Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Welcome Two Handsome Boys!

Misty and Clara left before I had an opportunity to give them a proper introduction!  I wish we always had that problem.  Clara went to a home with two dogs, and two cats.  The two cats had been adopted from us also.  Misty went to a home with a gentleman and another cat - that cat too had been adopted from us.  We love our frequent flyers!!

I am so sad to say that the applicant for Anya and Brody that we were all so thrilled about decided with two dogs, adopting two cats was taking on too much so they only wanted one.  They came to the Shelter today and chose another cat.  Oh well.  This can only mean the absolute perfect home is waiting around the corner for these two! 

Say hello to the two new boys arriving Wednesday:

Skittles is a long haired orange male that came into the Shelter as a stray in November.  He is about eight months old.  Boys that look like Skittles usually get adopted quickly - let's hope that is the case with him.  His adoption fee is $70.  He will do fine in a home with other cats, kids and dogs.
Yen is a black and white male that is about ten months old. The day before Thanksgiving he came into the Shelter as he was left behind with his brother, Sid, when his owners moved.  Nice, huh?  Poor cats! Sid is on meds and as soon as he is healthy enough we are hoping he can go to Petsmart as well.  Yen's adoption fee is $70 and he would do fine in a house with other cats, dogs and kids.
A volunteer recently asked how we are to go about cleaning the water/food bowls and litter boxes at PetSmart.  There was a policy a while back where the PetSmart employees would clean the bowls and litter boxes that volunteers would place in the back room.  This never quite got off the ground - I am sure that does not come as a surprise to all of you!!  Our cats mingle at play, in the cages, share food, water, toys and even litter boxes.  For that reason it really is sufficient to spray the bowls and litter boxes with the BuckEye solution and rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry them off.  Usually a simple wiping out with a damp paper towel is fine for the bowls.  Litter boxes are also periodically brought to the Shelter and put through the sanitizer.  If you have any questions please email me.

If you see that a cat has "aged" into a lower adoption fee please feel free to let me know and adjust the fee on their cage card.  The intake paper has the date of intake and the estimated age on that day. You can figure out the age from there.

Coverage is needed for the morning this Friday, January 30.  Please let me know if you are available.

Below are the dates in February where coverage is needed:
Monday, Feb 2, AM Cleaning
Tuesday, Feb 3, PM Cleaning
Monday, Feb 9, AM Cleaning
Monday, Feb 16, AM Cleaning AND PM Cleaning
Tuesday, Feb 17, PM Cleaning
Friday, Feb 20, AM Cleaning
Monday, Feb 23, AM Cleaning

Friday, January 09, 2015

Goodbye Mr Smith and the P Boys!!

Smith went home last Sunday.  Judy said he was dismayed at being crammed into the cardboard carrier!  How undignified! We can be sure he is more than over it by now!  He is joining three other cats - all past adoptions from us.  There is seven people in the household so there is plenty of love to go around!

An application for Pluto and Popeye was approved today.  They will be moving in with a young woman and her four year old boy.  Larissa did the introduction with them on Wednesday and said it was a great match!  The gray brothers alternated between running around and sitting with their new human brother and being petted and snuggled.  These three boys are going to be great friends and will grow up together!

Three litter mates arrived this week and are occupying one of the tiers - Rambo, Murphy and Lisa. They are all about six months old and quite friendly! The original owner was actually on the way to have his cat fixed and she gave birth to these three along with a fourth in the carrier.  He agreed to foster the litter until they could be separated from their mother.  They are hand raised and have never spent any time outside. In early October at about eleven weeks old they were brought to the Shelter to be spayed/neutered and went up for adoption.  It is not necessary they be adopted together.  They are resilient...okay with cats kids and dogs!
Expect new arrivals next week after the gray brothers vacate the area!

Please make sure Girly has her own cage.  She is a typical calico - loves people but not so great with other cats.

There is still several openings remaining in the January schedule.  Please take a look and let me know if you are available to cover any of them