Wednesday, October 29, 2008

200 Adoptions To Date!!!

Adoptions have been going so well!! Pollyanna went home on Saturday and will be very happy. One of our volunteers knows her new family and thinks it's a great match. Aurora went home on Sunday. She will be going to a home that has three cats so she will have plenty of company.

On Saturday I took a hold on Gin & Tonic TOGETHER and it was approved on Monday. They will be leaving tonight. There are no other animals in their new home. It seems this is a perfect situation for these two cuties. Their new mom just moved in with her son. She had been living with her daughter who had cats and she missed their company. Being a good son he allowed mom to adopt Gin and Tonic and move them in, too! Gotta like that guy!

Trina will be going home tonight also. She will be living with a young military guy in an apartment in Cape May. A girl could do worse, huh! He came in and fell for her through the glass. When he saw she had been in the Shelter since November of last year he knew he had to take her home. He told me he had a calico growing up and understands they can be...well...calicos. There will not be any other animals living with her so this seems to be a good fit. He seems like a nice guy!

And last, but not least...Lotus got a hold on Sunday and the application has been approved. She will be going home this Saturday.

I am making arrangements to bring four or five cats to PetSmart Friday afternoon. I will do an update over the weekend so you can be properly introduced. I recently realized I never did this for Gin and Tonic. My bad! In the future I will try to stay on top of things. With adoptions moving along so quickly I guess things got ahead of me!!

Here are the remaining openings in November. Please let me know what you can do:
Friday, November 14 (AM)
Saturday, November 15 (AM)
Friday, November 28 (AM)
Saturday, November 29 (AM)

Gin and Tonic are number 200 and number 201 to be adopted out of the nine cages at PetSmart! Picture all 201 in the same place at the same time and you will see what a difference you compassion and commitment has made to the feline population at the Shelter and in Cape May County. Thank you for every thing you do!!

Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Toastie and Cheryl Go Home - Felix Is On Deck!

Little Toastie went home last weekend and Cheryl went home Wednesday night. All the paperwork for Cheryl had been completed at the Shelter on Monday. Felix is being picked up tomorrow - Saturday. All his paperwork was done at the Shelter also. I am making arrangements to bring two more cats to the store over the weekend.

Remember Tabs? She is a brown and black female who was with us a little while ago. The person who adopted her told Shelter staff that she is allergic to the poor girl and brought her back. Today I brought her back to PetSmart. She is such a nice cat. She broke my heart at the Shelter - as I reached into the cage to pick her up and transfer her into a carrier she squeezed her eyes shut so hard as if thinking if she couldn't see me then what was happening would stop. She is a scaredy cat but very passive. She is just a little shy. She did walk right out of the carrier and into the cage and let me pet her while she looked around. Let's hope her next home is indeed forever.

I also brought a young calico named Trina. Poor Trina has been in the Shelter since November 2007. She is pleasant and sweet and VERY interested in everything going on around her. She gets right to the front of the cage as soon as you walk up and immediately wants out. If someone starts to pay attention to her through the glass she immediately responds. I think it is about time she got to go home. Her bio says she does not play well with others so ease her into any group activities and see how she does.

Please, please, mark your calendars, tie strings to your fingers, set alarms on your cell phones, tell your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/dog/cat, whatever it takes - just please try not to forget to go to PetSmart when you sign up! Enough said! Also, remember to initial the sheet of paper on the clipboard indicating the cleaning was done. The managers really need this completed!

Okay, let's talk November...the following mornings are still open:
11/1 Saturday, 11/14 Friday, 11/15 Saturday, 11/21 Friday, 11/28 Friday
The following evenings/afternoons are still open:
11/8 Saturday (Adoption Table), 11/29 Saturday (Adoption Table)

If you know anyone who would like to become a volunteer at PetSmart have them contact me. We really miss Judy M who did alot of Saturday adoption tables as well as other days and Karla who was our regular Friday morning girl. We do need volunteers interested in the adoption table on weekends. Last Saturday was one I simply could not fill. I would like to find someone who will regularly do Friday mornings, also.

Welcome back, Tabs and meet Trina...

Friday, October 03, 2008

Forever Homes For Anna, Mardi Gras & Crescent

It was a good week! Mardi Gras went home on Tuesday night. She is going to live with the family who also adopted Finn and the dog, Buster. Anna went home Wednesday night - yeah for Anna! Alien-looking Crescent went home today. He is such a good cat and will be a great companion. He was adopted by a woman who lives by herself and I suspect he is going to get alot of attention! Toastie got a hold today and the application is at the shelter for processing. The app looks good so I am hoping he gets to leave Wednesday night.

By now most of you have seen the pictures of Penn and JellyBean together at home. They look like siblings! Great update on Peggy and Henshaw...they are very very happy and a kitten has joined them! Apparently Henshaw really is enjoying his new playmate! Life is good for the three of them. Remember Mollie from way back? It has been a year since she was with us. She was black and white and very shy - one of our hard cases. Over the weekend I spoke with the couple who adopted her and she is doing very well also.

There is two shifts in October that need to be covered. One is Saturday, October 11, Adoption Table (or PM cleaning) and Monday, October 27, the morning cleaning. Please let me know if you can do either.

Just a reminder...when you leave please make sure the lights are on in the cage room. We want people to be able to see the cats!

Two new cats arrived today. They are both girls. Pita is gray and white and Cheryl is black. Cheryl is a little bigger so she was given a double cage. Both are sweet cats and won't be a lick of trouble. As soon as they seem acclimated to their new surroundings we can open their doors and let them play with the others! Here they are: