Tuesday, November 26, 2013

OK...Let's Get Caught Up!

Sorry for the delay in catching up!

First...special thanks to all of you for taking care of everything while I was away!  Great job! 

Second...what happened with Chewey and Jerry???  Well, the man and his wife were in PetSmart and apparently she sees a cat, through the glass, she must have.  The man returns without his wife and informs and says his wife loves Chewey and he would like to adopt her.  He comes to the Shelter and tells us he would like to adopt Chewey so we complete the application.  The application is approved and he is called to arrange pick up.  Of course,  he states he is in a hurry as he is leaving for two weeks and would like to complete the adoption before he goes.  Tom goes to PetSmart, picks up all of Chewey's paperwork and brings it back to the Shelter where the applicant completes everything and now only needs the cat!!  The man meets Crystal at PetSmart (Crystal knows all paperwork has been completed) points to JERRY and says, that's my cat!!  Crystal only knows that her role is to simply hand over a cat that is ready to go - not knowing that all along he was calling Jerry Chewey. He simply shows her what cat he believed he did the paperwork for!  So, off they go...very happy...Jerry and Chewey's paperwork!  Confusing!!  However, all is well that ends well!!  Jerry is settling in and doing well!  We are happy for him!

Now Chewey...the Shelter did receive an application for Chewey however the person indicated she would be declawed.  A vet check revealed that he had already declawed three cats in the past.  After speaking with him at length it was obvious that he would not guarantee the same fate would befall Chewey.  So, his application was denied.  He did donate the $20 hold toward Chewey's adoption fee.  Fortunately another application came in for  Chewey over the weekend and it has been approved! We'll know tomorrow what day she is leaving.

Margo went home the Wednesday before I left for vacation to a very nice young girl who was thrilled to be adopting her!  She will have a wonderful life.

By now you have all met SpeedRacer and Sherman - since both arrived about two weeks ago.  SpeedRacer went home today!!  The application was taken over the weekend and she was so anxious to have him so Chrissy met her today and off he went!

So with SpeedRacer happily running around his new home and Chewey slated to leave soon there will be two new arrivals - hopefully on Friday.  Both are young, sweet, and playful!  There is Champ - an orange male, about four months old, all rough and tumble!!  He needs a family!  Then there is sweet, pretty, Basil - a solid gray female about five or six months old.  Both will acclimate easy to a home.
Basil the Beauty

Champ the Scamp
As most of you know we are running a month long promotion called Black Fur-iday in an attempt to increase the adoption of our black cats. The adoption fee for all black cats is reduced by 75%...this includes cats at PetSmart...from November 28 through Christmas.  Look to the right under links and you will see a copy of the flyer that is in the paper.  We have over 30 to choose from!

More brown paper was dropped off today as the Shelter received an email it was running low.

PLEASE double check ALL cages before you go and make sure every cat has access to food, water and a litter box. 

Special welcome to our newest regular - Rikki - who will be doing Wednesday mornings.  Rikki is also at the Shelter walking dogs.  Welcome aboard, Rikki!!  Special thanks to Toni for showing her the ropes!

There is a couple of open time slots in the December schedule.  Please let me know if you are available to cover any.

Our annual Christmas Open House and Santa Claws Pet Pictures is Sunday, December 15, 12:30 - 2:30pm.  Please stop by and say hi!  There will be wonderful refreshments and lots of four-legged cuties coming in to see Santa! 

We wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your families!  You know what we at the Shelter are thankful for???  YOU!!  We could not do what we do without each and every one of you!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Happy Tails to Tara and Clover! Welcome, Margo and Olivia!

Two little females leave and two little females arrive!  Last Wednesday (October 23) sweet little Tara left.  She will be living with a fourteen year old girl who is so happy to be her mom! Tara's new family left the store with a cart full of things to help her begin her new life.  Clover left this past Wednesday night - adopted by one of the PetSmart store associates.  She will be living with another cat so will have company!

Two young females cats arrived yesterday, Margo and Olivia. Both cats will do fine in a home with other cats, dogs and children.  Margo is just over a year old and came into the Shelter in early August as a stray.  She is a tad aloof but very pretty!  Olivia is just over a year old as well. She came to the Shelter in late August also as a stray.  She is a loving little torbi and is quite friendly!!  As always please give these two a couple of days and see how they acclimate to the new surroundings.


Below is a list of time slots that need coverage this month.  Please let me know if you can cover any of them:
Wednesday, November 13, PM Cleaning OR Adoption Table
        (can change times of adoption table if need be)
Saturday, November 16, AM Cleaning
Wednesday, November 27, AM Cleaning
Thursday, November 28, ONE CLEANING: 8:00am 
Saturday, November 30, AM Cleaning

Ashley, Pet Care Manager at PetSmart, will be at the store at 8:00am on Thanksgiving for approximately two hours to take care of PetSmart's pets.  Someone is needed to meet her and take care of the cleaning and feeding of our cats.  There is only one cleaning on that day.

A roll of brown paper will remain at the store however we will continue to cut the sheets at the Shelter as needed.  When you see the pre-cut pieces getting low please contact the Shelter and we will cut more.  In the event circumstances prevent us from getting paper there and it runs out completely there will always be some to cover you. 

In case you missed the email...Barb Allison is again coordinating an entry for the Shelter in the West Cape May Christmas Parade which is Saturday, December 7.  If you are interested in being a part of the parade contact Barb at gbarbis@comcast.net.  The theme this year is "Military Salute" so expect to see dogs and humans dressed in various military attire!

For some reason the Yahoo calendar is three hours off!  I am trying to figure out how to fix it.  When I sign in to make changes the times are correct - however in "share" mode (which is how you all view it) the times are showing wrong.  I have looked at the time zone settings and that is not the problem.  It may be a glitch that just one day goes away.  In the meantime I will keep trying!!  If anyone else uses Yahoo calendars and knows what is going on please let me know!!