
Adoption Table: Saturdays: 4, 11, 18, 25 (Waiting to hear from Judy M)
Adoption Table: Sundays: 5, 12, 19, 26

Friday, January 13, 2017

Adoptions and Coverage Needed

Calvin left on Wednesday night to go and live with a big family - mom, dad, and four kids.  No other pets are in the house so he will receive a lot of attention!

Brownie has been adopted but has not gone home yet.  She was brought to the Shelter on Thursday morning.  She was sneezing for a couple of days and when the adopter arrived at the store Wednesday night she was concerned.  Since the adoption was taking place at night we could not provide her with antibiotics.  She lives in West Deptford and had driven down to pick up Brownie.  So, she is coming back on Monday to pick her up along with the remainder of the meds that she had started on Thursday.

REMINDER:  If you observe any sign of illness or anything you feel other volunteers and staff need to know about do not just write it in the notebook.  Remember - staff do not read that book every day.  You need to email your observations to both the shelter and to me so we can address whatever it is you have observed.  Volunteers had noted in the book that Brownie was sneezing however we were unaware of it.  Email the two addresses below:

Cages are cleaned and ready for new cats that will arrive in a day or two.  I'll introduce them once a decision has been made.

Coverage is needed for the below dates.  Please let me know if you available:
Sunday, January 15, AM Cleaning
Monday, January 16, PM Cleaning
Tuesday, January 17, PM Cleaning
Wednesday, January 18, AM Cleaning
Sunday, January 22, Adoption Table
Wednesday, January 25, AM Cleaning
Sunday, January 29, AM Cleaning
Monday, January 30, PM Cleaning