Saturday, April 21, 2012

Candy & Raven Go Home TOGETHER!

Candy and Raven went home Friday night to a couple who are thrilled to be adding them to the family!  They will be joining an eight month old French Bull Dog.  Initially the applicants were only interested in one of the girls but after meeting them and seeing how devoted they were to each other they could not break them up! I think the two of them, along with Frenchie, will have a wonderful life!

Sinatra left on Thursday from the Shelter.  He was scheduled to leave Wednesday but due to a mix up that did not happen.  He was picked up Thursday afternoon so his adoption could be complete.  He, too, will be living with a canine roommate - as well as two other cats. 

Litter mates named Duchess and Knight arrived today.  They are about ten months old.  Knight is a black male and Duchess is a female long haired gray tiger.  They came into the Shelter last summer as kittens and had to spend some time in sick bay.  They were so afraid back then!  They have since come around and are very sweet.  This is a pair that really needs to stay together!  They love each other! As always - the adoption fee is waived for the second cat when adopted together.

In addition to Duchess and Knight,  an irresistible cutie named Prince arrived.  He is so sweet!  He is buff colored and is about eight months old. He is active and playful and reaches out to grab anyone who is within paw distance!  You can hear him purring from a mile away! This love bug is not gonna last long!

Meet the latest in feline royalty:
The Pretty Duchess
The Handsome Knight

The Irresistible Prince
The May calendar is complete with the exception of every Sunday morning.  Please look ahead and let me know if you are available to cover any of them.  The dates are May 6, 13, 20 and 27.  The store does not open until 10:00am on Sundays so you can arrive a little later than on the other days.

May 4, 5 & 6 is the Spring Adoption Event and dogs will be at the store on all three days!  

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sorry For the Delay!!!

Shame on me!! I have not said good bye to our latest adoption nor introduced our latest arrival!  It somehow got away from me.

As expected it took no time at all for Arianna to get adopted.  She immediately drew a lot of attention.  She was adopted by the same family who adopted Randall and Rusty from us in the last few months.  They are thrilled to add her to their household. On Easter Sunday she readily got into the carrier and headed home.  She will have a very nice life!

Another long-haired cat took Arianna's place on Wednesday.  Sinatra is a four year old buff and white colored handsome man who will be fine with kids and other cats.  He has never spent time with dogs so we are not sure how that would go - however based on his disposition it should be fine.  He may act a tad shy when you first meet him but he is a lovebug that craves attention!
Calendar looks great for the rest of the month - knock on wood!  There is one opening yet to be covered...Sunday, April 29, AM cleaning.

VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you observe anything  you feel needs to be checked concerning the health and welfare of one of the cats do not only write it in the notebook.  In addition to writing it there note that you also either emailed or called the Shelter.  If you email please put ATTENTION MEDICAL on the subject line and email it to AND Routinely the animalshelter email is checked however an occasion may arise where it is not checked for a day or so.  If that is the case I will be aware of it and can insure it is followed up.  Thank you!!!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Isis Goes Home

Isis went home Wednesday night and will be the only pet in the house.  She did leave along with a cart full of new kitty cat supplies and will have a nice life!  Sadly the new family did not want two cats so Imp is still with us.

We do have an application for Lottie.  The applicant is also interested in Imp but may only be permitted one cat.  We are still waiting on the final word on this adoption.  Hopefully she can have two cats!

Arianna is a beautiful full bred Norwegian Forest cat that arrived at PetSmart today. She is so pretty!  Her owner moved to Florida and could not take her along.  Arianna is nine years old and would be fine in a home with other cats and kids.  She has never spent any time with dogs.  She is very friendly and loves attention!!  Potential adopters must be aware that Arianna will require very frequent groming!! She was brushed daily with a wire comb which kept her fur looking so beautiful!  the below picture says it all....
Tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month which means our dogs will be making an appearance at the store.  Joyce, Peggy and Barb will be there 12:00-3:00pm.

It appears that ever since we began to pre-cut the brown paper at the shelter we are flying through it!!  Please do not change the paper daily.  It is not always necessary and the paper is very expensive.  Try to sweep it off and even flip it over before deciding to discard it.

IMPORTANT: Double check the cages before you leave and make sure they are securely shut.  Last night and one day last week cats were found running free in the cage room!

There are a few dates remaining this month that need coverage.  They are below:
Sunday, April 8, AM Cleaning (Easter)
Sunday, April 15, Adoption Table
Sunday, April 29, AM Cleaning
Have a wonderful Easter with your families - two legged and four legged alike!!!