Monday, August 27, 2007

Babe & Redkin Go Home and Three New Guys Arrive

Babe and Redkin went home last Wednesday night as many of you know by now. Mollie and Ginseng are now in the big cage together, however that is not going to last. A family from New York visiting Wildwood Crest happened into PetSmart on Friday and after meeting Ginseng decided to adopt her! It was the last day of their vacation. The application was approved today and they are driving down Wednesday from New York to pick her up.

Shelter staff spoke with Whitney's new home last week and were told that she has REALLY settled in. She and their other cat have become fast friends!! Ya just never know!!

Here is a picture of Amanda supplied by Heidi. As you can see she is doing well!!

Sassafras, a big, friendly adult male, arrived at PetSmart on Sunday along with two sisters, Pinky and Binky. Pinky and Binky are torti littermates and are adorable!!

The September calendar is just about finished. Coverage is needed for Sunday, September 2 for the evening cleaning - if you can do the adoption table it is even better but not necessary. The only other day that needs coverage is Thursday, September 20 in the morning. Please let me know if you are available.

Here is Sassafras, Binky and Pinky:

Monday, August 20, 2007

Othello Goes Home. Good Bye Whitney!! Be Good!!

Whitney & old crooked Othello went home on Saturday. Judy M said it was actually harder to get Othello into the carrier than Whitney. I spoke with Whitney's new mom today and she said Whitney is doing well. She said she is "getting used to having another cat around" (we know how that goes!) and is eating well. She said Whitney is affectionate and loves to be held and petted. She finished by saying, "We love her already." How great is that! I love the idea of Whitney being able to run and jump and stretch her legs her out! We did it!! Whitney is home!!
Two new girls arrived on Sunday named Samantha and Mollie. Samantha is a big old black cat who is very sweet and friendly. Mollie is black and white and is sweet but shy and can be a little bit of a scaredy cat. Please remember this when handling her. I am sure that she will come around when she gets to know all of us.
Babe got two holds over the weekend. The first application was approved and arrangements are being made for him to go home Wednesday. I will let you know when that is a definite. Apparently the applicant on the second hold is interested in two kittens at the Shelter.
The application for Redkin has been approved and he will be picked up Wednesday night. Yippee!!
Amanda is doing well under the foster care of Heidi from the Shelter. Anna was adopted and as soon as Amanda is totally cleared of the ringworm she will be joining Anna in a forever home.
There is a logistical issue with the Open Your Heart And Home program and the program where the adoption fee on the second cat is waived. For now, both programs have been suspended. However, should two cats be adopted, the adoption fee on the second cat is still reduced by half. I will let you know when the programs are back in effect. Should you have questions regarding adoption fees please call the Shelter or refer the applicant to the Shelter. We do not want to give inaccurate information.
It was a good week for our guys at PetSmart. Thanks for your help!!
Here is Samantha and Mollie...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hoover Goes Home & Whitney IS Number 100!!!

Yes, it is true!! Whitney is finally going home!! Last night she got an application and it was approved today! She will be going home on Saturday. Her new home has another cat so she had better behave!! Othello also got an application last night and was approved today. He, too, will be going home on Saturday. He will be joining two other cats and a six month old puppy. He is a sweetheart and will be just fine!

Hoover went home last night. He is just a cool guy and will make a wonderful companion to his new owners!!

Today I brought two new guys to PetSmart. They are both great cats! Babe is a big older orange and white tomcat and is so friendly and so loveable!! He is in the Open Your Heart And Home program. Wait til you meet him! Sashimi is a sweet pleasant female and loves attention. She is declawed. The two are sharing three cages. They seemed to settle right in and get along fine.

Othello and Ginseng are together now and Redkin is alone in a small cage. After Othello leaves a new arrival will more than likely takes his place in the big cage. Ginseng seems mellow and will get along with anyone!

The key is back!!

Coverage is still needed in the morning on Friday, August 24.

Meet Babe & Sashimi:

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Latest On Adoptions, Holds and Applications

As many of you already know Suave went home on Wednesday night. The only kitten left is Redkin. Paige took a hold on both Redkin and Hoover on Sunday. She also spoke with someone who is interested in Ginseng! Hoover's application has been approved and he is going home on Wednesday. He will be the 99th adoption! Wouldn't it be great to see Whitney be number 100!!There may be a problem with the application for Redkin so please be sure to take another hold if the opportunity arises!

I am bringing some new guys to PetSmart on Thursday. My plan is to put Othello and Ginseng in the big cage together. They have been getting along really well and look good together. I will move Redkin to a smaller cage.

Anyone know where the key is?? The managers at PetSmart are now giving us a back up key. The main key on the lanyard has disappeared!

The September schedule is shaping up well. When you have time please take a look at it and let me know what you can do.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Approved Application & New Arrivals

There was some switching of cages done today at PetSmart. The kittens - Biolage, Redkin and Suave - were moved into the big cage. They seem to be really enjoying being able to be up high and jump on top of each other! The cage is arranged so no one can hide.

Three new guys came today. Ginseng is a pretty black & white female. She is shy but very sweet. She was nervous and a little scared today. Let's hope she settles in soon. Hoover is a cool and friendly male. He reminds me of Marbles. He settled right in! Othello is a friendly big old black male with a lopsided face. He looks a little funny but is very nice. While carrying him in today he busted right out of the carrier and was walking down the aisle of the store about three feet ahead of us. Concetta was carrying another cat in a carrier and walked quickly and quietly up behind him and, after putting the other kitty down, scooped him right into her arms. She carried him right into the cage area and set him down. The carrier was just a tad too confining for him! He settled in quickly - even after getting a hello hiss and growl from Whitney! He is a sweetheart!

The application for Biolage has been approved and he will be going home on Saturday. That is the 97th adoption at PetSmart. That should make all of you who make this project a success VERY proud! Thank you for your continued commitment!!!
The August schedule looks great! Friday, August 24 in the evening is the only open date. If you are available please let me know.
Here they are: Othello, Hoover and Ginseng