Friday, December 30, 2016

Introducing the Cats at PetSmart!

This group is very nice!!  You guys are going to like each and every one of them!

First you got little Calvin.  A Good Samaritan who often works with the Shelter doing TNR in North Wildwood came upon a home where cats were being permitted to continue to breed.  Calvin originally came in as part of a TNR project. We met him and well, he was just too nice to not keep and put up for adoption!  He is young...about four months.  This lively little boy will do well in an active home.
Then you got beautiful Brownie.  She is a beautiful, long haired chocolate brown cat - Godiva would be a better name however that was already taken.  We think she is about ten years old.  She came into the Shelter this month already spayed.  Nothing seems to faze her!  She is very friendly and loves attention.  We think she is deaf.  She will acclimate to just about any environment.
Then there is littermates Poe and Ani...the little guys that love to run about when you let them out! They came in together as strays along with their mom and other kittens in early October.  They are about five months old.  Of course if they go together there is only one adoption fee!  They may be a little spooky when they first go home but will acclimate quickly.
And two other littermates...Preston and Porter...are occupying the big cage.  These two boys are also kittens from a TNR project.  They were both so sick when they came into the Shelter in late August.  After two months or so in our sick bay they are ready to be home!  They are always a treat getting back into the big cage!!  They are a resilient pair and will adapt to any household. 
Porter (left) and Preston (right)
And then pretty Gracie.  Gracie is a polydachtal and seems sad.  She was transferred from us to Parkway Veterinary Hospital six years ago as a kitten and adopted from there.  Sadly her owners are now ill and can no longer take care of her.  Good news though!!  Her application was approved today!  The applicant saw her in PetSmart and will meet her tomorrow with Judy M at the adoption table.  If all goes well Gracie will go home and join three dogs - all boxers.  The applicant is active with a boxer rescue so knows the importance of going slow with new pets.
Last but not least is Sweet Pea.  Sweet Pea was adopted from us two years ago as a kitten along with another kitten.  She was returned to us because the owner said she was urinating outside the box.  There was two children in the home - ages 4 and 6.  When we come up against this situation we err on the side of caution and try to put the cat in the mellowest home possible - adults only, no dogs, maybe another cat.  She did get along fine with the cat she lived with in her prior home.  We do say on her cage card no other cats however you will see her interact well with them.  A quiet home with another cat MAY work. We are just trying to keep her anxiety level in a home as low as possible. She definitely should not go to a home with dogs or kids.
Sweet Pea
So that is the crew that is bringing in the New Year!!  They really are a good bunch!!

The 2017 schedule is complete.  We are in need of a regular on Sunday mornings until Deb and Warren return in April, a regular for Wednesday mornings and help with the Sunday Adoption table. Please look at your schedules and let me know if you are available to help with any of those days.

A few reminders as we head into the new year....  Please go light on the litter and the food.  Petsmart writes off whatever we use. Remember, we go in twice a day.  Using this pine litter is so much better than clay BUT it is expensive.  It would be terrible - dirty, dusty and difficult to clean - if Petsmart management had us go back to it.  

A heartfelt thank you from all the Shelter staff and all the cats you helped throughout 2016!!  Your dedication never fails to amaze us - especially those of you have been on the schedule since Petsmart opened in 2006!!  We wish each and every one of you the beast of health and happiness in 2017!! 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Eight New Arrivals!

Busy, busy week at PetSmart and at the Shelter!  As you are aware by now we did some cleaning at PetSmart this week and then brought down a whole bunch of new feline friends!!  When the numbers get as low as they did we take advantage of the empty cages to purge the adoption center. 

Chutney left from the Shelter after receiving two applications.  The first applicant was very nice - however during the interview and application process we learned she had declawed her cat when she could not control his scratching up of the furniture.  Her veterinarian had told her that her only option was to declaw him so she did.  Sadly, as long as the vets not only condone declawing but suggest it we have in uphill better when we deny applications based on the possibility it could happen. Fortunately this was an easy one as the application was withdrawn and the second applicant was a good one!
Below is an introduction to the new arrivals......
Doloris a is a two year old female and will make a sweet little indoor house cat!  She will make someone very happy!
Kip will make a wonderful companion!  He is a lap cat that wants to be with his human all the time!  He'll be a constant cuddling companion!  He is older - ten to twelve years - so qualifies for our Senior For Senior Adoption Program.  Although he came into the Shelter with another one he actually would prefer to not live with other cats.
Fefe can be a tad moody and fickle but is also sweet and quiet.  Like Kip she also came into the Shelter with another cat however is not all that fond of feline company.  She is eight years and also qualifies for the Senior For Senior Adoption Program.
Preston and Porter are six month old siblings and are a great pair of fun loving youngsters!  These two will double your fun!  If someone is looking to adopt a pair tell them to look no further!

Preston and Porter
Ava and Charlie Bear are five month old litter mates that were fostered in a home along with other cats, kids and dogs.  They may seem shy at first but will warm up in no time!
Ava and Charlie Bear

Sesame was another guy that arrived last week however he has already gone!  This five month old little girl was shy and afraid when we first met her but she slowly got over her fear.  She was a little afraid when preparing to leave the store on Saturday, however after being calmed down by her new mom she settled in and off they went!

It is that time of year again!  Black Furr-iday Sale starts this week!  See the below flyer for all the details. 

Please look ahead to December and let me know what you can do.  Barb A, Lisa and Sarah and Toni...let me know if you can continue the days you have been doing.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Chester Gets Another Chance!

Chester left last Wednesday and will be splitting his time between Glenside, PA and Sea Isle City along with a human sibling, mom and dad, and two canine siblings.  This home will be the last!

Little old Dixie was brought to PetSmart this week.  She arrived at the Shelter in late August of this year.  She was seen wandering about a neighborhood and a Good Samaritan picked her up.  She is about twelve years old and was spayed at intake.  She is a delicate little girl and looks younger than she is. We were hoping someone missed her but never received a call.  This senior girl could sure use a break!
The schedule looks great for the next week with the exception of Wednesday morning.  Let me know if you are available to cover it.


Monday, October 17, 2016

Introducing the Magnificent Seven!

Well, every once in a while this happens.  As you know we had to take all the cats out of the Adoption Center in order to sanitize the entire area due to ringworm on one of the cats.  Since they all socialize together it is safer to proceed this way.  All the cats are doing well and will be fine.  We did have two adoptions before the cleaning - Penny and Gabriel.

Gabriel went home with a woman for three days and sadly she brought him back.  She said he was too easily excited and was too much for her.  We do know he likes to play rough and does his share of love biting.  This ten year old tom cat is no old man!  He has been transferred to Animal Outreach.  One of their volunteers was at the Shelter when Gabriel was brought back and after meeting him immediately wanted him for their adoption center in West Cape May.

Penny is joining a full house - a seven year old Shepherd mix, a four year Australian Cattle Dog, two human toddlers (ages 2 and 3) and mom and dad.  As you will recall Penny has done some bouncing around over the years.  Hopefully this is the home she has been waiting for!

Velcro, Simon and Marge are litter mates that were together in a foster home. The two girls, Marge and Velcro, look identical.  The boy, Simon, is orange and so far is the friendliest of the three. They are four months old and came into the Shelter as strays in late July.  Initially they were somewhat feral but thanks to the watchful eye and handling in their foster home they have really come around. Potential adopters need to know that they were a tad nervous at first so will need a slow introduction to a new home - especially with kids and dogs.  They will get afraid all over again in a new or loud and busy environment.
Velcro, Simon, Marge
Chester came into the Shelter as a stray in mid-August.  He was already neutered however not micro chipped. He showed up at a managed outside cat colony looking for food.  He is quiet and well mannered and will acclimate to almost any home.  He is eight years old so qualifies for our Senior For Senior Adoption Program. 

Hibic is a doll! This five year old male came into the Shelter in mid-April after being hit by a car.  He sustained a severe concussion, a fractured pelvis, and appeared to lose his sight as a result of the trauma.  After months in our iso unit under the care of the best staff EVER he is fully recovered!  He enjoys the company of other cats so he is sharing the big cage with Chutney.

Chutney came into the Shelter in March of this year from a managed cat colony.  He was so nice and personable that it seemed best to not return him to the colony.  He is a happy little guy that loves other cats.  He is about a year and half old.
Last but not least is Coco.  This pretty young calico was adopted over a year ago with another cat.  The adopter brought both cats back claiming they did not use the litter box.  We have not seen that behavior in either cat at the Shelter.  Often times calicos want to be the only cat - maybe that is what really happened.  OR maybe the boxes were not kept clean enough for them.  We recommend that Coco be the only cat and the quieter the household the better. She is about a year and half old.
And there you have it...the Magnificent Seven!  As always, please watch the cats for signs of stress and do not force any to socialize too quickly.

We continue to struggle to fill the adoption table on Sunday afternoons.  If you would like to be trained in how to do adoptions and are available periodically please let me know.  It is not necessary to sign up for every week.  Whatever you can do is fine! Judy M usually covers Saturdays with the exception of one Sunday.

We are also looking for someone to do Wednesday mornings as a regular - every other or periodically is fine.  Starting Sunday, November 6, Deb and Warren again head for warmer climates so Sunday mornings will need to be covered until these two snowbirds return in the spring.  Remember - the store opens at 10:00am on Sundays so you can sleep in and then go.

Thank you all for everything you do for this program.  It is so important to the Shelter!!


Monday, September 19, 2016

Zoosh, Java and Oceana Get Adopted!

It was a good week!  Oceana went home last Saturday with a nice young couple and will be gaining a two year old feline brother.  Zoosh and Java went home together this past Saturday.  They will be joining a household with mom and dad, a young adult, a teenager and two big dogs - a Rottie mix and a German shepherd.  Wow!  The two dogs did live with cats in the past.  The Rottie is twelve years old and the Shepherd is four.  The new family does understand the need to move slowly when introducing the cats to the dog and to the home in general.

Three new guys arrived yesterday - two seniors and a young female.  Ysobel is pretty calico/torti that came into the Shelter in early August.  Her owner simply had too many cats - eighteen total - and could not care for all of them. Ysobel was an inside/outside cat at her last home.  She is sweet and will make a good companion!
Penny is a twelve year female polydachtal that has spend some time in the past with us.  She first came into the Shelter in December of 2007 at the age of three after her owner passed away.  She was adopted in March of the next year.  In early August of this year she was brought by a Good Samaritan who found her in Tuckahoe.  After being scanned for a microchip we found she had been adopted from us years ago.  We attempted to contact the person who adopted her and met with a dead end - the person had moved and the phone numbers were all dead ends.  Lets hope the third time is indeed a charm for Penny!  She will acclimate to any household
Gabriel is a feisty ten year old tom cat that likes to play rough!  He would do fine in a home with other cats and even dogs. He does not act his age!!  The below picture shows his wild side!! He came in as a stray in early July.

Of course both Penny and Gabriel qualify for the Senior For Senior Adoption Program.

If you are available to do the adoption table on Sunday, September 25 please let me know.  Otherwise the rest of the month of September is covered.  Please look ahead to October and let me know what you can do.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Sage and Dusty Miller Go Home and Three New Cats Arrive

Dusty Miller and Sage went home on Labor Day.  These two lucky cats will be joining a household that is the definition of cat friendly.  The applicants have adopted from us in the past as well.  When we called for a vet reference the receptionist knew them immediately and said they are wonderful pet owners.  Dusty Miller and Sage joined Luke and Laura who were adopted from us last year, Sven, Dale, Penn, Woody and Pretty Boy.  Pretty Boy is 20 years old!  Sounds like a nice place for a cat to end up! 

Two youngsters and an elderly gentleman arrived at PetSmart yesterday.  Zoosh is an 11 year old male and qualifies for the Senior For Senior Adoption Program.  He has a wonderful, outgoing personality.  He is great with other cats and will be an instant pet.  Nothing worries Zoosh!  In his previous home he lived with four other cats.  Sadly all had to come to the Shelter in late July when their owner could no longer care for them
Marvin is 10 months old and came from a marina where the owner wants all cats removed.  He came in a tad unruly however has domesticated quite well! He will acclimate to just about any house hold.
Oceana is about four months old.  She, her two litter mates and her mom were brought into the Shelter in mid-July.  At that time little Oceana was about seven weeks old.  Mom went back to the community where she was trapped and the kittens stayed with us and went up for adoption.  She is so pretty and is a sweetheart, too!  She will acclimate to just about any household as well.
Sorry for the delay in dropping off more brown paper at the store.  Five rolls were brought last week so we are good for a while.  Cindy D will continue to take the paper home and bring it back all cut and ready to go.  (Thank you, Cindy!)

The annual fall PetSmart National Adoption Event is scheduled for Friday, Saturday, Sunday - September 16, 17 and 18.  Volunteers will be bringing dogs to the store all three days Noon-3:00pm.

The September calendar is just about complete.  Below are the dates that still need to be covered:
Saturday, September 10, Adoption Table, 2-4pm
Sunday, September 25, Adoption Table, 2-4pm
Friday, September 30, AM Cleaning

Friday, August 12, 2016

GREAT week for our cats at PetSmart!!!

Our great week started last Sunday when Luscious went home!  She will be sharing her time between Cape May and Kenmore, NY with two other cats and a college professor.  Awesome!!  Lisa and Sarah are quite fond of Luscious so bought her a little cave to take to her new home to help her acclimate.  Her new mom was very touched by this gesture!

Are you ready for this???  Daisy has landed in a perfect home!  She will be living with two adult women and no other pets.  One of them told me, "She will be the center of our universe!"  How wonderful for Daisy!

Dotson and Mona were adopted together.  Their new family always have had a couple of cats and recently their very last one passed away.  These two will be the new cats inhabiting that cat friendly house!  They join a family of mom and dad and four adult children.  Lots of people to shower them with love and attention!  The mom was very close to adding Daisy, too, and was on the phone with me when the two women who wanted Daisy came in to complete an application. She was so happy for Daisy!

Tigger is joining an active household but we are certain he is up to it.  He will live with two adults, two kids ages 16 and 5, two dogs and another cat.  Lots for Tigger to do there!

Java will be living with a single woman and no other pets.  She will be getting a lot of attention!  She is being picked up tomorrow - Saturday, August 13.

So who is at the store now?  Well, Marigold and Dusty Miller came back.  If someone is looking for two nice, rambunctious youngsters these are the pick!  They are about six months now.

Dusty Miller
Orlando and Orzo are brothers just under a year old and are a great pair!  As we all know, the last to get adopted are black cats and black dogs.  Let's hope their friendliness helps them to get adopted!!  They are sweet, snuggly, loving and will acclimate to any household.  Their owner failed to spay and neuter her cats and ended up with too many to handle.
Orlando (L) Orzo (R)
Sage is an older boy - over ten years old. The young woman who dropped him at the Shelter told us she had him for the last two years, was moving and could not take him.   She said Sage had belonged to her father's former girlfriend who had given him to her.  Poor Sage.  I did leave the woman a message asking for contact information for the former girlfriend.  My guess is she does not know her cat was dumped at a shelter.  Sage is a lap cat and is very friendly!  I think we should call him Sarge!  It's more manly or tom catty!

Sad Sage
The heat is back!  Stay cool, everyone!  And thanks for your help!  Let's hope the adoptions continue!

Friday, August 05, 2016

Musical Cats!!

We had to do some switching and some swapping of the guys at PetSmart.  Billy was transferred to Animal Adoption Center in Lindenwold in Camden County.  This no-kill facility has really helped by taking cats and kittens from us when we get overcrowded.  (For more information click on their link to the right.)  Poor little Peanut has a medical issue and went back into foster at Crystal's house.  Peanut does have an approved application however the applicant is more comfortable waiting until he is well.

Java and Tigger arrived today.  Both are wonderful and both have stories that tug at the heartstrings.

Tigger was living in a home with a young couple and a two year old child.  The couple is divorcing and the dad will be living on a military base in Virginia and can not have Tigger there.  Mom did not want to take him with her.  Dad was very sad and promised to be back if Tigger is still here and his circumstances change.  Tigger is just over a year old and is friendly and will make a great family pet!  He came to us in early July.
Java came into the Shelter in mid June already spayed.  This long and lanky lady is approximately two years old.  She was left behind in her neighborhood when the owner moved.  A kind woman started to feed her and continued to do so for some time...several months...however could not bring her inside.  Others in the neighborhood were concerned seeing Java living outside and felt it best that she be brought to the Shelter and be adopted to someone who can make her an inside pet.  Java is a sweetheart and will make someone very happy!
An application was just approved for Luscious and she is going home on Sunday.  It looks like a great home!  A single woman with two other cats.  Third time is a charm, right?!! 

The August calendar has been filled with the exception of one day - the adoption table on Sunday, August 14.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Playing Catch Up!!

Since it has been some time since the last blog update this will hopefully catch us all up...

Sarafina left last Friday with a very excited new mom!  This family adopted from us a few years ago and have always had two cats.  They recently lost a fourteen year old cat to thyroid disease and decided to adopt again.

Gladiolus and Gardenia left a week ago with a great young family - mom, dad, an eight month old baby and seven year old cat. 

Since they have not received a proper introduction I will do it now...  Below are the cats that you all have either met or will meet:

Billy is about six months old and is incredibly cute!  He is all boy, for sure!  He will do well in a house with other cats, kids and even dogs.
Billy the Cutie
Peanut is a wonderful playful little boy!  As I said in my last email - we did receive an application for Peanut, however the plan was to have him declawed!  Yes, people still do that!  This little guy is another kitten who will do well in any household.

Spunky Peanut
Dotson was fortunate enough to have spent the last year under the care of a kind man who saw him hanging around outside in the spring on 2015 and started taking care of him.  He was taken to the vet and checked and subsequently became the resident inside/outside cat.  Sadly, Dotson's caretaker passed away so once again he has found himself without a home and in need of a family.   He is about seven years old and is a lap cat.  Hopefully a second kind person gentleman is out there looking for a companion and will see this story!
Dapper Dotson
Mona is a one year old pretty little cat who came into the Shelter after giving birth to four kittens.  All four have been adopted and now it is her turn.  She was a typical mom - took care of the little ones before thinking of herself!  She is wonderful and will make a great companion.
Mama Mona
Luscious, as most of you know, was adopted a while back.  Sadly she was returned when one of the new owners had a severe allergic reaction and had to go to the hospital.  To quote the owner when Luscious was returned, "I wish my husband wasn't allergic because I would keep her in a heartbeat."  Such a shame!!  As you may recall Luscious was originally adopted from us a couple years ago and then left behind when the owners moved.    Keep your paws crossed that the third time is the charm!!  She is about five years old.
Lonely Luscious
Most of you already know Daisy the Dumped Diva who has been at PetSmart for quite some time now.  She was surrendered to the Shelter in November of 2015 after FOURTEEN years with the same owner.  Yes, you are reading that correctly.  Her owner got her as a kitten and after fourteen years dropped her at the Shelter when she moved stating she could not take her.  Wow. Who does something like that?   So, if Daisy acts a little grumpy maybe she deserves a pass. 
Dumped Daisy :(
So, there you have it - a synopsis on all the guys presently at PetSmart.  Expect two new additions by the weekend.

Below are the last remaining dates that need to be covered.  We made MAJOR progress on filling the dates!! You guys really are great and such a huge help to the Shelter!!

All remaining dates are Sunday Adoption Tables - August 7, 14, 28

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Kittens Arrive & Some New Open Dates

Two kittens were brought down to PetSmart today and are in the big cage - Spangle and Sinatra.  They are actually from the same location as the other three kittens.  Both are very friendly and will acclimate quickly to any household.  Both are about 3-4 months.
The following dates need coverage:
Saturday, July 3, AM Cleaning (just received cancellation)
Saturday, July 9, AM Cleaning
Thursday, July 14, PM Cleaning
Saturday, July 23, AM Cleaning
Sunday, July 24, Adoption Table
Thursday, July 28, PM Cleaning
Sunday, July 31, Adoption Table

Monday, June 27, 2016

How Could I Forget Don Gato!!

Don Gato went home on Saturday, June 18, joining several kids (age 2, 3 and 7), mom and dad and Josephine the cat who was adopted from us at PetSmart in 2013.  Lots going on in that house!
Handsome Don Gato!
The woman adopting Kiwi came to the Shelter over the weekend and was introduced to some of our senior cats.  She will take Kiwi once she and her son have chosen another cat.

Sadly by Saturday one of the kittens brought to PetSmart was sneezing and had a weepy eye.  We brought them all back to the Shelter before they all became sick.  Crystal is scrubbing down the big cage today.  Another blog update will go out when we decide who is going next.

Thank you to the many volunteers who stepped up to fill the dates listed on the last blog.  Below are the dates that still need to be covered.  Every other Saturday starting July 9 needs to be filled so if you are interested in a regular spot on a weekend let me know.

Below are the dates that still need coverage:
Sunday, July 3, AM Cleaning (store opens at 10am on Sundays so you can sleep in!)
Saturday, July 9, AM Cleaning
Saturday, July 9, Adoption Table
Thursday, July 14, PM Cleaning
Saturday, July 23, AM Cleaning
Sunday, July 24, Adoption Table
Thursday, July 28, PM Cleaning
Friday, July 29, AM Cleaning
Sunday, July 31, Adoption Table

Friday, June 24, 2016

Good Things Continue!!

Kiwi has a home!! Yay!!  She is being adopted by a woman who works for the County that staff at the Shelter deal with often. Her name is Lisa and she read Kiwi's story and agrees she needs a break!  In addition to Kiwi, Lisa will be adopting a senior cat.  She was introduced to Daisy but apparently that did not turn out very well.  (As some of you know, Daisy has been a tad temperamental lately.)  Lisa will be meeting some senior cats at the Shelter over the weekend. 

Maria is adopted and going home tomorrow.  She is gaining a feline, canine, and human sibling - one of each!!

Three kittens arrived that will be occupying the big cage.  They are from a litter of five that was reportedly living outside.  Well, once you meet them you will see that more than likely someone had an unspayed female that had a litter and they kept them until they got big then dumped them outside and claimed they were strays.  All five are domestic and showed no signs of living outside when they arrived.   These three are fabulous!!  They will do fine in a home with cats, kids and dogs.
Dusty Miller

Below are the dates that need coverage in July.  There is a quite a few so please take a look and let me know if you can cover any.
Saturdays and Sundays, Adoption Table (July 2/3, 9/10, 16/17, 23/24, 30/31) (Judy M?)
Wednesdays, AM Cleaning (July 6, 13, 20, 27,)
Thursdays, AM Cleaning (July 7, 14, 21, 28)
Thursday, July 14, PM Cleaning
Thursday, July 18, PM Cleaning

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Latest Adoptions: Tux and Savannah

Tux and Savannah did not stay at the store very long!  Both left last Wednesday.  Tux will be living with a Husky, a ten year old cat named Captain and two humans!  His new mom is very excited about having him.  Savannah will be living with an older cat, two young adults and mom.  She is going to be well cared for, loved and happy!!

Daisy and Kiwi moved into PetSmart over the weekend.  These two are both very special cases!  Daisy is fourteen years old and is a beauty!  Can you believe her owner moved and brought her to the Shelter after fourteen years?!  It was the only home Daisy ever knew. We have had her since November of last year.  She did come in with another cat - Cole, an eight year male.  He is not a good prospect for PetSmart though. Pretty Daisy loves kids and loves attention!  She will do well in a home with other cats and even a dog.
Darling Daisy

Kiwi has had a tough time and looks like it!  She came in on June 3 of 2015 with a severely injured tail and terrible looking eyes.  Two vets told us that she has a very mild case of entropian and both agreed surgery is not advised.  When she came in it was apparent she had recently delivered a kitten.  Animal Control attempted to find her baby however could not.  We had a single very young kitten named Strawberry and gave it to Kiwi.  She took to it immediately and was a wonderful, loving mom to her foster baby!  Best mom ever! She was so depressed when Strawberry was adopted. This poor girl needs a break!!  Between her tail, eyes and a weight problem she is not the most attractive cat but, boy, she is a sweetheart!! 
Sweet Kiwi
The June calendar is complete with the exception of the Adoption Table on Sundays - June 18 and 25.  If you are available please let me know.  If you have never done the adoption table and would like to learn I will gladly arrange training for you!!  Also, it never hurts to look ahead to the July schedule!!

Kitten season is in full swing.  We have been inundated at the Shelter.  If you are interested in fostering please let me know.  We provide everything - litter, food, meds, support - you provide the love and the home!  Once they are ready for adoption we take them back.

Just a reminder - adoption fee for cats through June is only $10!  Such a deal!!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Happy tails, Elsa!! You deserve it!

Elsa is going home tomorrow - Saturday.  She has had such a rough time of it so we are very happy for her!  She will be the only pet in the house with four kids under age seven and Mom and Dad.  Think of all the love and attention she will now receive!  Yay!

Two lovely ladies arrived at the store today...Goldie and Luscious.

Goldie is a pretty cailco that will acclimate to any household.  She is under the age of two.  You may wonder why she has an ear tip.  Well, a very nice gentleman asked for help recovering her when she was being spayed.  He was moving but had been feeding cats in his area.  He told us he was going to continue going back and forth and feeding her and would then try to bring her to his new home.  Well, she is just entirely too nice and friendly for that!!  We asked to keep her and put her up for adoption and he readily agreed.

Luscious is a sweet blue cream torti who was abandoned when her family moved.  How tired are we all of this type of story?  Why are cats such throw away pets?  Luscious was actually adopted from us in July of 2012.  Her family moved from Wildwood to Florida in May and they simply put Luscious outside and left her behind.  We have been told they had a black cat as well.  Sadly we have not received that cat at the Shelter.  She was flea infested when she came so you will notice hair loss in her back end.  It will grow in and she will be beautiful!!

Sadly we must say good bye to Rikki while she takes care of some personal stuff.  Rikki has been a huge asset for quite a while doing every Wednesday and Thursday morning.  Yesterday was her last day but she may be back.  (Rikki, feel free to jump in at any time!!) So, I am looking for people to take permanent spots that cover Wednesdays and Thursdays.  If you know anyone interested in joining our group let me know - even if just for the summer.

Coverage is needed for the below dates for the remainder of the month of May:
Wednesday, May 25, AM Cleaning
Thursday, May 26, AM Cleaning