Friday, April 24, 2015

Smith Gets Another Chance!

The volunteers have had a light workload lately!!  Between transferring cats to Animal Outreach and other Shelters we have had only a few cages filled lately.  It seems like every time we choose a new arrival for PetSmart we get an application for adoption for that cat at the Shelter.  So, you do have some new guys that have arrived today.  But first...the adoptions...

Smith and Bugs went together to a very nice older gentleman.  He had come into the Shelter looking for two cats - preferably siblings.  He loved every one of the cats at the Shelter!  We took his application and told him to advise us when he had made a decision.  He decided on Bugs and Daffy and called us.  By that time they had gone to PetSmart and Daffy was gone.  We all were so sad!!  So, after giving it more thought he decided on Bugs and Smith.  He called today to say that Smith has taken over residence in his recliner!  He did say that the two are getting along well and chase each other playing tag.  Smith better continue to behave himself!

Here are your two new arrivals:

Noodles is just about three years old.  He first came to us in the fall of 2012.  He and his brother Max were left overnight at the Shelter.  When staff arrived in the morning they found the two cats left at the front door.  At that time we estimated them to be about five months old. A short time later they were adopted together.   Sadly their owner passed away and they were brought back to the Shelter in October of 2014.  They shared a cage at the Shelter and patiently waited for home number three. That came along about two months when Noodles and Max were adopted together again.  About five weeks later we were heartbroken when Noodles was returned.  The new adopters said he did not get along with their dog and was aggressive toward it.  So, poor Noodles is now in the market for home number four.  He will do okay in a home with other cats however not kids or dogs.  Perhaps that is all just too much excitement for him.  Also, keep him caged alone.  He did at times bully Max when they were in the cage together at the Shelter. He has an old eye injury that does not bother him at all.
Needy Noodles

Thalia is an older girl and qualifies for our Senior For Senior program.  We think she is about eight years old. She came into the Shelter in August as a stray.  She is a pleasant old girl and will make a nice companion.  She is a lap cat!
Thalia and Noodles make six cats at PetSmart.  Two more should be arriving soon!

Rikki is back so we are covered on Wednesday and Thursday mornings for almost the entire month of May.  She will be away at the end of the month so there are a few that need coverage.  Below is a list of what needs to be covered.  If you can cover any of them please let me know.

Monday, May 4, AM Cleaning
Monday, May 11, AM Cleaning
Friday, May 15, AM Cleaning
Monday, May 18, AM Cleaning
Monday, May 25 AM Cleaning
Wednesday, May 27, AM Cleaning
Thursday, May 28, AM Cleaning
Friday, May 29, AM Cleaning

As always...thanks for your help!!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Three new guys and an old friend!

Emma and Daffy went home on Wednesday.  Both are going to homes with other cats so they will have company.  Several of us attempted get the family to take Bugs along with Daffy but they felt they were at their max of cats.  (Um...Daffy makes two for them...huh??!!)  Bugs will be fine!  He is now going to room with Rambo and Murphy and we are hearing they are having fun!

Jade is leaving on Saturday.  We all know she can be a diva and have an attitude toward her fellow felines.  In her new home there is other cats.  The new adopters know that Jade needs a nice, slow, special introduction.  They really really want her so it is certainly worth a try.  Lets all keep our paws crossed for Jade!

Four cats arrived at the store yesterday.  You will recognize one of them.  Our boy Smith was brought back to the Shelter after three months in his home.  The adopters stated he did not like their other cats at all.  He was aggressive toward them and marking territory. Looks like Smith needs to be the only cat.  His last home did not have a dog so we are not sure how he would do with them. However, he was good with their kids.
Bixler is cute as a button and will probably have an application in no time.  She is about six months old and is all kitten!! She will do well in a home with other cats, dogs and kids.
Mascato and Blush are litter mates and are a little under a year old.  They have been at the adoption center at Shore Veterinarians for several months but sadly no one adopted them.  Both cats have knee problems so do not be overly concerned if you see a limp here and there.  Blush has more of an issue than Mascato.  They are both wonderful and very socialized and accustomed to being on display.  These two MUST go together!!  Let's leave them in the big cage where they can show off, sell themselves and get home!!  Although the cage cards indicate the adoption fee is $75 it should read $8 as they are considered to be "special needs" due to the knee issue.  Someone PLEASE neatly correct the card.
Mascato & Blush
You all did so well filling up the April schedule!  Thank you so much!  Below are the dates that still need coverage so please let me know if you are available:
Wednesday, April 15, AM Cleaning
Friday, April 17, AM Cleaning
Wednesday, April 22, AM Cleaning
Wednesday, April 29, AM Cleaning

Don't forget Artist On The Rocks!  If you are interested in participating in this event on Saturday, April 18, at 6:30pm please click on the below link: