Friday, March 22, 2013

Three Happy Tails and Four Welcomes!, here's what has been going on...  Keith and Charles were adopted together by a very nice young couple who are so exited to have them!  They will be the only two pets in the home and will have a wonderful time!  Bell was adopted by a nice young man that lives with his parents.  They have two dogs as well so Bell will be in a lively household!

CC was brought back to the Shelter because she just did not seem to be doing well. She was not eating and not using the litter box.  She is one of those cats that just seems happier in the Shelter rather than the PetSmart environment.  All that noise, people, other animals, and different volunteers every day can be stressful on a cat.  Don't worry about her...she will be fine with us!

Mira and Jerry came down to the store first and went into the big cage.  They do not need to be adopted together.  They were not together at the Shelter and are not litter mates.  Mira came in as a very young kitten back in June. Jerry came in a way back in December of 2011.  Poor guy has been growing up in a cage.



Coco and Paige went to PetSmart today.  Coco is a torbi and is a little bit over two years old.  What a lovebug!!  She is a total lap cat!  It is always amazing when we see cats like this continually get overlooked. She quietly sits and wait for someone to notice her and they don't.  You guys are gonna love her!  She loves attention and loves people.
Paige is an old girl that purrs and loves attention!!  Very friendly!!  She is over 9 years old and qualifies for our "Seniors for Seniors" program.  Her adoption fee is waived for applicants over age 62 yaers old. 
Toni comes back this month!!!  Yay!!! Welcome back!!  Special thanks to newcomers Jess and Mike for covering some Sundays while Deb & Warren are away.

Spring has sprung which means kitten season is right around the corner.  Please encourage everyone you know and everyone you come in contact with to spay and neuter their cats.  Many low cost and no cost options are available in Cape May County.  Tell people to call the Shelter or call the Animal Alliance of CMC for advice and guidance.  There is a clinic every Thursday next door to the Shelter.  It is very easy to remember the phone number for the Alliance: 465-NEUT (short for neuter).  Very helpful and very accomodating!!!

The April schedule looks great.  Below is the dates that still need to be filled:
Sunday, April 7, AM Cleaning
Sunday, April 14, AM Cleaning
Friday, April 19, AM Cleaning
Sunday, April 21, AM Cleaning

Thank you all very much for taking care of everything while I was away. It is nice to have such committed and reliable people volunteering.  You all truly make a difference!!

Monday, March 04, 2013

Mr T and Midnight Go Home!!

We are all so happy for Mr T and Midnight!  How wonderful that they finally got to go home and they will stay together!  They were adopted by a very nice man who has adopted from us in the past so he also has other cats.  They are going to have a nice life!!

Charlie and Keith moved into he big cage on Thursday.  They came into the Shelter with other littermates back in October.  They may be a little shy until they settle in but both are sweet and friendly.  They are well under a year old.

Hopefully everything is going well with the pine litter.  Everyone seems to feel the same way - it is easier to clean but we seem to use a lot as it disintegrates easily.  Please make sure not to overfill the boxes. 

I will be going away from Wednesday, March 6 through Tuesday, March 12.  Right now the schedule is complete for that time period.  If you need to cancel please call the Shelter so arrangments can be made to cover you - do not email me nor call me.  If it is after 4:00pm and you are due in that same night please call the store and tell the manager you can not make it.  If you observe any medical issues, need more paper or have any questions at all please make sure you call or email the Shelter.

Special thanks to Barb A, Barb J, Judy M, Judy Mc, Lydia, Connie, Joyce and Peggy for helping with Shopaholics!!  It was a huge success!!  Our donations doubled what we took in last year! 

Coverage is still needed for Friday, March 15 in the morning.  If you can cover it let me know tonight or tomorrow otherwise I will send out another email next week.