Sunday, November 30, 2008

Three More Adoptions

Samuel and Dandy both went home Wednesday night. Dandy's new mom had already been approved by the Shelter so she went to PetSmart, along with her son, and after meeting some of the cats she chose Dandy. Good for him. Samuel will be an only child and will get tons of attention!

Saffron was put on the fast track over the weekend. A couple came in and really loved her but were in the area visiting and heading home to Massachusetts. Leona immediately went into action! She contacted the Shelter to see if anything could be done to hasten Saffron's adoption. The application was completed, the paperwork provided and a vet reference obtained! The application was then approved and Saffron headed to her new home later Saturday afternoon. Good work!

There is an application pending on Polly. It is at the Shelter for review. Polly really seemed to take to the applicant so hopefully this will go through.

Two new guys arrived today. Willy is a sweetheart who came to the Shelter with an eye infection. The infection cleared up but the eye is permanently damaged. It does not cause him any discomfort nor require special attention. He was a little nervous when he arrived so be sure to give him a little time. I am sure he will be fine. Greg is a gray male who is really pretty and seemed to settle right in. His picture is below. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of Willy.

Usually at this time we are planning the Christmas dinner/meeting. The Shelter and the Advisory Board are in a transitional period so I have decided to wait and try to have our meeting after the New Year. More information on that will follow.

There are still two openings in December. Both are Friday mornings - December 12 & 26. Let me me know if you are available

Friday, November 21, 2008

Welcome, Samuel and the Girls!

Sawyer went home Wednesday night. This poor cat's ordeal began over a year ago and thankfully now has a happy ending! It sounds like he is going to a nice quiet home which he will share with an older female cat. Perfect!

Four new cats went to PetSmart today. Samuel is the only male of the group. He is a black and white male and is a few years old. He is very nice and really responds to attention. People seem to love these black and white guys so I bet he gets adopted quickly. Lillith is a sweet long-haired orange and white girl. Polly is a brown, black and white tabby. She is very friendly and a nice older girl. Saffron is a big calico! The drive to the store was traumatic for her but she seemed fine by the time I left. She also is friendly and was very vocal today. All four are nice cats. As they settle in we will decide what doors to open between cages.

I brought a new notebook today for information to pass on. Please make sure to read the notebook before you begin cleaning. Should you observe any sign of illness or injury please note it in the book as well as any action taken, ie. notified Shelter or sent me an e-mail. In the event you do notify the Shelter make sure to send me an e-mail as well.
The December calendar is full with the exception of the following dates:
Thursday, Dec 11, AM
Friday, Dec 12, AM
Sunday, Dec 14, Adoption Table or PM cleaning
Friday, Dec 26, AM

Meet the new guys: Saffron, Samuel, Lillith and Polly

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Toots Goes Home - Mike & Ike Go Home Together!

It was a good week at PetSmart! While cleaning Thursday night Jen took an application on Toots that was approved Friday. Toots went home on Saturday. She warmed right up to her new mom and seemed so happy to be with her.

A couple came in on Saturday and put an application in for Mike and Ike. The application was approved today and when told they could come right in and pick them up, Mike & Ike's new dad wasted no time! When he arrived Mike calmly went into a carrier. Ike didn't want to come down from the ledge of the big cage so I had to climb in after him. I know they will be happy staying together. Right before they were picked up the two were asleep with their heads plastered together like Siamese twins! It is always so nice to send litter mates to the same home!

Dandy and Purrty are now in the big cage. Purrty was beating up on Sawyer who appeared to not like it at all. Sawyer has had enough stress in his life so I thought it best to separate them. There is an application pending for Sawyer and it looks like a good one. I am hoping he gets to go home Wednesday night.

Pita seems to be doing better. Just keep an eye on her when you let the guys out.

Someone is needed for the morning cleaning this Friday, November 21. Originally I was scheduled but I need to make arrangements to pick up cats from the Shelter in the late morning or early afternoon. I am unable to go to the store twice and the morning cleaning can not wait til that late. Let me know if you can cover.

Our notebook is full. I added enough pages to last until Friday when I will bring a new one.

The December schedule looks good. There still is a few shifts that need to be covered. Please look at the calendar and let me know if you are available.

Here is a couple of reminders:

1) Do not over fill the litter boxes. It is not necessary to put any more than an inch of the pine litter in the little boxes and two inches at the most in the big plastic tubs.

2) Wipe out the big litter boxes using the lemon quat and put them away with the rest of the tubs which are under the big cage. PLEASE do not put soiled tubs in arbitrary cabinets. God only knows how long they will sit in there before someone stumbles upon them. The number one turn off to people visiting shelters is smell. We need to keep everything clean.

3) Clean all food and water bowls removed from the cages.

4) Remember to initial in the appropriate place on the daily maintenance sheet the managers check.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Good luck, Trina! Good bye, Gin & Tonic!

Gin & Tonic and Trina left Wednesday night as scheduled. Trina is not going to know what to do with herself after living in a cage for eleven months. Her little legs are going to get quite the workout jumping and running! Lotus will be leaving today. She is so cute! I love the way she sits and lets her front legs hang straight down. Poor Dandy! I am sure he wonders where everyone is going.

So, I brought a truck load of cats to the store yesterday - six, to be exact. They are all very nice and you are going to love each and every one.

Mike and Ike are litter mates who came into the Shelter in July at about eight weeks old. They were very weak and sick. They were well taken care of and are healthy and strong now. I put them in the big cage with Lotus who welcomed them with open paws! Once she goes I am hoping that someone will see the two together and not want to separate them. Mike is the buff colored of the two and his picture is below. Ike is orange and I do not have a picture. They are really cute. Don't be alarmed if one or the other gives you a hiss when you meet. They are just a tad scared but are sweet. After a few days that should stop. To remember which is which just think of "Buff Mike" and it makes it easy!

Sawyer is one of what the Shelter referred to as "the Woodbine cats." They came into the Shelter over a year ago as a result of a cruelty/neglect case. Needless to say he has had a tough life. He is not very big and is sweet and really cute. He is not a "lap cat" however he does enjoy sitting next to you and being petted and brushed. He needs our attention! He has alot of white on him and the Shelter uses newspaper to line cages and the newsprint actually comes off on the cats' fur. He is a handsome guy and will look even better as that print wears off.

Shannon (also no picture) is an orange female about two or three years old. She is very vocal and very nice! As soon as you get to her cage she is up and talking to you! She was found by a compassionate soul living outside skinny and dirty. She was taken to a vet who made sure she was healthy. She was then vaccinated and spayed. Unfortunately this person could not keep her but did not want to merely leave her on the street. She was brought to the Shelter and she is going to make someone a great companion!

Zannie (also no picture) is huge fat cat! She is mostly white and gray and is six years old. She was brought to the Shelter by her owner who was moving and couldn't take her. I am so sad for the poors guys who find themselves living in a cage after being in a home for years. What must they think? How scared they must be! This poor girl needs to get back into a home. I gave her two cages and a big litter box. She will not do well in a home with small children.

Number six is a sweet little brown and gray tabby named Toots who has the big polydactal paws! I left them in the picture so you can see. She is probably the most shy of the group but by the time I left I could see she was getting better. I love those big paws!

As usual I left all the new arrivals in cages alone with the doors closed. Zannie will always have to have access to a big litter box. I think everyone will settle in with each other without a problem and we can open doors and give them room to move and socialize. I put Dandy in with Purrty and Tabs as I know all three get along with other cats.

I spoke with Aurora's neighbor yesterday who told me she is happily running around her new home and doing well with the resident cats there. Also, I was told that Crescent settled in fine after one day of hiding.

I have filled some of the days in November mentioned in the previous update and also had a cancellation. This is what still needs to be filled: Friday, November 7 (PM) and Friday, November 28 (AM). Let me know!!

Here's Toots, Sawyer and Mike......