Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Comes For Three Guys!

Terry, Eunice and Munchy sure didn't last long! Terry went home on Sunday. Both Munchy and Eunice went home yesterday. Eunice went home to an older woman who recently had lost her cat to a long illness. She was ready to give a loving home to another cat. Munchy was adopted by the same family who adopted Flutterbee in July of 2007. They also have other cats so it will be a full house for Munchy. Munchy's name is being changed to Lucky!

There is a very good hold on Tabs! Yippee!! The application is at the Shelter being processed and if all goes well she should be going home over the weekend. She will be joining a household with one other cat. As you know Tabs was adopted from us this summer only to be brought back to the Shelter as someone in the house had an allergy. Let's hope this is the REAL forever home for Tabs.

Two new cats arrived yesterday. Some of you may remember Shannon. She was with us for a few days in the beginning of November but went back to the Shelter due to an upper respiratory infection. She is fine now and has returned! I do not have a picture. She is orange and about two or three years old. She is very vocal and very nice! She is going to make someone a very good companion.

Mamma Mia is a real beauty! She is a Siamese mix with striking blue eyes. She was nervous when she arrived so move slowly with her and be patient. With her looks I am sure she will generate alot of interest.

Below are several dates in January that still need to be filled. I am particularly concerned about the dates that appear in red. I am going away from Saturday, January 3 through Sunday, January 11. I would like to have these dates covered before I leave so PLEASE let me know ASAP if you are available. If you have to cancel your shift for any reason while I am away contact the Shelter at 465-8923 between 9a-4p (seven days a week) and let them know coverage will be needed. Give them as much notice as you possibly can. Please do not e-mail me if something needs immediate attention - again, contact the Shelter during the times previously stated. I will update the calendar as soon as I hear from volunteers so please check the schedule before responding.

January 4 (Sun) AM
January 4 (Sun) Adoption Table or PM cleaning
January 5 (Mon) AM
January 10 (Sat) AM
January 16 (Fri) AM
January 18 (Sun) Adoption Table or PM cleaning
January 19 (Mon) PM
January 24 (Sat) AM
January 30 (Fri) AM

Mama Mia (how can I resist ya!)

Have a Safe and Happy New Year! Thank you for everything you did in the year 2008 to make life better for companion animals in Cape May County. I look forward to all of us making even a bigger difference in 2009!

Hey Mom...thanks for taking care of the cleaning on Christmas!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Willie, Lillith and Zannie Go Home!

Little Willie went home on Saturday! As stated in the previous post he will be joining our old friend Sashimi - now known as Triscuit. Lillith and big Zannie went home together on Saturday. They will be living with two teenage girls who were very happy to get them. The girls patiently held the cats and waited until they seemed content and then both very demurely allowed themselves to be placed in carriers. It's always nice when two get to go home together.

The cages are full again! Four new guys arrived Sunday afternoon. They are Eunice, Munchy, Terry and Carmen. Carmen and Terry are both friendly calicos and look alot alike! You may want to be careful letting them out of the cages at the same time. Terry immediately drew two applications. One completed the application and brought the required paperwork immediately to the Shelter. There is a very good chance she will be leaving on Wednesday.

Munchy is a black and tan male tabby that is about six years old. He was a tad shy upon arrival at PetSmart but should be just fine. Eunice is an older quiet female. She is gray and white. She, too, was a little nervous and shy upon arrival. Let's give these guys some time to settle in. I am sure they are going to appreciate the freedom we give them once they become acclimated to their new environment.

Jenny was doing some sneezing so went back to the Shelter for a check up. She received a clean bill of health and came back to PetSmart on Saturday.

Please take a look at the January schedule as there is still quite a few shifts that need to be covered.

Here's the new guys:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Good bye Greg, Welcome Allie & Jenny!

Greg went home yesterday. The new girl, Jenny, looks alot like Greg so apparently there was a little confusion as the cats were out playing when Greg was being picked up. They figured out who was the boy and who was the girl and home he went!
Boy, is our little Willie getting a TON of attention! There is at least three holds on him right now. It looks like he is going to join one of the cats adopted from us last year. Remember Sashimi? Her name now is Triscuit and Willie will more than likely be her roommate. Sashimi was adopted last year on December 21. This will be a wonderful home for Willie! I am hoping he gets to go on Wednesday.
I brought two new cats on Saturday. Jenny, as mentioned above, is a gray female that is a couple of years old. She is very pretty and mellow and settled right in. She was having trouble eating the adult dry cat food so the Shelter put her on a softer dry kitten food. There is a bag on top of the bin for her. Allie is a female that is also a few years old. She has beautiful copper and tan stripes. She is a tad nervous and right now is finding comfort remaining in the cage. She should come around soon. For now just keep in mind she is still settling in.
We have been doing great communicating observed medical issues and getting the cats the meds they need. Good job! Please continue to note in the book whatever you feel needs to be passed on and e-mail me as well. During the day call the Shelter and note your actions in the book.
I trained a new volunteer on Saturday who will be doing every other Thursday morning. Welcome aboard, Celine! I am sure you will enjoy being a part of this worthwhile and successful operation!
I am still in need of a regular Friday morning volunteer so if any of you know someone who wants to get involved please have them contact me. It is actully three Fridays a month as the first one is always covered by Christina.
There is alot of openings in the January calendar. Please take a look and let me know what you can do. There is a slight change....Joanne will no longer be doing the first Sunday of the month beginning in January. Sunday is her only day off and it seems she would like to have one morning a month without an obligation. Humpf!! What nerve! She will be doing the first Monday evening of the month instead.
Here's Jenny & Allie: