Friday, January 29, 2010

Quick Exit For Joey!

Joey went home Wednesday night. He is going to be living with a couple of old friends of ours - Penn and JellyBean. Many of you may remember them. His new family is so nice! They saw Joey over the weekend and came to the Shelter and completed an application on Monday.

Joey came into the Shelter with two other cats - Zoey and Sandy. Their owner was having health issues and could not keep them. Zoey was adopted from the Shelter. The last man standing is Sandy. He was brought to PetSmart yesterday. Sandy is a couple of years old. He is very friendly and is good with everything and everybody - other cats, dogs and kids are not a problem for Sandy. As you can see in the below picture he is VERY handsome!

I am getting word that there seems to be inconsistent information being given to volunteers pertaining to taking supplies (litter and food) from the shelves and replacing the brown paper to line the cages. I am doing the adoption table on Sunday. I promise that I will get all the correct answers by Monday and pass it on to everyone.

Our regular Tuesday morning volunteer, Kitty, will be taking a few months off beginning February 23. I am happy to say she will be returning as soon as she can but we are definitely going to miss her. Many of you know her from her days working at Abri Animal Hospital. She is a big asset to this program. So, if anyone wants to step in and take over her spot for a while please let me know. Kitty was scheduled Tuesdays with the exception of the second one of the month.

I have not heard from any of the dog handler volunteers about the Second Chance For Love Adoption Weekend. I also need more help with the adoption table that weekend. Here is what I need:
Fri, February 12, Adoption Table 2-4
Sat, February 13, Adoption Table 12-2, Dog handlers 12:30-3:30
Sun, February 14, Adoption Table 12-3, Dog handlers 12:30-2:30

In addition to the above weekend coverage is needed for the following dates in February:
Fri, February 19, AM
Tue, February 23, AM
Fri, February 26, AM
Sun, February 28, Adoption Table

If you can help with the adoption weekend or cover any of the openings please let me know.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good Bye Izzy Man!!!!

Yay for Izzy!! He was picked up last night and is finally in a forever home! I can't believe I do not have a picture of him. For his bon voyage picture I used one my favorite old pics...this is how I imagine him tonight anyway!

Joey took Izzy's place. He is a cool guy...all white with a smudge of gray on the top of his head. He is very friendly and good with kids, other cats and dogs. He was brought in along with two house mates because their owner was having heath issues. I think he will settle in quickly. Meet Joey...

I will be planning the adoption event for Friday - Sunday, February 12-14 in the next couple of weeks. I am hoping to get at least two dog handlers for Saturday and Sunday in addition to a volunteer for the adoption table. I put the hours of the event on the calendar. As soon as you know you can commit please send me an e-mail. I know it is a holiday weekend so I fear many of you have plans but I hope not all of you do!

The following dates are still open in February - not including the adoption weekend:
Sunday, Feb 7, Adoption Table

Friday, Feb 12, AM cleaning

Friday, Feb 26, AM cleaning

Sunday, Feb 28, Adoption Table

As you are aware Spring brings kitten season. At the Shelter we are preparing early for the inevitable influx of many many kittens. If you are interested in fostering kittens for the Shelter please let me know.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE encourage people to spay and neuter their cats. While at PetSmart we encounter many people and we need to get this word out!! If anyone needs information on low cost spay/neuter please send them to the link on the right of this page: Animal Alliance of Cape May County. Commit the phone number to's easy...465-NEUT...short for neuter! Every Thursday they have a spay/neuter clinic right next to the Shelter at the end of Moore Road in the Crest Haven complex. They make it easy for people to do the responsible thing!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good Bye to Nora and Oriella

It was a good week! Nora went home on Wednesday night. Although she will not be the only cat at her new place she will be living with a mom who understands she needs her space! Don't worry...she will only have one feline roomate.

Hooray for Oriella! She went home today and happily jumped into the carrier with her new dad. She is going to be living right down the street from me with a wonderful couple and a host of feline companionship. She is gonna like her new family!

Sweet little Apple arrived today. She is very friendly - good with kids, dogs and other cats. She is playful and outgoing. She is a brown and black tiger. She came into the Shelter with her brother and a litter of kittens. Her brother - Jack - already was adopted. Here she is....

The February schedule is shaping up. Please look ahead and let me know what you can do. There will be the annual PetSmart adoption event held Valentine's weekend called Second Chance For Love. As usual I'd like to extend the adoption table hours to 12-4:00 on Saturday and 12-3:00 on Sunday, bring down additional cats for the weekend and have dogs at the store both days. Keep this in mind as you do your February schedule! More on that as it gets closer....

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year!!! Both Gray and FurBall can proclaim, "We're home again in 2010!" Both were surrendered to the Shelter for the same reason, though from different locations - their owners were losing their homes. Gray was adopted by a PetSmart manager's brother and is doing really well! She is loving and playful and having a ball. FurBall came and went so quickly that some of you did not even get a chance to meet him. He arrived on the 23rd and left on the 26th. When the time came to leave he did not even need to be put in a carrier - he jumped in on his own as if to say, "Come on!! I need to get home!"

The holidays were so hectic that I never properly introduced Roxanne and Peaches. Peaches is a blue cream torti and is very friendly and playful. Roxanne is one of the Shelter favorites - she is a female tiger and is very sweet. In case you have not met them yet here is their pictures.

Emma replaced Furball. She is a big old nice calico. She is approximately twelve years and is declawed. One day she wondered into Cabanas, a restaurant in Cape May, and no one there knew where she came from. She is very sweet. Someone must be missing her!!! Maybe being at PetSmart will help her be reunited with her owner.

Oliver was scheduled to go home Wednesday night but his new family had car trouble. He is being picked up on Saturday. A gentleman went to PetSmart and called the Shelter thinking Geisha belonged to him. After comparing notes we realized she was not his cat. I thought he was going to adopt her but I guess he decided not to.

Just in case someone asks...we have six declawed cats presently up for adoption at the Shelter. Two males just came in together right before Christmas. A new baby in the household is allergic so they had to go. If you know anyone who prefers to have a cat that is declawed please tell them to come down to the Shelter and meet these guys.

The January schedule looks great! Only two openings - both in the morning...and both on Fridays...January 8 and January 22. If you can cover either one let me know.

We have a new regular...starting today Ruthann will be doing Friday evenings. Thanks, Ruthann! It is a big help when someone takes a regular spot!

Thank you all so much for all your help throughout 2009!! As you know the adoptions at PetSmart account for 30% of all the feline adoptions from the Shelter. Each and every one of you made this a successful endeavor for yet another year. I am always amazed by your commitment to this program which is evident when I send out e-mails asking for help. You are a wonderful compassionate group and I am so grateful to have all of you!!

Have a Happy and Healthy 2010!