Friday, August 12, 2016

GREAT week for our cats at PetSmart!!!

Our great week started last Sunday when Luscious went home!  She will be sharing her time between Cape May and Kenmore, NY with two other cats and a college professor.  Awesome!!  Lisa and Sarah are quite fond of Luscious so bought her a little cave to take to her new home to help her acclimate.  Her new mom was very touched by this gesture!

Are you ready for this???  Daisy has landed in a perfect home!  She will be living with two adult women and no other pets.  One of them told me, "She will be the center of our universe!"  How wonderful for Daisy!

Dotson and Mona were adopted together.  Their new family always have had a couple of cats and recently their very last one passed away.  These two will be the new cats inhabiting that cat friendly house!  They join a family of mom and dad and four adult children.  Lots of people to shower them with love and attention!  The mom was very close to adding Daisy, too, and was on the phone with me when the two women who wanted Daisy came in to complete an application. She was so happy for Daisy!

Tigger is joining an active household but we are certain he is up to it.  He will live with two adults, two kids ages 16 and 5, two dogs and another cat.  Lots for Tigger to do there!

Java will be living with a single woman and no other pets.  She will be getting a lot of attention!  She is being picked up tomorrow - Saturday, August 13.

So who is at the store now?  Well, Marigold and Dusty Miller came back.  If someone is looking for two nice, rambunctious youngsters these are the pick!  They are about six months now.

Dusty Miller
Orlando and Orzo are brothers just under a year old and are a great pair!  As we all know, the last to get adopted are black cats and black dogs.  Let's hope their friendliness helps them to get adopted!!  They are sweet, snuggly, loving and will acclimate to any household.  Their owner failed to spay and neuter her cats and ended up with too many to handle.
Orlando (L) Orzo (R)
Sage is an older boy - over ten years old. The young woman who dropped him at the Shelter told us she had him for the last two years, was moving and could not take him.   She said Sage had belonged to her father's former girlfriend who had given him to her.  Poor Sage.  I did leave the woman a message asking for contact information for the former girlfriend.  My guess is she does not know her cat was dumped at a shelter.  Sage is a lap cat and is very friendly!  I think we should call him Sarge!  It's more manly or tom catty!

Sad Sage
The heat is back!  Stay cool, everyone!  And thanks for your help!  Let's hope the adoptions continue!

Friday, August 05, 2016

Musical Cats!!

We had to do some switching and some swapping of the guys at PetSmart.  Billy was transferred to Animal Adoption Center in Lindenwold in Camden County.  This no-kill facility has really helped by taking cats and kittens from us when we get overcrowded.  (For more information click on their link to the right.)  Poor little Peanut has a medical issue and went back into foster at Crystal's house.  Peanut does have an approved application however the applicant is more comfortable waiting until he is well.

Java and Tigger arrived today.  Both are wonderful and both have stories that tug at the heartstrings.

Tigger was living in a home with a young couple and a two year old child.  The couple is divorcing and the dad will be living on a military base in Virginia and can not have Tigger there.  Mom did not want to take him with her.  Dad was very sad and promised to be back if Tigger is still here and his circumstances change.  Tigger is just over a year old and is friendly and will make a great family pet!  He came to us in early July.
Java came into the Shelter in mid June already spayed.  This long and lanky lady is approximately two years old.  She was left behind in her neighborhood when the owner moved.  A kind woman started to feed her and continued to do so for some time...several months...however could not bring her inside.  Others in the neighborhood were concerned seeing Java living outside and felt it best that she be brought to the Shelter and be adopted to someone who can make her an inside pet.  Java is a sweetheart and will make someone very happy!
An application was just approved for Luscious and she is going home on Sunday.  It looks like a great home!  A single woman with two other cats.  Third time is a charm, right?!! 

The August calendar has been filled with the exception of one day - the adoption table on Sunday, August 14.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Playing Catch Up!!

Since it has been some time since the last blog update this will hopefully catch us all up...

Sarafina left last Friday with a very excited new mom!  This family adopted from us a few years ago and have always had two cats.  They recently lost a fourteen year old cat to thyroid disease and decided to adopt again.

Gladiolus and Gardenia left a week ago with a great young family - mom, dad, an eight month old baby and seven year old cat. 

Since they have not received a proper introduction I will do it now...  Below are the cats that you all have either met or will meet:

Billy is about six months old and is incredibly cute!  He is all boy, for sure!  He will do well in a house with other cats, kids and even dogs.
Billy the Cutie
Peanut is a wonderful playful little boy!  As I said in my last email - we did receive an application for Peanut, however the plan was to have him declawed!  Yes, people still do that!  This little guy is another kitten who will do well in any household.

Spunky Peanut
Dotson was fortunate enough to have spent the last year under the care of a kind man who saw him hanging around outside in the spring on 2015 and started taking care of him.  He was taken to the vet and checked and subsequently became the resident inside/outside cat.  Sadly, Dotson's caretaker passed away so once again he has found himself without a home and in need of a family.   He is about seven years old and is a lap cat.  Hopefully a second kind person gentleman is out there looking for a companion and will see this story!
Dapper Dotson
Mona is a one year old pretty little cat who came into the Shelter after giving birth to four kittens.  All four have been adopted and now it is her turn.  She was a typical mom - took care of the little ones before thinking of herself!  She is wonderful and will make a great companion.
Mama Mona
Luscious, as most of you know, was adopted a while back.  Sadly she was returned when one of the new owners had a severe allergic reaction and had to go to the hospital.  To quote the owner when Luscious was returned, "I wish my husband wasn't allergic because I would keep her in a heartbeat."  Such a shame!!  As you may recall Luscious was originally adopted from us a couple years ago and then left behind when the owners moved.    Keep your paws crossed that the third time is the charm!!  She is about five years old.
Lonely Luscious
Most of you already know Daisy the Dumped Diva who has been at PetSmart for quite some time now.  She was surrendered to the Shelter in November of 2015 after FOURTEEN years with the same owner.  Yes, you are reading that correctly.  Her owner got her as a kitten and after fourteen years dropped her at the Shelter when she moved stating she could not take her.  Wow. Who does something like that?   So, if Daisy acts a little grumpy maybe she deserves a pass. 
Dumped Daisy :(
So, there you have it - a synopsis on all the guys presently at PetSmart.  Expect two new additions by the weekend.

Below are the last remaining dates that need to be covered.  We made MAJOR progress on filling the dates!! You guys really are great and such a huge help to the Shelter!!

All remaining dates are Sunday Adoption Tables - August 7, 14, 28