Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Smudge Left Last Week!

Smudge did not get a proper send off here on the blog due to the Thanksgiving holiday. She actually left the night before Thanksgiving. I was fortunate enough to meet her new family and they were very nice and very excited about adopting Smudge.

Emma is scheduled to be picked up tomorrow night.

Hopefully you have all received the invitation to the annual volunteer and staff dinner. Again it is being held at the Golden Inn. It was a very nice event last year so if you missed it please make sure to attend this year. It is a great opportunity to spend time with people of like minds.

The December calendar looks great!! The following morning shifts are still open: Saturday (12/15), Thursday (12/20), Saturday (12/29) and Monday (12/31). The following adoption table slot OR evening shift is still open: Saturday (12/29). Please let me know if you are available for any of these shifts.

Barb A is again entering a float in the West Cape May Christmas Parade this Saturday, December 1. Last year Barb's float was a prize winner! Everyone is welcome to bring their dog and walk in the parade along with Barb. I will send you her phone number and e-mail in a separate e-mail. If you are interested in joining the parade please call her. The float is entered to raise awareness for animals sheltered throughout Cape May County. If you need a dog to walk in the parade she has a few extras!!

I will be away for a few days this week (Wednesday, November 28 until early afternoon Sunday, December 2). Should you have reason to need coverage for your shift in the morning please contact my mom, Anne, and should you need coverage for your afternoon/evening shift please contact Jenny. I will send you their phone numbers and e-mail along with Barb's.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Little Boys Go Home & Big Boys Arrive!

Tinker and Tailor both went home according to schedule. Wait til you see the size of the boys who took up residence now in the big cage!

Bagheera (named after the panther from The Jungle Book) is a big brown and black male tabby who is as gentle as he is big. He has a gigantic head and big paws and looks like a mountain lion. You will love him! His roommate, Finn, is a big black and white male who is just a tad smaller than Bagheera but very big also. He has a black nose in the middle of his white face. He also has a sweet disposition. After arriving yesterday Bagheera ate and immediately settled in for a nap. Finn was a little nervous and hopefully has settled in already. Bagheera is an older guy - maybe eight years old or so - and is considered special needs. For this reason his fee is $8.

Along with the two big boys came Lucy. Lucy is under a year old and is an orange tabby. She is sweet and acts like a kitten! She is friendly and has no fear! Her antics immediately drew a crowd!

The November schedule is complete! Thanks to everyone for their help! Please look ahead to December......

Meet the big boys and their little sister. The pictures of Bagheera and Finn really are deceiving. You have to see them in person to appreciate them!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tinker & Tailor Going Home Today & Tory Adopted

Tori went home quite quickly and unexpectantly. I received a call at home from the Shelter Director that someone wanted to adopt a cat that had been declawed. Tori immediately came to the minds of the Shelter staff. The application was processed and approved and Tori was picked up that night while Jenny G was doing the evening cleaning. Good for Tori!

Tailor is scheduled to leave the Shelter today. He did his time and is now a free feline! Tinker got a hold last Saturday and his application was approved today. He is scheduled to be picked up at PetSmart tonight. Poor Mae! We did get a hold on her during the Adoptathon however the applicant never followed through with the Shelter. Hopefully Mae's forever home is just around the corner.

I do have someone available to do the evening cleaning on Sunday, November 11, however not the adoption table. If someone is available to do the adoption table that day let me know.

Arrangements are being made to get additional cats down to PetSmart on Friday or Saturday.

Please tell your friends and family and mark your calendars...Santa Claus is coming to PetSmart on weekends in December for photos with pets! This year PetSmart has upgraded to digital photographs. Remember, PetSmart donates half of the proceeds made through the photos to the animal welfare organization that provides volunteers and staffs the event. This year the Animal Welfare Society will be represented on December 1 & 2, Cape May County Animal Shelter Alliance will be represented on December 8 & 9 and Animal Outreach will be represented on December 15 & 16. Last year this was a very successful fundraising event for all involved organizations. Please spread the word and let's help make it successful again this year.