Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Let's Get Caught Up!!

Time for us to get all caught up and back on track!! Thanks for taking care of everything while I was away. Seems as soon as I returned we all got caught up in the Thanksgiving holiday and time has flown by! LOTS going on!!

Stevie and Ray FINALLY were adopted and left Friday afternoon. Yes, they went together. They will be joining a young couple and another cat. They are probably rip racing around that house as I type this and will continue to do so while you are reading this!!! The young man adopting them was so excited when I called him.

Ricky was brought back to the Shelter due to a weepy eye. He will be on meds for a short time and will be fine.

Four cats arrived in the last week that did not receive the proper introductions so I shall do that now. Three of the four will adapt well to most homes. The fourth, Bella, is a scaredy cat and needs to be adopted by someone who will be patient while she learns to relax and trust her surroundings.

Johnny is a sweet young male that showed up in the backyard of one of our volunteers. He was already neutered and even has a small ear tip. We were unable to find where he came from and no one has reported him lost.

Little Bella is a brown tiger about five months old and is sweet but quite shy. She is showing signs of stress so please move slowly with her and for now do not force her out of the cage. She will take time. She came into the shelter as a small kitten in June after being found in someone's shed. If she does not adapt to Petsmart we will bring her back to the Shelter.

Madison is a torti about five months old and came into the Shelter at about the same time as Bella. They are very close to the same age. They lived together in a cage at the Shelter so we put them in the big cage. Although they get along they will be fine if separated.

Frannie is a gray muted tiger that is several years old. She came into the Shelter in August very skinny and sick from lack of nourishment. We put some weight on her and she looks great! She is a sweetie and will make a nice little companion.

So there you have it...Johnny, Bella, Madison and Frannie...welcome! Also, this Saturday dogs will be at the store 12:00-3:00pm.

I hope you all received my email about the Holiday Open House and Pet Photos at the shelter on Sunday, December 11, 12:00-3:00pm. There will be refreshments. Feel free to bring a friend and spread the word. Hopefully many of you will be able to make it. If you did not receive a flyer and would like a copy let me know and I will email it again.

Reminder...if you want to participate in the West Cape May Christmas Parade it is this Saturday, December 3. Email Barb at gbarbis@comcast.net for details.

Special thanks to Patti, Crystal and Linda for attending the pet photos at the Princeton in Avalon on Black Friday along with dogs Jade and Cody. The event went well!! This is a great picture of all of them!!

There is still some mornings in December that need to be filled so please let me know if you are available to cover any of them:
Sunday, December 4, AM Cleaning
Thursday, December 8, AM Cleaning
Friday, December 9, AM Cleaning
Friday, December 16, AM Cleaning
Thursday, December 22, AM Cleaning
Friday, December 23, AM Cleaning
Friday, December 30, AM Cleaning

Friday, November 11, 2011

Great Week!!!

Such a good week!! Big Ramses went home and so do did pathetic Igloo! Ramses will be the only cat in the house and is going to be spoiled rotten! His new mom first saw him at the Shelter and really liked him but at that time he was sick and could not be adopted. She said she would be back but we did not know her name so could not contact her when he was well. So, when he was ready for adoption he was sent to PetSmart. The applicant's daughter was in the store, saw him and called her mother to tell her about the wonderful cat she thought she should come see and adopt. Lo and behold - it was the same person who originally wanted him!! Now that is a "meant to be" adoption!!! He left Wednesday night.

Igloo left yesterday afternoon. Special thanks to Larissa for making arrangements to send him home mid-afternoon. After knowing how he ended up in the shelter and hearing everyone say the same things - he is sad, drooling, won't eat, won't come out - this ending is even better. His new mom adopted from us last year...an older declawed big fat calico. She met Igloo Wednesday night and loved him. Since she had to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday the poor guy would have been forced to endure yet another week like that. Larissa generously offered to handle things yesterday if the application was approved. It is a quiet household with one person and one other cat. Just what Igloo needs!! I know this will make you all VERY happy!! Most important - it will make Igloo happy!!

So...who took the place of these two big cats? Three cats!! First we have Pumpkin. This is another cat for you all to fall in love with and worry about. She is a big, long haired, beautiful declawed calico that is four and a half years old. This next adoption will be her FOURTH home!! She was first brought to the shelter because she was not getting along with other cats in the house. She was then adopted and brought back to us because she was having accidents outside the litter box. She was again adopted and brought back because the landlord of the adopter said she had to go. So, here we are. She would be best suited as the only cat, only pet actually, in the house. However I will consider other applications if I feel the applicant has the patience and the proper home setting for Pumpkin to deal with stress. Look how pretty she is:

Next we have Rutgers. Ruters is a very friendly tiger striped male. He loves attention and is actually a bit of a lap cat. He is a few years old - two or three. He came into the Shelter neutered and with an ear tip. So, someone cared enough about him to get this done but no one ever came looking for him. He is a super nice guy:

Finally, we have Little Cat. Little Cat is a black and white female and was originally adopted from us as a kitten three years ago along with her litter mate, Fat Cat. Little Cat and Fat Cat were brought back when their owners sold their home and could not take them to their new house. She will do fine in a home with kids, cats and other dogs. She is a sweet cat and just as her name implies she is little!! You would think she is a teenager! Here she is:

So, there you have it...the three new arrivals. Hopefully with this being an adoption event weekend we will see some good applications and send some of these guys home. Dogs are coming this weekend as well!

To honor veterans and to welcome our troops home from Iraq the Shelter has partnered with the Animal Alliance of Cape May County to make their homecoming complete by offering free pet adoptions to military personnel. Details can be found on the right by clicking on "Shelter Supports Military Personnel." Please pass on this information.

Everyone should have received an email detailing how to handle things while I am away. I have no worries! Thank you all for everything!! When I return we shall work on the December schedule...fun!!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Kitty Switch!

Misty has a sore over her eye that we want the vet to look at so she was brought back to the Shelter. Please do not worry!! She will be fine. The two cages she occupied were cleaned out and spayed down with disinfectant for two days as a precautionary measure.

A black male cat that looks like a little panther arrived today! His name is Ramses. He is two to three years old and is VERY friendly! He is a total love that purrs away when you hold him! He came into the shelter as a stray because he was apparently bothering people in the neighborhood. Wait til you meet him. How could he be a bother?? He is such a nice cat!! He did not pose very well at picture time so the below shot is not great but the cat sure is!

Thank you to everyone who signed up for the remaining shifts this month. Let's keep our fingers crossed that there is no cancellations!!

I will be on vacation and out of the country from Friday, November 11 through Friday, November 18. I will have very little, if any, access to email. Before I leave I will email instructions to everyone detailing what to do in the event you need to cancel or you need to pass on information. Please remember that the Shelter is staffed seven days a week during normal working hours. Also, the Adoption Event takes place while I am away - November 12 & 13. If you can help with dogs either day (12:00-3:00pm) let me know as soon as you can. I want to have everything in place by next Wednesday, November 9.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Tails, Cubby!!!

Hip Hip Horray!!! Yay for Cubby!! He went home on Sunday and will be living with a dog that was also adopted from the Shelter a while ago. A young girl is going to make Cubby happy and something tells me that he is going to make her even happier! A room had been made all up with everything Cubby needs and was waiting for him to help make it a smooth transition to the new home. Another perfect match!

Big old Igloo will take Cubby's place and will arrive Wednesday afternoon. Igloo's story is a sad one. This nine year old declawed boy was brought into the shelter in September. We were told he was found in a back yard and was a stray cat. Well, that was not entirely true. Actually the owner brought him in because they could no longer take care of him. He was suffering from a skin allergy at the time - most likely due to fleas. The fleas were treated and he is doing well. He is so handsome!! Please let Igloo settle in at his own pace. Cubby vacated two cages so he has room. He may be a tad ornery at first - like a typical declawed cat. He will be fine in a home with other cats, dogs and kids. Look how cute he is:

This weekend dogs will be at the store on Saturday from 12:00-3:00pm. Help is needed for the adoption table for the cats from 2:00-4:00pm. If you are available please let me know ASAP. We do have three volunteers helping with dogs.

The only other time slot for November that needs coverage is Sunday, November 6, in the morning. Please let me know if you can do it.

The weekend of November 12 & 13 is the PetSmart National Adoption Weekend. I would love to have dogs go to PetSmart on both Saturday and Sunday 12:30-3:00pm. Dog walkers, please let me know if you can cover either day.

I know it seems early but please put the following Shelter Christmas events on your calendars:

Volunteer Barb A and her crew will once again be representing the Shelter in the West Cape May Christmas Parade. This year it is on Saturday, December 3. The theme is "Bow Wow, Pow Wow" and the dog walkers are dressing in Native American costumes. Contact Barb at gbarbis@comcast.net if you would like to participate with the float. Line up is on Seashore Road at 4:30pm.

Sunday, December 11, 12:00-3:00pm is the Christmas Party and Open House at the Shelter. Santa Paws will be on hand from 12:00-2:00pm for pet pictures. Light refreshments will be on hand, too! Please stop by and bring a friend - two legged and four legged welcome!!