Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Little energetic Harley went home on Saturday, October 28.  He is going to have a great time living with his new parents, their six year old daughter, a dog and another cat.  There will be no shortage of company for this guy!

Bradley left a couple days earlier than Harley.  He is joining another cat named Cleo, three adults and a seven year old.  This couple came down all the way from Mullica Hill to pick him up! 

Sloan and Garfield were brought to the store after the two boys left.  Sloan came in as a stray in mid-September.  She was spayed and eartipped when she came in.  Sadly no one has come looking for her.  She is about five years old.  Sweet Sloan will acclimate to a house with other cats, kids and dogs.
You will all probably remember Garfield.  He was at PetSmart and was adopted into an adult only home a little while ago.  He was brought back to the Shelter because the adopter's husband supposedly hates cats!  What a sad situation for Garfield.  Why they adopted him initially is a mystery - an annoying mystery.  Of course had we known that the adoption would not have been approved.  Garfield is about an year and half old.  He is a little picky about feline company and prefers to be the only cat.  He may be transferred to ROAR in Connecticut.  That decision will be made in a few days.

It is so difficult to believe that the holidays are right around the corner!  Wow!  PetSmart will be closed on Thanksgiving and we do not need to have volunteers go.  Employees will be at the store late Wednesday into Thursday and will leave at 2:00am on Thanksgiving morning.  They will take care of our cats when they leave and double up on food and water.  If you are scheduled the day after Thanksgiving be prepared for a bit more of a mess!

The schedule looks great with the exception of Sundays.  Joelle is back and doing every other Sunday morning beginning this week (November 12).  Help is needed for the alternate days.  We still struggle to fill the Adoption Table on Sundays.  If you are available - even if only once a month - please let me know.  We can train you on the is not difficult.  Plus, the Shelter is open during the table hours so you can always call if you need help or have any questions.  The open dates are below:

Sunday AM Cleaning: November 19
Sunday Adoption Table: November 12, 19, 26 

Remember to thank a veteran for their service
this Saturday as we celebrate Veterans Day!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Baby Goes Home!

Baby went home with a young man who misses his cat after a recent break up with his girlfriend (she kept the cat).  He has two roommates and no other pets so Baby is going to get a ton of attention!

Angel and Luna went home together last week.  They are joining a house hold with a young couple, an eight year old yellow lab, a seven year old and an infant.  A lot going on in that house!! I think these two are up for it though!

Three new cats arrived in the last week - Harley, Pickles and Bradley.

Harley was actually born at the Shelter so for once we know a real birthday - July 12, 2017.  He is one high energy kitten!  He was already adopted and brought back.  The adopter said he was too much to handle. He's a kitten!!  We think he would do well with a dog to play with!!
Pickles was brought in as a stray in early August.  He is a little shy but will warm up.  He is about six months old.  A nice quieter household or an experienced cat person that takes it slow would do well to adopt him. 
Bradley was found outside already neutered - as evidenced by his ear tip.  Someone took the time to alter him,  however no one called looking.  He is a young cat - over a year old but under two.  He is very friendly!  He likes other cats.  We do think he needs a slow introduction to a dog.

There are a few openings on the October schedule.  If you can cover any of the spots please let me know:

Wednesday, October 17: Adoption Table
Sunday, October 22: Adoption Table
Saturday, October 28: Adoption Table

Safe travels to Jim and Eileen who head out this week to Arizona for the winter.  We are going to really miss them!!  Jim did a GREAT job on adoptions by making himself available almost on an as needed basis.  Jim and Eileen, have a great winter and we can not wait for you to come back!! Have a healthy, safe, wonderful winter!

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

A Couple New Arrivals

Baby and Glenn arrived today at PetSmart.  Baby is about eight months old and was surrendered to  the Shelter because the landlord told the tenant he could not stay. What a shame.  He is a well socialized young man that lived with kids.  He is a playful guy who also likes to cuddle - typical baby!  He is fine with other cats however we do not know how he would do with dogs...although all indications are he would be fine.
Glenn is a cutie who was left behind at an apartment complex along with his mom.  He is under six months old.  He is a nice little cat but is so afraid right now at the store.  Go super slow with him.  He would do fine in a home with other cats and where the new family will give him time to trust them.  His mom is at the Shelter for adoption.
We have an application for Fergie and Luna to go together and are waiting to hear from the applicant's landlord.

Kathy K is taking over paper cutting duty and dropped off a batch yesterday.  Thank you, Cindy D, for all these years of cutting paper for our cats!!

Please make sure to jot down a word or two in the notebook when you complete your cleaning.  I realize some of you are more "wordy" than others.  If you want to go into detail that is quite alright!  If you do not or you are short on time simply jot down the date and "All ok" or something similar.  This way we know someone was definitely there.

The October schedule is complete with the exception of a couple of Adoption Table dates and one Wednesday morning.  The dates are listed below.  If you are available to cover let me know.

Wednesday, October 11, Adoption Table
Sunday, October 15, Adoption Table
Wednesday, October 25, AM Cleaning
Saturday, October 28, Adoption Table

Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Update!!

Lots going on with adoptions and arrivals!!  Gandolph went home where he will be the only pet in the house - with the exception of a parakeet.  (I might sleep with one eye open if I was that bird!) Chandler went home to a nice family and is gaining a Golden Doodle brother.  Figs and Goldie went to a home with another one of our cats, named Calvin, who was adopted from us from PetSmart in January of this year.  Some of you may remember Calvin.  The three will be sharing quarters in a home now!

Below are the six cats at the store right now.  Two others scheduled to go started with an upper respiratory infection so we need to wait for them to get better or choose others.

Rachel and Angel arrived last weekend.  Rachel is a playful little girl about five months old.  She arrived at the shelter in mid July at 10 weeks old.
Angel is another little girl about five months old.  She was trapped among many others in a colony where the caretaker had allowed many cats to reproduce.  She was sick for quite a while at the Shelter and then went into a foster home.  She may seem a tad shy at first but she is a friendly girl who loves attention!
Daphne, Finn, Georgette and Luna are being brought to the store today - Friday.  Litter mates Daphne and Finn would do well if they stayed together however it is not required.  They were trapped in an area where unfixed cats are reproducing and a kind soul is trying to get things under control.  They, too, were very sick when they first arrived at the Shelter and spent quite a while in our iso room.  Daphne is the more outgoing of the two.  Finn is not very fond of being held,  however is a nice boy!  How do you tell them apart?  Finn, the boy, is the bigger of the two.  Daphne is a petite little lady!
Daphne (top) & Finn (bottom)
Georgette is a five year old torbi that is very sweet and very social.  She was surrendered to the Shelter in early August.  She needs a quiet home and will make a wonderful companion for the right person. Look at those eyes!

Luna was left behind by tenants in an apartment when they moved out.  The property owner called animal control to come pick her up.  She is sweet and loves people!!
As always - please allow the new guys to take the time they need to acclimate to their new surroundings.  Do not force them to mingle with the others.  Let them decide on their terms when they are ready to socialize!

We are still in need of people for the Sunday adoption table.  If you would like to be trained on the paperwork please let me know.  Remember - the Shelter is open during the hours of the adoption table so if you have any questions you can always call us.

In a couple of weeks we will be saying good bye to Jim and Eileen and then in November to Deb and Warren as they head for warmer climates.  They will all be missed and welcomed back warmly in the spring!  Wednesday mornings will be filled by Toni however I will be asking for help on Sunday mornings.

Cindy D will no longer be able to pre-cut the brown paper for us.  She is finishing up one last roll and will drop it off at the store.  If you are able to take this responsibility over let me know.  We will start taking care of this at the Shelter and transport the paper down.  Thank you, Cindy, for years of diligently cutting our rolls of paper to size!!

Monday, September 11, 2017

New Arrivals!

Introducing Pasta, Holly and Gandolf!  Pasta went home on Saturday so you may have already missed your window to meet him.  When that little guy came into the Shelter he was so loud and so persistent in his need for attention!!   You could hear him all through the Shelter!  He is joining two other cats - both under a year old - and a young couple.  He will be happy - and hopefully quiet!!

Gandolph is so handsome!  He is about three years old.  He was dumped at the home of a local animal control officer. Look at that face! He is great with people but not so great with other cats.  He wants all the human attention.  He may not do so well with dogs either.  Be careful letting him out to play.  Give him one on one time.

Holly is a little cutie that was found at a local business.  She is one of the easy ones that will acclimate to a home with other cats, kids and dogs. 


This weekend is the annual fall three day Adoption Event at PetSmart.  Volunteers from the Shelter will be bringing dogs down to the store during the adoption table hours on Saturday and Sunday and will be at the store on Friday as well.

Coverage is still needed for the adoption table on the below dates.  Let me know if you are available to help.

Sunday, September 17, 2-4pm
Wednesday, September 20, 6:30-8:00pm
Sunday, September 24, 2-4pm

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Adoptions Continue!

Rocko and Mufasa are both going home today!  Rocko will be joining three humans, two dogs (German Shepherds) and three cats.  The family has adopted cats from us in the past.  Mufasa is joining two adults, a teenager and a dog (Labrador Retriever) who is mourning the passing of his feline buddy.  Seems like a good fit for him.

After receiving reports that Figs was experiencing some gastrointestinal distress he was brought back to the Shelter and observed by medical.  Whatever the issue appears to have been rectified so he was brought back.

Rockette arrived at PetSmart this morning.  She is a perfect cat!  She came into the Shelter initially as part of a managed colony of community cats.  After meeting her staff thought a better fit for her was as an inside pet!  She is about a year old and is going to make someone very happy!
Rockin' Rockette
The annual fall PetSmart Adoption Event is Friday, Saturday, Sunday (September 15-17).  Volunteers will be bringing dogs to the store on all three days.

Below are open dates in the September schedule. All are adoption table time slots.  If you are available please let me know.  The usual times are in parenthesis however it can be changed to fit your schedule:

Saturday, September 9 (2-4pm)
Sundays, September 17, 24 (2-4pm)
Wednesdays, September 20 and 27 (6:30-8:00pm)

Friday, September 01, 2017

Two More!

Two new guys arrived at Petsmart today - Mufasa and Goldie. 

Mufasa was trapped at the same location as Spencer and is just as nice!!  He is about four years old.  He will let you know when he has had enough of your petting - just like AJ - so watch how much attention you give him!  He would do best in a home with older kids and will be fine with other cats and dogs. 

Goldie is a cutie who has been with us since late May.  She was found all by herself at about six weeks old.  Her mom and any litter mates were never seen or located.  She loves to have a good time and plays rough! She will acclimate to a home with cats, kids and dogs.
Bebob has an approved application and is leaving on Monday.  His new owner originally chose a cat at the Shelter however changed her mind when she met Bebop. 

Four new rolls of brown paper were placed at the store.  I have reached out to Cindy D to see if she can pick it up and cut the squares in advance. Until then I guess we are stuck cutting!  Sorry!!

Happy Labor Day weekend!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Catch Up Time!

August has been a great month for our cats at PetSmart!  A total of ten cats went home between August 2 and August 26. There are probably some cats that left that many of you did not even get an opportunity to meet. Let's see who you remember...  Happy tails to Loofah, Q-Tip, Barron, Gabel, Hershey & Reeses (YAY!!), Becca, Murphy, Spencer and Hamlet.  It was so nice to see Hershey and Reeses go home together where they will be the only pets.  Becca went home with a PetSmart employee! Good for her!

Below are the cats presently at the store.  Two more are scheduled to arrive by the end of the week.  

Figs (male) and Francine (female) are litter mates that came from a local rehabilitation center where the clients and residents feed outside cats.  A volunteer has been trapping there, spaying and neutering adults to bring back and removing adoptable kittens and cats.  They are about three months old and spent some time in one of our foster homes.  These two are nice little kittens that will adapt to any home! (We did just receive an application for them however it still needs to be reviewed.)

Rocko and Rori are two boys that appear to have been dumped at a local TNR colony.  All the adults at the colony were altered years ago so it is a mystery where they came from.  Sadly, this is a by product of managed colonies. They are about three months old and should adapt to any home environment.
Cleo is a female about seven years old.  Her cage card says her adoption fee is $35.00 however it should be $20.00.  She is friendly girl that will acclimate to a home with other pets.  Someone brought her to the Shelter in late June claiming they found her.
Bepop is a boy about five months old.  He came from an area with many unaltered outside cats.  We have been trying for some time to get the situation under control however it has been very difficult.  He is a nice little guy that will make a great house pet!  Look at that face!!
So there you have it - the latest six residents.  Let's hope the adoptions keep up at this pace!  Usually things slow down a bit when school initially goes back in session.  We'll see what happens!

Welcome to four new volunteers - Liz, Viktoria & Melissa (mother/daughter team) and Paula!  They trained two weeks ago with Crystal from the Shelter.  It is always nice to have some extra help!  Liz will be filling the regular every other Monday time slot and the others will fill in as needed. 

1) Please do not over feed.  The cats only requires a half a cup of food twice a day.  Bowls should never be filled all the way to the top.  Volunteers go in twice a day so believe me a cat is not going to starve!  We do not want to be throwing food away and increasing the budget for Petsmart.
2) Any medical issue you observe PLEASE email the shelter and Judy directly - as well as note it in the book.  Email AND

The September calendar looks great!!  There are only four openings and all are adoption tables.  The time for the Adoption Table is usually 2-4pm, however we can change the two hour time period to accommodate your schedule..  The open dates are:

Sundays, September 3, 17 and 24
Saturday, September 9

Friday, July 28, 2017

Finally Louie Gets To Go Home!

Hooray for Louie!!  After two not so good applications we finally received a great one!! Louie left Wednesday night with mom and dad and a very excited five year old boy!  Perfect!! Oh, and he will also be joining Spencer the hamster.  Watch it, Spence! 

Three new youngsters arrived today...Loofa, QTip and Pierre.

Loofa and QTip are bonded littermates just over three months old and it would be wonderful to see them go home together.  They came from a home where the occupants are not so good at controlling breeding. Fortunately a woman in the neighborhood is helping them.  Loofa, a girl,  is a little aloof and QTip, a boy,  is outgoing.  So often people leave the shy one behind.  We do not want to see that happen to our Loofa!  She needs to go home with her brother! 
Aloof Loofa

Cutie QTip
We suspect Pierre was dumped.  This four month old domestic kitten showing no signs of being feral simply shows up one day in the yard of a woman well known for caring for cats.  So where did he come from?  We will never know BUT he is a nice boy!!
Plucky Pierre

I do have a new volunteer who may be taking over every other Monday evening.  She has not been trained yet but should be soon.  At this point coverage is needed for Monday, July 31 in the evening.

The August schedule looks good.  Help is needed at the Adoption Table on Sundays.  I am waiting to hear from Judy M to see if she is available for the Saturdays.  In addition coverage is needed for the Adoption Table on Wednesday, August 23.

Stay high and dry through this storm!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Time To Catch Up!

Yoda went home on Saturday, July 8 and will have a lot of attention!  He is now with a young couple and their eight year old child.  He is the only pet in their house.

Stallone was showing some signs of stress so was brought back to the Shelter.  He is doing fine.  AJ is doing fine as well!   He was brought back to the Shelter and quarantined after biting due to what we think was over stimulation.  He has since been cleared and is up for adoption.

Poor Louie seems to be cursed with applications that leave something to be desired.  The first one we received was from a very young couple presently living in a seasonal campground who may or may no be moving to Ohio in two weeks.  The second application is from a man who adopted a cat from us and returned him three months later, adopted another cat and returned her ten months later, picked her back up after a few months only to return her AGAIN.  Hopefully we get a third application that is a good one!

Two cats were brought to the store on Friday - Bama and Barron. Bama already has an approved application and is leaving Wednesday night so some of you may never meet her.

Barron is a love!  He is about two and a half years old.  A local real estate agent was told that someone had moved and left a cat behind.  The agent went to that location and there was Barron - friendly and eartipped. He is about two and half years old.  He will acclimate to any household.  We are not sure if he was strictly outside or inside/outside.
The calendar looks good for the rest of July.  Dates that still need coverage are below.  Let me know if you are available to cover any of them:

Thursday, July 20, AM Cleaning
Sunday, July 30, Adoption Table
Monday, July 31, PM Cleaning

Friday, June 23, 2017

Benny the Bum Begs His Way Home!

Benny and Jackal went home Wednesday night.  Benny will be living with two small dogs - a Chihuahua and a Papillion - an older cat, two adults and four children ages 15, 8, 4 and 3.  He certainly will not be lacking companionship or attention!  Jackal will be living with a single young man who was said he needed a new friend! 

Tye Dye was not doing so well at the store so we brought her back to the Shelter.  She was starting to swat at volunteers and showing signs of stress.  She will be fine at the Shelter with us!

Five cats arrived yesterday.  Special thanks to Jim and Eileen for having the cages all set up and ready to go as instructed!

Hershey and Reeses were placed in the big cage and need to stay together forever.  Their human mom owner passed away a couple months ago.  She had lost her husband a year or so before.  These seven year old littermates lived with an older couple who have adult children and grandchildren who would visit often.  They would sit outside on the porch with their mom and dad and not wander off.   They are lap cats that are accustomed to sleeping together in bed with their owner. They must be so sad.  Hopefully someone sees them soon and takes them home together.  A $20 adoption fee would cover both cats.
Handsome Hershey

Regal Reeses
Stallone was originally adopted from us in 2012. The owner's parents moved in with her and they are allergic to cats so out the door he went.   This 12 year old stud is good with older kids, dogs and other cats.   He is a purring machine that loves attention.  He does prefer not to be picked up.  He will come to you and hang out next to or with you and purr away.  He qualifies for our Senior For Senior Adoption Program.
Sexy Stallone
Louie is a young male under a year old looking for an active home.  His original owners were unable to care for him so they gave him to a friend.  That friend kept Louie for a couple of months however her son is allergic to cats so she could not keep him.  We are not sure how he would do with other cats or dogs however most likely it would not be a problem.  
Luscious Louie
Yoda came from a cat colony at a local marina that was growing in size.  He has a clipped ear because originally he was going to be returned however we decided he would do better as a house cat.   He is a year old.  He did spend time with other cats.  We do not know how he will react to dogs.
Yearning Yoda
As always - do not be quick to open the door between cages or to force these cats to immediately socialize with one another.  Give them time to settle in and relax.  Remember, they are dealing with the stress of close to 12 hours of customers, noise, dogs and a two different people daily arriving to take care of them.  It is a lot to handle.  Go slow.  

There are a couple of open days still in June that are listed below. 
Friday, June 23, Evening Cleaning (today)
Sunday, June 25, Adoption Table
Tuesday, June 27, Evening Cleaning 
Friday, June 30, Evening Cleaning

Please look to July and let me know if there are any open dates you can cover.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Welcome New Volunteers and New Cat!

New volunteers!!  Yay!! Jim and Eileen Jones have joined us at PetSmart.  They will be taking the morning cleaning on Wednesdays as well as helping out with the Adoption Table.  Come the end of October they will head back to Arizona where they winter and we shall miss them!  We are so thankful for the help!!  Welcome, Eileen and Jim!

Happy was the last adoption from the store and left on May 24.  She left in a pink rolling carrier - like a princess!  She will be sharing a home with a male cat and female human.  

There has been some moving around of the guys at the store.  Star was brought back to the Shelter when she bit a volunteer and required quarantine due to Health Department protocols.  She has been released and is available for adoption at the Shelter. We discovered that London has a bad tooth that was bothering him so he was brought back to the Shelter.  Kahn seemed to be suffering from stress at the store so we brought him back to the Shelter where he has always seemed happy.

So, that left Benny in the big cage, Jackal and Tye Dye.  Both applications on Jackal fell through and the applicant for Benny simply never returned any of our calls.  None of the adoptions were meant to be!

On Friday, AJ and Becca joined the three others.  AJ was surrendered to the Shelter by someone who had many, many cats and needed to lessen the numbers.  AJ was a bit of a bully with the other cats and causing some problems!  He can get a little hissy so please do not allow him to run free with the other cats.  He tends to bully the males, not the females. He is about six years old
Becca is a senior girl and qualifies as a Senior For Senior Adoption.  She is about twelve years old.  Sadly her owner had to surrender her along with two other cats and two dogs.  Even though she lived with other animals we feel should would do best as an only pet or in a home where she has her own space.
The June calendar looks great!!  Below are a few dates that still need to be covered.  Let me know if you are available:

Sunday, June 18, Adoption Table
Monday, June 19, PM Cleaning
Friday, June 23, PM Cleaning
Sunday, June 25, Adoption Table
Friday, June 30, PM Cleaning

Monday, May 15, 2017

Feisty Ally Goes Home!

Well, feisty little Ally left on Wednesday with her new mom and her human sister.  Apparently she did not go without a bit of a fight!  Mom had seen her through the glass and unbeknownst to us they had not met her yet.  Luckily they were undeterred by Ally's literal hissy fit.  Paws crossed she begins to behave herself!

Jack appears to have started an upper respiratory infection so was returned to the Shelter today.  We do have a couple of applications for him so hopefully he goes home soon. 

Benny the Bum moved into the big cage.  He came into the Shelter in late April of this year.  He was being fed outside for quite some time by a Good Samaritan but he kept insisting he was not an outside cat and kept trying to get in the house!  This nice tom convinced the feeder that it was time he became a house cat.  He is about four years old.  As you can see he is quite handsome!  Benny will acclimate to a house with other cats, kids and even dogs.
Benny the Bum
Below are the dates that still need coverage this month:
Wednesday, May 17, AM Cleaning
Wednesday, May 17, Adoption Table or PM Cleaning
Sunday, May 21, Adoption Table
Wednesday, May 24, AM Cleaning
Sunday, May 28, Adoption Table
Wednesday, May 31, AM Cleaning

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Homes For Raindrop and Adam!

Both Raindrop and Adam left Wednesday night.  Both will be the only cats in the house.  Adam will be living with a young couple and their bearded dragon.  They are very nice and understand that Adam will need time to acclimate to a real house - since he never has actually lived in one. He came from the outside as a kitten and has lived in a cage since.  Raindrop is going to live with a single mom and her fifteen year old daughter.  Both Adam and Raindrop will be getting a lot of attention.

Happy has a hold and we are working on the application.

Below are the two new guys that arrived at PetSmart on Friday:

Little Ally is about seven months old.  Her owner found her abandoned outside when she was just a few weeks old.  Sadly, now the owner has lost her home and can no longer take care of  Ally. Abandoned again!  Ally is a sweetheart and will acclimate to a home with other cats, kids and even dogs.
Jack is about two years old and doesn't have a tail!  He was surrendered last month along with two other cats because the family had eight cats and could not handle that many any more. He will do well with other pets as wells as kids.
A couple is interested in volunteering with us and they are available on Wednesday mornings!  Let's hope it works out!  I am beginning the process of getting them cleared to volunteer and then trained.

Below are the dates that need coverage this month. Let me know if you can cover any of them.
Monday, May 8, PM Cleaning
Wednesdays, May 10, 17, 24, 31 AM Cleanings
Wednesday, May 17:  Adoption Table or PM Cleaning
Sundays, May 14, 21, 28:  Adoption Table or PM Cleaning

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

GREAT News For Baby Boy and Otis!

Baby Boy and Otis were adopted together and will be the only two pets in the house.  How great that they get to stay together! They will be living with a young couple and a nine year old child. They were abandoned by their owner over six months ago and now get a second chance.  A true HAPPY TAIL!!

Pretty little Tulip was adopted this week, too.  She will be the only pet in her new home.  She will be getting all the attention from mom and dad, a twelve year old and a five year old.  That's a lot of attention!!  Good for her!  She went from being one of waaaaay too many cats to the one and only!

Below are the three cats that are arriving tomorrow - Wednesday.  They are all boys!

Jackal was part of a TNR colony that was not being well managed. A mommy cat just kept having litters. (We did finally trap her and no more litters any more!).  Fortunately we were able to get Jackal into the Shelter at a young age and start getting him ready to live in a house.  He went from outside to a cage so actually has never had a real home. He is about 10 months old and has been in the Shelter since the first week of October of last year.  Jackal will need a home where the adopter understands his past and knows he will need extra time to acclimate.  He likes other cats.  Dogs will probably scare him.  Kids will scare him, too.  He did have daily interaction with a nice couple of adults who fed him and his cohorts.
Kahn was picked up as a stray last September.  He looked terrible and the man who found him thought he needed to be euthanized.  He had a wound on his neck and his eyes were a mess.  Poor guy was really in some pain.  The wound healed and in March he underwent surgery to repair his entropian.  This is a condition where the eyelid folds inward causing the lashes to rub against the eyelid.  His eyes may look bad but he is fine.  However - heed this warning - he does NOT like other cats.  Make sure he is kept by himself in a cage.  He dislikes dogs very much, too.  All that being said - he LOVES the company of humans!!  You guys will love him, too!  He is about 8 or 9 years old.
Raindrop is a lovely big old fat cat that last weighed in at 16 pounds!  He was surrendered to the Shelter in early April along with another cat named Tiger Lily that is staying at the Shelter.  Tiger Lily is nervous and afraid and will do better at the Shelter.  Raindrop was surrendered when his family moved and decided they did not wants cats in the new house.  He lived with three kids - ages 5, 8 and 10 - and a little dog.  The family had him for four years and found him as a stray.  He is one of those cats that will basically be an instant pet.  He can live with other cats, dogs and kids. 
Deb and Warren are back so no more need to get Sunday mornings filled!  Yay!!  Coverage is still needed for the Adoption Table for this Sunday, April 30.

Below are the dates that need coverage in May:
Wednesday Mornings (May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31)
Wednesday Adoption Table OR Evening Cleaning (May 17)
Sunday Adoption Tables (May 7, 14, 21, 28)
Monday Evenings (May 8 and 22)
 Still one more week of waived adoption fees.  Our "Spring Me" promotion ends on April 30.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Homes For Kato and Garfield!

Kato left last Wednesday night and will be living with another cat that is seven years old and one adult human.  A quiet household!  Garfield left yesterday and at this point is the only cat in the house.  The adopters initially wanted Adam as well however upon arrival at Petsmart on Sunday they changed their minds.  Poor Adam! Guess it just was not meant to be. 

Tulip arrived on Saturday.  She is about a year old and came in from a home where there is always a lot of cats!  She did live with kids so will adapt easily to a home with children and other cats.  We are not sure how she will do with dogs. She is a sweetheart though!!
Pretty Tulip
We had a good first week with our April promotion that waives adoptions fees.  Things have slowed down though.  Hopefully it will pick up again!

Below are the dates that still need coverage.  Hurry home, Deb and Warren!!  Boy, have we missed you!!

Friday, April 14, PM Cleaning
Saturday, April 15, Adoption Table
Sunday, April 16, AM Cleaning
Sunday, April 16, Adoption Table
Thursday, April 20, PM Cleaning
Friday, April 21, PM Cleaning
Sunday, April 23, Adoption Table
Sunday, April 30, Adoption Table

Friday, March 31, 2017

Finally Some New Cats Arrrive!!

Dagmar left over the weekend and will be living with two dogs - a boxer and a mixed breed - and an adult couple.  They had a cat for 16 years and were missing feline company.  Happy tails, Dagmar!

I know you are all anxious to meet some cats!!  Well, they arrived at the store today and they are wonderful! Both of these cats are previous adoptions from us to the same home. We are not happy about what happened next. 

Kato, the black male just over a year old, was adopted from us in late summer of last year.  He was brought in as a stray in mid-March of this year.  Of course he was microchipped so we called the owner.  The owner said she did not want Kato anymore!  Nice, huh??  Well, THREE days later Happy, a black and white female about two years old,  came in as a "found cat" by animal control.  Happy was microchipped and had been adopted by the same person as Kato.  Again - we call the owner who does not want her either.  Now that person is on our Do Not Adopt list.  Fortunately both cats are nice and friendly and quite adoptable!  Happy and Kato can stay together or go to different homes.  Both cats will acclimate to a house with cats, kids or dogs. 
Below is a flyer with details about a promotion for the month of April.  Please share it on your Facebook page, print it out and distribute it, email it, just get it out there!!  Sonny DiCrecchio, the person covering the adoption fees, has a second home in Stone Harbor and is the owner of Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market.  He approached me a couple of months ago with the idea.  You may recognize Shelter mascots Scottie (the police dog) and Mason (the prisoner). We so enjoyed dressing them up for Halloween and were excited to use their pictures.  We so loved those two!
Below are the dates that need coverage for the Month of April.  Please let me know if you are available to cover any of them.  Deb and Warren are finally coming home after a winter in warmer climates!  Starting April 23 Sunday mornings will have regular coverage.

Sunday AM Cleanings: April 2, 9, 16
Sunday Adoption Tables: April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
Monday PM Cleanings: April 10, 24
Wednesday AM Cleanings: April 5, 12, 19, 26
Friday PM Cleanings: April 14, 21

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Enjoy your life as Patch, Peach!!

Peach left on Sunday and is headed to a house full of fun!  The family he is joining has adopted cats from us in the past and also fosters kittens for us.  Now named Patch,  he will be joining two other cats, two huskies, twin seven year old boys, an 11 year old girl and mom and dad!  He is slowly being acclimated to their home by spending time in the little girl's room until he feels comfortable.

Adam was brought to PetSmart today.  He is just under two years old.  He is a bit shy at first but then turns into a lover!  He will tolerate being picked up to be moved but does not enjoy being held for any length of time. He may be afraid in a busy household so would require a nice slow introduction - especially if there are kids and dogs.  However a quieter home with other cats would be just fine.  He came into the shelter in April of last year as a stray.

Below are the dates this month that still need coverage:

Sunday, March 12, Adoption Table and Morning Cleaning
Wednesday, March 15, Adoption Table and Morning Cleaning
Sunday, March 26, Adoption Table and Morning Cleaning

Friday, February 24, 2017

Sweet Pea Goes Home!!

Sweet Pea finally got to go home!  She left Wednesday night.  This is the best home for her - a single, older woman with no other pets that wants a cat to fuss over a cat!  And as we suspected, little Suki did not last long.  She went to a very active household - two adults, a young adult, five kids (ages 17 to 5), and three other cats.  Suki is going to have fun!

Dagmar and Garfield are the new guys. Both are quite handsome!!
Dagmar came into the Shelter in September of last year as a kitten and has been patiently waiting ever since for the right home to come along.  He is about eight months.  He came in with a litter and is the last man standing.  He may be a tad shy at first however will make a wonderful pet once he is settles in. He was born to an inside/outside domestic cat that gave birth outside.  A quieter household is probably best for him.

You can't go wrong with Garfield!!  This guy is so friendly!  He is just under a year old and arrived on the first of this month. This boy will adapt to any situation. He was actually handed to animal control by a child so is quite obviously domestic.

The following dates need coverage in March.  Please let me know if you are available to cover any of these days:

Wednesdays, March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 - AM Cleaning
Sundays, March 5, 12, 19, 26 - Adoption Table
Friday, March 10 - PM Cleaning
Mondays, March 13, 27 - PM Cleaning
Sundays, March 12, 19, 26 - AM Cleaning