Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Finally!! A Home For Marilyn and Cerano!

Marilyn and Cyrano left from the Shelter yesterday!  They are going to be the only pets in a home with a young couple who just purchased their house. January 6 would have been one year since they arrived at the Shelter. Prior to that they were in a foster home since October of 2013. So, they waited fourteen months for their home.  2015 is going to be a great year for these two!

Due to the holiday we decided not to bring new cats to the store until Friday.  This should make cleaning pretty easy for the next few days.  I'll introduce them once we decide who is going.


Do not over feed.  One level 1/2 cup of food per cat is all that you need to put into the bowl.  If there is food when you arrive in the evening simply top off with whatever is needed to bring it to 1/2 cup per cat.

Go easy on the litter. Fill the boxes only about one to one and a half inches.  We go in twice a day so filling it any further is not necessary.  Scoop the litter if you can,  however with the pine that can be difficult.  Since entire boxes of litter are being discarded please do not fill too much. It would be a shame if using the pine became too costly for us and we had to go back to that dusty clay that gets everywhere.  Everything is so much cleaner with the pine.

Report medical issues. Email the shelter as well as me if a cat needs medical attention AND note in the book what you observed and the steps you took to contact the shelter.   Make sure to email both so staff can arrange to go check on the cat while I stay aware of what is going on.

Check you email.  Please be in the habit of checking your email prior to going to PetSmart for last minute information or instructions.

The calendar for 2015 has been set up on line.  Please take a look and let me know if I have made any mistakes.  Kitty returns to Tuesday mornings on January 6!!  Yay!!  Welcome back, Kitty!!

Below are the dates that still need to be covered:

Monday, January 5, AM Cleaning
Tuesday, January 6, PM Cleaning
Friday, January 9, AM Cleaning
Monday, January 12, AM Cleaning
Monday, January 19, AM Cleaning
Tuesday, January 20, PM Cleaning
Monday, January 26, AM Cleaning
Friday, January 30, AM Cleaning

Thank you all very much for your continued help with our cats at PetSmart.  I do not think I can say it enough...this program is vital to the shelter and all of you are truly making a difference!!

Best of Health & Happiness to all of you, your families, and your pets!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Good Week!!

Two cats were adopted this week!  Jester left from the Shelter on Thursday.  He was adopted into a cat loving household and will be joining four other cats! They are so happy to add Jester to their feline tribe!  Poe was adopted by a young couple who are thrilled to have him.  He left the Shelter today.  He will be the only cat in the household and will have a ton of attention and affection! (Our volunteer Leona has known the man in this couple for his entire life and gives this adoption a big thumbs up! I met them and must say I agree with Leona!)

We have an application for Marilyn and Cyrano together!!  The applicant is moving into her new home in two weeks and pick the pair up then!  Hip hip hooray! 

Two new cats went to PetSmart today.  Both are friendly and will adapt to any household - dogs, kids, other cats.  Although we do not anticipate any problems please still let them settle in before giving then freedom to romp and play with the others.

Girly is a gorgeous calico just under a year old.  She came into the Shelter as a stray in late September. She is a flirt and will love to spend time with anyone!
Flirty Girly
Smith is a big handsome male about four years old.  He was found in the woods off Goshen-Swainton Road in early October .  He had been neutered so someone should be missing him!!  He is sweet and friendly!
Handsome Smith
Just a reminder...Sunday is the annual Holiday Open House and Santa Pictures at the Shelter...12:30-2:30pm.  If you have time please stop in!  Also let your family and friends know as all are welcome!  It is always a really fun time!

Thanks to all of your who braved that cold weather and participated in the West Cape May Christmas Parade!!

The December calendar has a few vacancies so please let me know if you can cover any of them:
Tuesday, December 16, PM Cleaning
Friday, December 26, AM Cleaning
Tuesday, December 30 PM Cleaning

Kitty will be back doing her Tuesday mornings in January!  Yay!  We have missed her!  (Special thanks for handling two very important pet transports in the meantime!)

Safe travels to Deb and Warren who have headed for warmer climates until April.  Thanks for doing those Sunday mornings - it's a tough spot to fill!  See you in the spring!  In the meantime,  Joanne Wildman will be covering Sundays.  Thank you, Joanne, for picking up that morning.