Sunday, September 21, 2008

Good Luck, Penn! Say Hi to Jelly Bean for us!!

Penn went home on Wednesday and probably is romping around with JellyBean while I type this! What a great home for him!

On Saturday one of Toasty's eyes looked a little runny. It looked fine today but let me know if that changes. His sister, Toffee, who went back to the Shelter, has a hold!

There are holds pending on Anna and Crescent. Both applications are at the Shelter and being processed. The application for Anna looks very promising. The Shelter has already spoken with the applicant's landlord and he will supply them with the necessary paperwork. The application for Crescent was dropped off at the Shelter just this afternoon. I will keep you posted on its progress. Hopefully things will work out as these two cats have been with us for a while.

Two siblings arrived on Saturday - Dandy, a cute little black and white guy and his sister Aurora, a pretty little calico. These two are youngsters! Dandy settled in just fine but Aurora is a little shy - or maybe just uninterested! While all the cats were out playing today she slept inside her little cubicle. Meanwhile Dandy jumped right in! Make sure you don't mix up Lotus and Dandy. Dandy has alot more white on him.

I know we are low on litter pans. I picked up a case at the Shelter today. I can't get them to PetSmart until Wednesday morning but we should be fine until then.

There are still a few openings in October. Please consult your calendars and let me know if you can do any. The dates and times are: Saturday, October 11 - Adoption Table, Sunday October 12 - Adoption Table, Monday October 13 - AM cleaning, Saturday October 18 - AM cleaning. If you are available to do a PM cleaning rather that the adoption table let me know as I may need you.

Meet brother & sister, Dandy and Aurora:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good Bye Crisco, Hanna and Ivy!

After THREE holds our little boy Crisco finally went home! After finding out that they were approved to adopt a cat but that Crisco had already found a home, the third hold saw Ivy on PetFinder and decided to adopt him. He was picked up on Saturday. (Remember...keep taking those second and third and fourth holds as this is often the outcome.) Hanna also went home on Saturday. She wasn't crazy about going into a carrier. Let's hope she was so happy to get out of that carrier that she settled right in at her new place.

On Saturday Leona spoke to Donald and Freddie's new mom who told her both cats are very happy and doing great! She said Donald came out of his shell and follows her around the house. Leona also spoke with BlueBell's mom and she, too, is doing great! News like this is what keeps us going, huh?!

Thanks to Barb, Joan, Leona, Anne and Tracey for your help over the weekend with PetSmart's Fall Adoption Event. Thanks also to Crystal and Ian from the Shelter who brought dogs, Diesel and Charlie, to the store. Three cats also came for the event. Two are siblings that are about six months old - Toasty, a male brown and black tabby - and his sister Toffee, also a brown and black tabby, and a pretty little three year old calioco named Mardi Gras. (I have decided to call her Marty.) All three are sweet and friendly and were well behaved. Since three cats went home this week we had room to add these guys to our group. Unfortunately little Toffee had a weepy eye and a bit of a cough so she went back to the Shelter. Toasty and Mardi Gras stayed. I am hoping that once Toffee is cleared she can come back and join Toasty who I am sure must miss her. As always, keep the adjoining cage doors closed and the cats in their own cages until we see how they acclimate to the new surroundings.

I took a GREAT hold on our big friend Penn. You should have seen it! The woman interested in him was sitting on the bench in the adoption room. I let Penn jump out of his cage and he walked up to her. After petting him a few times he sort of tapped on her leg with one paw as if asking permission and then climbed into her lap and settled right in! Who could resist that! What is even better is the fact that she had adopted JellyBean back in April and was looking for a friend for him. She initially was interested in Purrty but decided the best thing to do was give an old guy a chance. Again, this is the kind of stuff that keeps us going! Her completed application is already at the Shelter. I anticipate a speedy approval and Penn sleeping in a house Wednesday night!

Crescent came back today. He had been returned to the Shelter to have a sore spot on his neck evaluated by a vet. It looks like the spot where the microchip was implanted had showed a little bit of irritation.
Oh, another success store...remember Pertelot?? She was an older big girl and was all black. She is doing really well! She is happy, active and, word has it, even lost weight!

I am making arrangements to remove all the little cubicles as well as the apparatus in the big cage and have them power washed. That surface is SO difficult to keep clean! The cats will do without for just one night but I am sure they will appreciate the cleaning.

September schedule is complete. Look to October and let me know what you can do. Thanks for all you help!! Adoptions have been going so well! Yippeee!!

Here's Mardi Gras and Toasty:

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Penn Returns!

Big Penn is back! He is a really nice old guy. He looks like a little cow. We have had a run on black and white males and hopefully that will continue for Penn.

Great week...five cats went home!! Carmen was picked up today. Donald and Freddie went home Wednesday night. It is so nice when two guys go home together. Having each other must make dealing with the change much easier. Golda and Matthew went home Saturday afternoon. The woman who picked up Golda is related to the people who adopted Bluebell. She told Leona that the two cats would be vacationing together! She also said that Bluebell hid for a day in her new home but after that now owns the place!

There is three holds pending on little Crisco. Please handle additional holds just like you would the initial one. Take the deposit money and have an application completed and forwarded to the Shelter. Sometimes the first hold does not get approved or the applicant has a change of heart. Should that happen the Shelter can immediately start on the second hold. Also, the second hold can get approval and the applicant decide to adopt another cat.

On Friday the PetSmart district manager was conducting an evaluation of the store. He advised me that we can not sign the daily checklist with one set of initials and then draw a line down through the next blocks. He asked that I pass on to everyone that all blocks must be initialed separately. I know it seems like a bit of a hassle but it will only take a few extra seconds and our compliance or noncompliance will effect personnel evaluations of the managers at the store.

Please, please do not turn the cubicles in such a way that the cats can curl up inside them and hide. I know that by nature they like to hide but showcasing them is the only way we can get them into forever homes. The customers need to be able to see them. Also, I suggest we not put so many toys into the cages and clutter them up. The cats seem to like the little mice and small soft balls the best. A cat nip pillow and a toy or two is enough. Again, we want the customers to look into a nice neat, clean cage and have to have the cat that's in it! Also, Concetta keeps extra rolls of brown paper in the office. When you see the supply getting really low just ask the manager for another roll.

On Friday along with Penn came a youngster named Felix. Felix is a black male about six months old. He was very happy today as he was joined by his brother Ivy (let's call him Ivan) and his sister Lotus. Ivan is orange and white and Lotus is black and white. The three are happy to be reunited and are together in the big cage. I am sure Crisco would LOVE to romp with them! Here they are: