Monday, September 17, 2007

Blinky Says Good Bye!!

Blinky went home last Wednesday night. Her new family is contemplating adopting a companion for her but will wait and see how she settles in first. Since Blinky is quite the queen this seems to be a good idea! If I was that snake I'd be a little nervous!

There was alot of activity over the weekend but unfortunately no holds were taken. A young girl was interested in Mollie and I was so happy to show her. Mollie behaved very well and I explained how she was one of our shy hard cases. The girl seemed really interested and seemed to understand poor Mollie. She left and said she would think about it. A very nice couple met Cayenne and absolutely loved him (who wouldn't!) and they also said they would be back. Maybe both will be back Wednesday night!

Samantha was showing signs of an ear issue. The Shelter vet tech went to PetSmart today and found she has ear mites. Her ears were cleaned and she was treated for the mites. She should be just fine and should get relief immediately. Let me know if she does not appear to feel better.

Poor Sashimi is such a shy scaredy cat! It is difficult to even drag her from the cage! She is breaking my heart! I hope someone sees fit to give her a chance.

Saturday, October 27 is National Make A Difference Day. That day we will be participating in an adoptathon along with many other Shelters throughout Cape May and Atlantic County. Preliminary plans are to have our animals along with animals from Animal Outreach and Animal Welfare Society at PetSmart that day. In addition the Cape May County Animal Shelter Alliance will be on hand to distribute information about low cost spay/neuter programs available to county residents. Barb A is going to be my "go-to-girl" for the event and will be needing help. Please let me know if you can help and I will pass your contact information on to Barb.

Two boys joined Cayenne and the girls at PetSmart on Sunday. Tag is a big friendly buff colored guy and Gossamer is a dark striped tabby cat. Both are very friendly and look forward to meeting you all!! Here they are:

Monday, September 10, 2007

What's Been Going On...

The end of the summer got a tad busy and I have not had an opportunity to do a posting. Sorry! Ginseng went home with her new family to New York on Wednesday, August 29. Larissa told me the family is very nice! Good for Ginseng! Sassafras didn't spend too much time at PetSmart. The big friendly Tom arrived on Sunday, August 26 and went home the following Saturday. He is such a sweetheart so it is not surprising!

Little Binky was wheezing and appeared to be suffering from an upper respiratory problem. She went back to the Shelter Thursday morning. I saw her yesterday and she is doing well. She will be back with Pinky in a week or so.

Good news!! Blinky is going home Wednesday night! A hold was put on her on Saturday and the application was approved today! Yippee!! She is going to an apartment with a young man and his snake - no cats or dogs or children, though! She really took to him when they met and he really likes her. He did not waste any time and got the necessary paperwork to the Shelter on Sunday.

Unfortunately Loki was brought back to the Shelter. Apparently he was urinating throughout the house. He was taken to a vet who diagnosed a urinary tract infection. Poor Loki! He seems to be doing just fine now after a round of medication. You will see him back at PetSmart in a few weeks.

Three new cats arrived at the store on Saturday. Alice is a friendly little torti and is very cute! Mae is nice but shy. She has a funny looking left eye but she is fine. She will need a little extra coddling for a while until she settles in. Cayenne is big friendly orange and white tomcat. You will love him!

There is only two days on this month's schedule that need to be filled. One is the morning cleaning on Thursday, September 20. The other is the manning of the adoption table or the evening cleaning on Saturday, September 22. Let me know if you are available.

I am trying to get permission from the Shelter director for us to participate in an Adoptathon on Saturday, October 27 for Make A Difference Day. It is a coordinated effort among all the shelters and animal welfare organizations in Atlantic and Cape May County. Stay tuned for details on that!!

Here is the new guys...