Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's a good Christmas for our cats at PetSmart!!  Kira has been adopted and left from the Shelter today.  She is going to gain two canine siblings - Basset Hounds!!  She will be the only cat in the house.  Lawrence is finally going home and is being picked up Wednesday night. He will be joining six other cats in a wonderful cat friendly home!! (Feast or famine!! He had another application that has been approved.  That applicant will be coming to the Shelter to meet other cats.)

Many of you have not met King yet so say hi and goodbye!!  He is a young orange male and is a love!  We knew he would not last long!  This little face below says it all!  King is a Christmas present for the family.  Dad is surprising mom and their two children, ages 4 and 8!  He will be the only pet. How fun is that?!!  He is being picked up Christmas Eve.

Ginger was brought down along with King.  She is three years old and is so sweet.  She and her kittens were dumped at a TNR location in Avalon.  She is a domestic cat that someone simply discarded.  Jerk!!  She is very friendly and will do fine in a home with other cats, dogs and children.
Bart is going to PetSmart tomorrow (Wednesday).  He is about six years and is a nice friendly young man!!  He was left behind with another cat when his owner vacated a rental property.  The other cat ran from animal control and has yet to be found.  Bart did live with a dog, too.  The jerk who abandoned Bart took the dog with him.Bart is a perfect companion cat!!

Our friend Leona is doing well, however she will not be able to volunteer for quite a while.  Judy Mc - not to be confused with Judy M - came to the Shelter today and learned the paperwork that is completed during the adoption application process and the paperwork completed when a cat goes home.  She and Larissa are going to help us get through while we wait for Leona to come back.

The December schedule is complete!  Paws crossed that no one cancels!!  Please look ahead to January.  There are  openings every other Sunday morning, every other Thursday night, every other Friday night, and a couple of random Friday mornings. Please let me know if you can cover any of the open dates.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Let's play catch up!!  We did have a good application on Hobbit however the family pulled the application.  They did go to the Cumberland County SPCA and adopt though.  Three cats even!!  I have received another application for Hobbit however it is not complete and we have not heard from the applicant since December 9.

Bailey left on Saturday.  He will be joining a nice family!  There is mom and dad, and two older teenagers, two cats and a lab mix.  Definitely an animal friendly household!!  They have adopted from us in the past also.

I am introducing Carolyn even though most of you have met her already AND she has an approved application.  She is a fabulous cat just over a year old.  One day she appeared in someone's yard and was quite hungry.  She had already been spayed so someone owned her and took care of her at one time.  She will be joining a young man and his two year old child. She will be happy and loved there - hopefully for good this time!
Big Tink was brought down to PetSmart on Friday. She was originally adopted from us as a kitten in 2009.  She was brought back to us November of 2013 and has been with us ever since.  She has been in a cage for over 750 days.  In her home she lived with a little girl as the only pet and was quite happy.  She was not exposed to other cats or dogs in that home.  At the Shelter she was NOT fond of other cats.    Do not force her to interact with the other cats and let her take her time acclimating to PetSmart.

I am having some issues with the Yahoo calendar on line and will let you know as soon as it is updated for 2016.  If you need to change your regular volunteer time slot please let me know as I will be doing the entire year and updating as I receive cancellations.

As you are aware Leona will be needing to take some time to heal.  Her regular volunteer time slots are every other Thursday evening cleaning and every weekend on the Adoption Table.  She and Judy M let me know toward the end of the month what days they are available for the upcoming month and split up the Saturdays and Sunday.  Virginia is covering this Thursday evening, December 17 and Larissa is covering the Adoption Table on Sunday, December 27.  Coverage is needed for the Adoption Table on Saturday, December 19.  Leona does 1-3pm during winter months however I can change that to 2-4pm if you prefer.  In addition coverage is needed for Thursday, December 31, in the evening.

If you are interested in learning the logistics of the adoption table and are available to help weekends in January and February please let me know.  We can set up training at the Shelter or at PetSmart.

Coverage is still needed for every other Sunday starting December 27.  Joelle begins the alternating weeks on December 20. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

And Adoptions Continue!!

Jolly left from the Shelter yesterday. He was picked up by staff.  He will be joining a young Coast Guard couple and their seven month old female cat, Callie.  He will have a nice life with them!  We had met the couple prior to this adoption.  A friend had found kittens and they adopted Callie from her.  When the friend initially found the kittens she brought them to the Shelter and we asked her to foster them and she agreed to do so. She was told should she be able to find suitable homes we would help make sure the kittens received all their vet work and were spayed and neutered.  This couple adopted one of her kittens and contacted us.  A few weeks later they met Jolly at PetSmart and decided he needed to be Callie's friend!

Trevor left Wednesday night.  As the featured picture to the right indicates he is joining a kid friendly, dog friendly, cat friendly, animal loving household! The cat the family already owns was adopted from us years ago as an adult. (I worked with the dad of this family at the Stone Harbor PD and was pleased to see the application! Great family!)

Tink arrived at PetSmart while I was away.  Although many of you already know her I will introduce her now. She is about a year old and came into the Shelter in June with four kittens. She was a good mommy!  She was very protective of her litter. Once her kittens were ready to go she went up for adoption. She will be fine in a home with other cats and kids, however with dogs she will need a slow introduction.
Bailey and Toffee arrived at PetSmart yesterday. Both are female. They are nice kittens !!  They are littermates that arrived at the Shelter in August at four weeks old.  They went into a foster home where they spent time with other cats, kids and dogs. It is one of our most experienced fosters.  They are purring machines!!  Pick them up together and hear the roar!! Our goal is to see them be adopted into the same home.
Tawney has had a few issues while at PetSmart.  Yesterday when staff arrived to drop off Toffee and Bailey there was several small piles of vomit in her cage.  Poor old Tawney just seems to be stressed out there so we brought her back.  She seems happier here!!

Schedule is good through the rest of this month...paws crossed it stays that way!!

Thursday, November 05, 2015

New Arrivals, Pending Adoption, Return of Groucho

Trevor has an approved adoption application and hopefully will be going home this weekend.  He will be the only pet in the house,  however the family has had cats in the past as well as a dog.  The primary caretaker will be a young man living with his mom.

Groucho was having some medical issues so we brought him back to the Shelter.  He was vomiting a lot and looked like he did not feel well. PetSmart management was concerned so we thought it best to get him.  Also he urinates standing up and apparently has been missing the box often.

Introducing the new guys:

Hobbit is a young male cat that came into the Shelter in early September along with the rest of his litter.  He is a sweet little guy that will do well in any household.  He and his littermates were living in a shed after their owner passed away.  He should do well in any household.

Fluff is a couple of years old and has been bounced around a bit.  In the summer of 2014 he was found hanging around a local motel and was obviously friendly.  We helped the person who found him and Fluff altered and vaccinated.  We were told he would be kept as a pet.   In August of this year Fluff was brought to the Shelter because the owner could no longer care for him after having him for a few months.  we recognized him as the cat we had helped to get fixed last year.  The person who had originally had Fluff was notified but he said could not take him back. 

When Fluff first came in he so obviously was suffering from neglect.  He had terrible scratches and loss of hair probably due to lack of flea control and poor food.  Now he looks wonderful! He is very friendly and a good boy!  He is three years old.  In the last home he lived with other cats and with kids.  We do not know how he would do in a home with dogs. 
Mars is a fun loving playful little boy!!  He and his litter mates were allegedly found running out of the woods by a passerby in her car.  All three in the litter are friendly and totally socialized! We suspect that perhaps they were living in a home and not actually found in the woods.  This little imp will make a wonderful pet and will acclimate to any household.  Look at that little face!
The schedule for this month is complete with the exception of Friday, November 27, AM cleaning.  Please let me know if you are available.  As far as Thanksgiving...PetSmart store employees will take care of our cats when they go in to take care of their animals.  We get a day off!! (Thank you, Deb and Warren,  for offering to cover that day!)

Below are two annual events/promotions that we do at the Shelter which most of your are quite familiar with....Black Friday and Santa Claws!  Click on the below pictures for information on both.  We will post flyers at PetSmart as well.  Please feel free to save the pictures and share as an email attachment or Facebook post.
Black Friday
Santa Claws

Thursday, October 22, 2015

And They're Off!!

Bear and Sam left Wednesday night as scheduled.  I still have not heard from the original applicant for Sam so this was definitely the right move! I have a good application for Tina so hopefully the next blog has her going home, too!

New arrivals!!  Tawney, Groucho and Trevor.  We are switching things up a little and sending some older guys down

Tawney deserves a break.  In early August she showed up on a neighbor's porch very thin and hungry.  We learned that her owner had passed away and she was put outside because she had fleas. What??  Sadly no family member would take her.  Can you imagine how confused she must be?  Tawney is nine years old so qualifies for our Senior For Senior Adoption Program.  She is a sweetheart with a fantastic personality!
Like Tawney, Groucho needs a break, too. He is seven years old and declawed.  In mid-July he was discovered by a neighbor in an apartment where he had been left behind when the occupants moved out.  He would do best in a quieter household and is a great lap cat. We are guessing at his age so do not hesitate to offer him as a Senior For Senior should we have someone interested.  We did indicate that on his cage card.
Trevor is the only kitten this time. He is a wonderful, playful, spirited little stinker!  He is about three months and will adapt to any household.
It is so great how our PetSmart cats have been getting adopted!!  Let's hope it continues!!

FYI...the adoption hours on weekends change from 2:00 - 4:00pm to 1:00 - 3:00pm starting the weekend of November 7.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Happy Tails to Sweet Elsa!!

Elsa left as scheduled and is home with a new brother!  Her new dad was very pleased to be bringing her home.  Such a nice man!

After giving the first applicant for Sam ample time to contact me with an appointment to have his dog neutered I have approved another application.  The new adopter is a true cat person and a repeat customer at the Shelter.  We have a call out to her to advise her she has been approved.  I am hoping he can go home tomorrow night.

As expected we got an application for Bear immediately and it has been approved.  Bear's family will be a young couple and two feline siblings - both young just like him.  He is going to have some fun!  Hopefully Bear will be leaving tomorrow night, too.  His pick up has not been scheduled.

Yesterday little Opie was brought to the store.  He is about three or four months old and loves attention!!  This little guy will adapt to any household!

If you are available to clean on Thanksgiving let me know.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only days of the year where we do just one cleaning.  The time is coordinated with the PetSmart Pet Care Manager who comes in to clean and feed the store's pets.  The time has yet to be determined however it is usually before 1:00pm. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Three Kittens Go Home and Elsa Finds a Dad!

What a great week!!  Chandi and Thyme went home where they will join two dogs, a cat, a human teenager and a pre-teen and mom and dad!  What a fun household!

Wilbur went home with a single man and will be the only pet.  His new dad is very concerned about helping Wilbur acclimate to his home and plans to spend all weekend with him.

And the best adoption of all...Elsa!!  She is leaving tomorrow.  She is gaining two dads and a 10 year old feline brother.  A very nice man read Elsa's story and decided he needs to be that guy who gives her the second chance of a lifetime.  He has a ten year old tom cat that belonged to his mom.  When she passed away two years ago the cat came to live with him.  This will be a nice quiet household for Elsa. Perfect!!

I spoke with Sam's applicant yesterday and he said he is planning to schedule his dog for neutering at Cumberland County SPCA and will let me know the date.  Once that has been confirmed Kathy K has offered to foster Sam rather than have him come back to the Shelter.  For now we will still take applications.

Two younger cats arrived yesterday, Tina and Bear.  Tina is a feisty little girl about three months old.  She seems fearless!  She should acclimate quickly to the store and the surroundings and will do well in a home with other cats, kids and dogs.  Bear is a little older than Tina and a little shy.  He is so handsome with his long hair and fluffy tail!  He came in to the Shelter with two other cats.  Although he has had contact with humans he was living outside and has never lived in a house.  He will be a little timid and shy so move slowly with him.  Potential adopters should be told his story.
Tiny Tina
Baby Bear
We are still looking for someone to handle the transport of four adult cats and two litters of kittens to ROAR on Tuesday.  If you can do it please let me know.

The November schedule looks good so far.  If you need to make any changes to your usual time slot due to the Thanksgiving holidays let me know so we can start to fill any vacancies.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

New Arrivals and Information

We have received an application for Sam however it does not appear the applicant is going to follow through.  The application is not complete and also has some issues.  Please continue to take applications on him. 

Poor Harriet.  She had an approved application and when the woman arrived to pick her up she decided she wanted Kitten instead.  She made some remark about not knowing Harriet was not nice.  Harriet IS nice!! People always choose the cute kitten over the mature cat.    In the meantime Harriet had some scratches around her neck and the back of her head.  She also had a matted area toward her back side.  We brought her back to the Shelter where we will treat her for ear mites and let her know we think she is nice!  She will be fine!

Below are two adorable kittens and one adorable teenager.  We suspect all three will go quickly!

Chandi and Thyme are about three months old.  They were in a foster home together with kids, adult cats and a dog.  They are wonderful!! If someone is looking for two kittens these two are it!  However, it is not necessary that they go together.  Chandi is a girl and Thyme is a boy.  They will share two cages.

Lawrence is a total sweetheart and will make a fantastic pet! He is about six months old.  A good Samaritan found him injured and brought him to the Shelter back in July.  At that time the vet felt he had an old injury to one of his legs.  He is good as new!  We put him in a single next door to Wilbur.  After a few days the door between them can be opened and they can share the space.
The October schedule is complete.  Please double check it and make sure I did not make any mistakes!

Thursday, October 01, 2015

And the Adoptions Continue!!

Nancy went home last to a very excited nine year old boy!  The family has not had a cat for two years and they were so happy to hear their application was approved.  Nancy will be the only pet in the house and will be a pampered princess!

Harriet is scheduled to go home on Saturday where she will live with a single woman.  She will be joining two other cats - one three years old and one twelve years old.  She will be part of a nice little feline tribe!

Four cats were brought to the store yesterday.  They range from kitten to ten years old. Below is pictures and bios...

Wilbur is a playful outgoing kitten and the last of his litter.  He is about ten weeks old.  He would be fine is any home!  Look at that little face!
Little Wilbur
Kitten is a precious little calico.  Yes, that is her name - Kitten! She was in a foster home for a couple weeks with other cats and two dogs.  She will make a wonderful pet and will acclimate well to any home.She is friendly and playful.
Pretty Kitten
Barney came in the Shelter in late July already neutered.  He does have an ear tip so obviously someone was taking care of him,  however no one ever came looking for him.  We think he is about four years old. He is a sweetheart and should also acclimate to any home.  Keep in mind the ear tip indicates that Barney is accustomed to being outside so once in a home he may want to be an indoor/outdoor cat.
Elsa has been passed around and hopefully the next home will be her real forever home.  She came into the Shelter in early July when her owner died.  We discovered she was microchipped and that the chip had originated from us.  Her file showed she was originally adopted from us in 2008.  The adopter must be aware that Elsa's owner passed away since we discovered they are neighbors. Sadly, they expressed no interest in taking her back.  Elsa is about ten years old and is a lap cat!  She is wonderful!  She will acclimate well in a home with dogs and cats.  She also qualifies for our Senior For Senior Adoption Program.
I saw that we need more brown paper and will pick that up and get it to the store so Cindy David can do her cutting.  Until then please use what is left sparingly!
Due to Hurricane Joaquin,  which will bring us some type of unsettled weather,  I am canceling Dog Day Saturday and the Adoption Table on Sunday.  PetSmart employees will check boxes and food Sunday afternoon.  

I did speak with Stacey at PetSmart about store policy in bad weather.  In the event of a declared state of emergency the store will close and she will make arrangements to care for the store pets.  She has assured me there is store staff in the area that will care for our cats when they come in to attend to the store pets. I will be in contact with Stacey through the next few days and keep all of you up to date on what is happening.

Stay safe and pray Joaquin decides to goes west!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

A Good Couple of Days!!

Milo left on Wednesday for a room all set up for him so he could take his time acclimating to his new home.  Nick and Nigel were adopted together and were picked up from the Shelter today.  They will be joining two other cats in their new home.

Mozart has an approved application and will be leaving tomorrow - Saturday! He will join a dog and two big parrots - one is 33 years old!  His new mom was at PetSmart picking up supplies and always looks in on our cats.  She saw Mozart there and thought his chances at adoption were diminished because of his eye. She decided he had to go home to her house!

Harriet has an approved application however the person now is unable to get her until October 3.  Should she call at the end of next week Harriet will go home - however please continue to take applications just in case it does not work out.

On Saturday big old Sam will be arriving and will take up residence in the big cage. He weighs over nineteen pounds!  He is about six years old, an orange tabby,  and came in as a stray in early July. When he came in he was already neutered.  Sadly no one reported him missing.  This big friendly guy is going to enjoy the freedom of that bigger space!

When Mozart leaves and Sam arrives there will be a lot of open cages.  We will be working on filling them as soon as possible!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Adoptions Continue To Go Well....

Happy left PetSmart on Saturday.  His new parents were not planning on adopting a cat however when they saw Happy they immediately had to have him.  He will be the only pet in their home.  (Yes, we did encourage them to adopt Mozart as well.  Sadly they decided not to.)

We have an application pending for Milo that so far looks good!  It is a Senior For Senior Adoption. We also have a pending application for the two boys - Nick and Nigel.  I'll keep you posted on the three.

I did not properly introduce the three kittens so will now...  Nick, Nigel and Nancy. All three kittens are friendly, feisty and fun!!  They came into the shelter on July 30 and went into foster prior to being spayed/neutered.  All three will acclimate to a home with cats, kids and dogs.
The October schedule is shaping up well.  Coverage is needed for only one date...Friday, October 30, AM Cleaning.  Please let me know if you are available to cover that day.  Also, please monitor your emails for cancellations.

I received an email that trash bags are needed at the adoption center.  PetSmart provides all the supplies - to include trash bags and paper towels.  Please ask a manager for those items.  Some volunteers purchase better quality paper towels and trash bags than those provided by the store.  That is why you see different items at times.

REMINDER:  This is my annual reminder for a couple of the little things...  Please remember...only 1/2 cup of food per bowl.  Do not over feed.  Food gets thrown out and the cost expended by PetSmart increases.  I assured PetSmart we would be aware of quantities and would be frugal if we could have the pine litter.  We do not want to spend too much on feed and go back to clay litter!!  Also, one blanket or bed per cage please.  Thank you!!

Friday, September 04, 2015

Lots of Adoptions!!

Lots of adoptions to report on since I have been out!  Carmine was the first of the kittens to be adopted.  Followed by Gouda and Blue that went to a home with a young couple and will be the only pets.  Bessie was adopted by a PetSmart employee named Tom and will gain a seven year old male feline sibling! Smalls will be joining a small family and a lab mix named Ralphy.  He will have a mom, a dad and a 13 year old human sibling...sounds like a perfect match for Smalls.  He was fostered in a home with other cats, a lab mix and kids.  Blossom is leaving on Saturday and will be joining a big family and a lab named Wanda.  She is gaining mom and dad and three human siblings!

Three new guys arrived yesterday.  They are all adults.  Hopefully they get adopted as quickly as the kittens did.  Here they are:

Mozart is three years old and has an old eye injury.  He is very lovable!  He will climb on top of you for attention. He lived with Happy, a seven year old easy going inside/outside cat.  Happy really likes the freedom of going outside and will insist upon it in whatever home he goes to.  Happy has some little lumps in his ears - no worries...vet says they are most likely the result of an old injury. These two were adopted by a Coast Guard family who opted not to take them to their next station.  Very sad. 
Harriet is a one year old torbi.  She would acclimate well in a home with cats, kids and dogs.  She is playful, resilient and lets everything just roll off her back!  No worries for Harriet!!
The September schedule is complete thanks to all of you!  Please keep an eye out for emails asking for help in the event of cancellations. We will be seeing more of Kathy K who is now retired!  Yay for KK!!  Happy retirement!  We are glad to have you! 

Everyone have a safe and fun holiday weekend!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Kittens Galore!!!

We have been doing very well with kitten adoptions and have decided to capitalize on the momentum!  We picked up a couple of the adult cats and brought them back to the Shelter.  Linda is being transferred to ROAR in Connecticut. April is up for adoption here at the Shelter and so is Buffy.  Buffy has been reunited with her sister at the Shelter and seems happy!

We brought an older male named Milo who is wonderful!  He is ten years and as you see in the below picture he likes to talk!  He is in the big cage by himself.  He qualifies as a Senior For Adoption.

The below kittens have joined Blue and Gouda.  This bunch is a menagerie of mixed and matched litters so there is absolutely no problem adopting any of them out as singles.  Smalls and Bessie were in a foster home together with cats, kids and dogs so if someone is looking for two kittens these two together would be a great choice!!  They are wonderful.

Blossom is precious!!  Look how pretty she is!  She is on the same tier as Smalls and Bessie.  For now she has her own cage.  After a few days we can open all the doors and allow the three to share all four cubbies.
Carmine was found very sick by a UPS driver.  Thankfully he was brought to the Shelter and was nursed back to health.  He is rooming with Blue and Gouda.  We opened the doors and all three are getting along fine.
The plan is to have one cubby be the litter box area and the other three be for playing and cuddling!  Should make cleaning relatively easy.  Also, be very careful and make sure the cabinents are closed when you let the kittens out to play.  They are so little and can hide in the way back!

The September calendar looks great!  I need coverage for Monday mornings throughout the month and the morning cleaning on Friday, September 18.  Let me know if you can cover any of the dates.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Perry Goes Home! Dovey, too!

Perry went home on Saturday to a VERY excited family - all adults.  He will be the only pet in the house and according to the application will spend zero time alone!  He is going to be spoiled and loved!

Little Dovey is being picked up on Wednesday night. She will be going to a very cat friendly home and will have six feline siblings!  The applicant chose her because "she's scared, black and has a weird eye."  It is nice that the applicant understands how important it is to recognize an under dog and not just look for the pretty one or the perfect one.  Dovey will probably end up being the best cat she has!! We are thrilled for her!!

Two female kittens named Gouda and Blue were brought to the store on Sunday. They came into the Shelter in late June as strays born outside. At that time they were about eight weeks old.  Gouda is the friendlier of the two.  They were feral kittens so may be a little scared.  They do not need to be adopted together.
Blue (calico) and Gouda (torti)

Staff cleaned the big cage and put it back together.  We also trimmed all the little razor sharp nails on the kittens!!  I am sure you all will appreciate that!!

Most of the August dates have been filled - only two Sunday mornings remain.  Please let me know if you are available to cover either of them
Sunday, August 16, AM Cleaning
Sunday, August 23, AM Cleaning

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Latest News.....

Time to play catch up and properly introduce the cats at PetSmart and give a wave and best wishes to those who have been adopted!! 

Happy tails to all of you....  Gia and Flower were picked up on schedule at the Shelter and went home.  Their new mom was really excited! As stated in an email I sent a while back Damsel was adopted.  Lovey left last Wednesday and will be joining two cats and two dogs.  Her parents bought her some new food bowls and toys as a welcome home present!! Tracey went home with a family to live in Springfield, Virgina.  The family was looking for a younger cat that would be a good fit for their eight year old son.  Tracey totally fit that bill!  The family has a relative they visit often here in Cape May County and stopped in the Shelter to meet our cats.  Once we heard what they were looking for we sent them down to PetSmart to meet him.  Spencer went to a home where he will have both a canine and a feline sibling.  I think that's everyone!!

I have been receiving a lot of emails and concerns about Dovey and her eyes.  Lovey was adopted so quickly and we were hoping Dovey would too.  They both came into the Shelter in mid-May at about five weeks old and were very sick.  Dovey's eye appears to have developed scar tissue - otherwise she is healthy.  Mid-July the vet advised us to leave the eye alone and just watch it.  For now we will keep her at the store and see how she does.  She is very sweet and hopefully someone will fall for her!  If the condition appears to worsen we will come and get her.
Perry is a big nice guy who has fell on some hard times in his life.  He first came into the Shelter in March of 2011 as a stray.  He was adopted a few months later and stayed in that home for over five years.  Somewhere along the line he was de-clawed.  In June of this year he was brought back to the Shelter because his owner was moving and the new roommate is allergic to cats.  He is a big, handsome fella about nine years old.  He is friendly and good with cats, kids and dogs.  He also qualifies for the Senior For Senior Program.
Perfect Perry
Lovely Linda is a sweetheart and is just over a year old.  She came in as a stray.  She cuddles and is a lap cat!  She will do fine in a home with cats, kids and dogs.  She just adores attention and people!
Lovely Linda
These two are breaking the chart on the cute meter!!  Gus and Garfield will be arriving tomorrow afternoon.  They are littermates so it would be nice if they went home together - however it is not required.  They are 3-4 months old and will acclimate to any home.  (Of course Garfield has the orange!)
Cutie Cute Gus and Garfield
I think I speak for everyone when I say Barb Clark is absolutely wonderful for adopting Starburst and Skittles!!  BEST news this summer!!

July is nearly over so please look to August and let me know what you can do. All but one are morning cleanings.  It is every Monday and a few Sundays (Deb and Warren are taking a little trip!  Safe travels, guys!) Below are the dates that need coverage:
Monday, August 3, AM
Tuesday, August 4, PM
Monday, August 10, AM
Sunday, August 16, AM
Monday, August 17, AM
Sunday, August 23, AM
Monday, August 24, AM
Sunday, August 30, AM
Monday, August 31, AM

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Adoptions, Arrivals and News

Glitter went home last Wednesday to a very excited little family!  She will have two human siblings, one canine sibling and mom and dad.  They have not had a cat for a couple of years.  Their last cat lived until 18 years old!  Hopefully that is an indication of how well Glitter will be taken care of and loved she will be.  Hopefully she has a similar long life!

Gia and Flower have been adopted together,  however will not be picked up until July 14 due to a preplanned vacation.  They were brought back to the Shelter to await their new family's arrival.  They will be the only pets with a doting mom and a twelve year old daughter. They are so excited!!   They had two cats in the recent past - one lived until 15 and the other lived until 18 years old! 

Noodles was picked up and is being transferred to the Animal Adoption Center.  They are a great little Shelter and he will be fine!  If you would like to know more about their shelter click on the link to the right with the title Animal Adoption Center of Lindenwold.  They also have a Facebook page.

So...you have four new arrivals at the store...Spencer, Tracey, Buffy and Damsel.  Allow me to introduce them...

Spencer and Tracey are littermates that came into the Shelter very recently...July 6.  This is a somewhat typical and annoying situation we see often.  The owner allowed her cat to have four kittens.  Of course five cats in your house is a far cry from one adult cat and four kittens.  Once the kittens become "teenagers" and are no longer little and cute and are running willy nilly throughout their home we are notified and told they are unable to keep so many cats.  So...here we are with Spencer and Tracey at four months old.   They are very nice and have been in a home.  They would adapt to any household...cats, kids and dogs.  They are like having two little boys in your home rip racing about and playing and rough housing! The new family will see this and so will you!  Tracey is buff colored with white boots and Spencer is a tabby swirl. Spencer cries to get out of the cage! I can't blame him!  He just spent the first four months of his life happily playing and exploring. Tracey is the calmer of the two.  Absolutely no need for them to go together.  At the shelter they were in different cages.

Buffy is about a year old and came from a home where many cats were being trapped and added to an outdoor TNR colony.  She was much too nice to be put outside!  She can be a tad shy initially but will come around just fine! 

Damsel is a sweet cat that came into the Shelter in early June as a stray.  She had a scrape like wound on her back so initially spent a lot of time in our sick bay.  Under the expert care of our medical staff and with plenty of TLC she healed and here she is! She is about ten months old.
As always please be patient with the new arrivals and let them acclimate to the new surroundings at  their own pace.  Do not force any of them to come out and play with the others.  Open their cage door and see what they do.  If they choose to stay in...so be it.  We so often hear people at the Shelter when choosing a new pet say "they will just have to get over it" or "put them together and let them work it out."  This is certainly not in the best interest of their pets!  As you all know we advocate for a slow introduction to a new home, a new environment and a new co-pet.

Schedule looks great!! One cancellation in July...Sunday, July 26, AM Cleaning.  If you are available please let me know.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Lots of Happy Cats!!

The best news of the last week is....drum roll...Midnight went home with our volunteer, Barb!!  Barb has taken several of the very senior cats home over the years and Midnight became the latest lucky kitty cat to go home with her. Great news!!

Coco went home Wednesday night and will be joining another cat and a little dog.  Powder went home yesterday and will be the only pet in the house.  This is the new mom's first experience with a cat as a pet but she fell in love with her when she saw her in PetSmart.  New mom has a daughter-in-law who has had cats forever so we know she will have support.  All it takes is one cat to turn people into feline fanciers!!

Three new guys arrived over the weekend.  I have heard that they are all doing well and have settled in.  All three are friendly and nice and will do well in a home with other cats, dogs or kids.

Glitter came into the Shelter as a stray earlier this month.  She is gorgeous and loves attention!  She is just about a year old now.
Gorgeous Glitter
Flower is a pretty,  solid gray female about nine years old.  She qualifies for the Senior For Senior Adoption Program.  She came in as a stray in mid-April and was already spayed. It appears she has had surgery other than the spay as well so someone somewhere loved her and took care of her.  Sadly no one has come looking for her.  She is a love!   She must miss her family!
Gia is just about a year old.  She was found at a TNR colony in Avalon and we suspect she was dumped there.  She loves attention and affection!
Special thanks to Cathy and Virgina for helping out through the month of June while Rikki was away!  Welcome back, Rikki!!

The calendar for July looks great!  One opening at this time...the morning cleaning on Monday, July 6.

Please make sure that if a cat is by itself in a cubicle (or two) that he or she also gets a cubby.  The cats love having a spot to snuggle up in or to sit on. 

Since the first Saturday of the month is July 4th the monthly PetSmart dog day has been postponed until July 11.
Happy July 4th!!!!