Monday, April 11, 2011

The Boys Are Back In Town!!

Boy, did we have a busy weekend!! Violet left on Saturday. She will be living with another cat that was adopted from Animal Outreach last weekend. So happy for her!!

Reeses and Twix did not stay long!! They went home on Sunday. It is so nice they were adopted together. Their new mom recently lost her cat of 20 years and was ready to adopt. Can you just imagine these two rip-racing around a house?!! They are going to be a handful!

The boys - Duncan and Blackout - are back!! I am sure you remember them from a few months back. These two initially came into the Shelter last year at the end of November. Tenants moved out of an apartment in Wildwood and left them behind. We think they are about two years old. They are so friendly and absolutely love each other. They have been caged together since they came in. This is a pair we really do not want to break up! Their adoption fee is $35 each BUT if adopted together the second fee will be waived! Please do what you can to see they go together! Duncan is the cat to the left below - he has more white on his muzzle. Blackout is to the right and has more black on his nose.

I have a lot of people committed to the adoption event at the end of the month. As it gets closer I will e-mail a schedule out to those volunteering. We will also start having dogs at the store on the first Saturday of the month beginning in June.

I think we may have bought the wrong size brown paper this last time around. Please be patient with it and I promise the next round will be easier to handle!

The April schedule looks great - knock on wood!! I still need the morning of Friday, April 22 covered (Good Friday). Oh, and it's not too early to look ahead to May :-)

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

It has been a long time since the last post and I apologize for that!! Just to reiterate the information sent out in the last e-mail....

The adoption table on Friday evenings will now be 4:00-6:00pm.

I am very happy to announce that starting Saturday, June 2 we will have Shelter dogs at the store on the first Saturday of each month from 12:00-3:00pm. This will be a great addition to our in-store adoption program - PetSmart and PetSmart Charities, Inc will be very happy!!

Little Midget went home last Wednesday night and will be joining several older cats as well as a couple of dogs. She was adopted by a woman who had adopted from the Shelter before. Her new mom is part of a small non-profit rescue group and we can rest assured that Midget will have a nice life!

Two young females arrived on Saturday named Twix (calico) and Reeses (torbi). They are six months old. They were spayed just last Thursday. They came in to the Shelter with two other litter mates which we still have. They were born in a home to someone who had not altered her cats and things became out of control. The younger ones were brought to us to put up for adoption. Reeses and Twix have been socialized from birth and had been living with nine other cats. Once they get beyond the stress associated with adjusting to their new environment they should be fine. We wanted to keep them together initially to make the transition easier for them. They do not need to be adopted together - however if someone is interested in adopting two cats make sure to let them know these two girls are litter mates. Here is Reeses and Twix.

In the event you saw Bobbi Sue as the featured cat in the newspaper a week or so back here is her story... She was adopted from the Shelter along with a beautiful calico named Pumpkin. Both cats are declawed. The adopting parents were advised Bobbi Sue is not fond of other cats but they really wanted two cats and could only take declaws. We were repeatedly assured that each cat would have it's own space and things would be just fine. Since Bobbi Sue had been with us so long I decided it was worth a try. Well, the two cats did not get along and they opted to bring poor Bobbi Sue back. Thankfully a client of one of the veterinarians we use was interested in adopting an older declawed cat and Bobbi Sue left on Friday. I sure hope this time it's for good!

I realize it appears that our adoptions from PetSmart are significantly less that years past. I believe this is because we now have two other organizations at the store every weekend - Animal OutReach and the Animal Alliance of Cape May County. Please do not fret over this though! The cats with Animal OutReach are our cats and we work closely with the AACMC to increase adoptions and decrease the number of adoptable cats entering the Shelter. Many of the cats with AACMC would be in the Shelter if not for the commitment and dedication of AACMC volunteers. In other words - all these cats are basically ours anyway!!

Kittens... If anyone is interested in adopting a kitten please let them know that we presently have about a dozen kittens in foster homes that are still nursing. We should have them available for foster pending adoption in approximately five to six weeks. Please tell them to call the Shelter and we can explain he process.

I received a GREAT response for the next PetSmart Adoption Event. Thanks everyone!!

Below is the dates that still need to be filled in April. As always it is the dreaded Thursday and Friday mornings! I would love to find a regular for these time slots!! Believe me - I am trying!

Friday, April 8, AM cleaning
Thursday, April 14, AM cleaning
Friday, April 22, AM cleaning (Good Friday)
Friday, April 29, AM cleaning