Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Welcome Lucy & Bonnie!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! As most of you already know - Dot did leave on schedule and was home for the holidays!

I decided to let the remaining six cats stretch their paws and legs for a few days and had planned to bring new cats to the store on Sunday, December 26. Well, a little bit of snow put a wrench in that plan!! The two new girls arrived today.

Lucy is a full bred Persian who was dumped at the Shelter along with another female Persian we named Ethel. Both of these poor cats are seniors and were found one morning at the front door left in a dirty carrier. So sad! Both were full of mats and suffered from an upper respiratory infection. Ethel found a room at Barb A's Convalescent Center For Aging Felines. Lucy was adopted from the Shelter only to be brought back twenty-four hours later as someone in the house "was allergic to her." Poor Lucy was returned in an old hamper taped shut with duct taped. She is so pretty and so nice and has been subjected to so much indignity. We estimate her to be approximately eleven years old. Please make sure that any applicant understands that Lucy requires routine grooming. She likes other cats and kids. We are not sure how she would do with dogs. Look at her pretty face!!

Bonnie is a nice little girl who came into the Shelter in August as a stray with her brother Clyde. Poor Bonnie has been left behind in prison while Clyde is on the outside living the life! He was adopted a few weeks ago. She is just over a year old and will adapt well in a house with cats, kids and dogs. Meet Bonnie:

Special thanks to the PetSmart managers for taking care of our cats during the storm and allowing the volunteers to stay at home rather than risk their lives in the snow.

The below dates are still open in January - the dreaded every other Thursday morning and every Friday but the first one of the month. New Year's Eve is covered!

Thursday, January 6, AM

Friday, January 14, AM

Thursday, January 20, AM

Friday, January 21, AM

Friday, January 28, AM

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Adoptions Continue to Soar!

Adoptions have been going so well - knock on wood!!! Sabrina left on Monday. She will be living with another of our old friends, Gray - now known as Liberty. She was adopted by the family of one of the PetSmart managers.

Gable left on Sunday. He was adopted by the same couple who adopted Ronnie and Charlie a few months ago. Hmmm...these adoptions may validate the old saying that cats are like potato chips...can't have just one!

I have approved an application for handsome Prince Albert and he will be home for Christmas!! He will be picked up by his new mom tonight. Albert shall be living in beautiful Cape May with another older cat and a ton of love!

I have also approved an application for Dot - however at this time I have yet to confirm the pick up time. I am hoping she, too, can go home tomorrow night. She will be living with two other cats and an old dog.

The two boys who arrived yesterday are fabulous! Meet George and Jerry. Just like the Seinfeld characters they are named after they are fast friends - and brothers, too. These two lovable, friendly guys were left behind when someone moved out of their apartment. They will do fine with other cats, dogs and children. Although it is not mandatory they go home together it would be ideal. Please introduce them as a tandem and make sure anyone interested in either one is made aware of their story. Jerry is the one with the white chin.

There is still a few openings in January. Below is the list. Let me know if you can cover any of the dates:

Thursday, January 6, AM

Monday, January 10, PM

Friday, January 14, AM

Thursday, January 20, AM

Friday, January 21, AM

Friday, January 28, AM

As many of you are already aware the Shelter did assist the State SPCA with the seizure of dogs from Goshen Road in Cape May Court House on Saturday. At this time we have thirteen dogs of various breeds and sizes. They are all so nice and so happy and grateful to be with us!! Unfortunately these dogs - along with the others placed throughout the State - will not be available for adoption until mandated court proceedings are completed. I will keep you all posted as this situation develops.

We had a great turnout at the Shelter for Santa Claws and the open house. We missed all those who were unable to make it this year. Next year will be even better! Special thanks to Simone for making the arrangements, Tony for being Santa Claws, Alan for being the great photographer, Kathleen for manning the printer! Also, thanks to the staff and volunteers for working so hard to have the shelter looking so good and for being such gracious hosts and hostesses!

Have a wonderful Christmas with your families!! Thanks again for everything you do for the Shelter and for the animals of Cape May County. The PetSmart program is vital to the Shelter and I am thankful to have such great support from all of you!!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Brandi Goes Home!

Brandi went home Monday night. She will be living with a retired couple who are absolutely thrilled to have her! Brandi's new mom said, "We are so excited! It's like we're bringing a new baby home!" Her husband was driving around with a cat carrier in the car just waiting to be told he could pick Brandi up from the store!

The latest addition will arrive this afternoon and I think she will fit right in! Dot is all black and is about five months old. She came into the Shelter very young as a stray in late September along with two litter mates. One of her siblings has been adopted and the other is in sick room with an eye infection. Once she is healthy she too will come to PetSmart. Dot is a happy little girl and gets along with kids and cats and would probably be fine with dogs. It should be no time before we can open the door and let her hang out with the others! Here is little Dot:

Sabrina has a hold and hopefully will be meeting her new mom tonight. The applicant saw her on and faxed an application to the Shelter. She has yet to actually meet Sabrina and will do that tonight. Hopefully the "interview" will go well and she will be going home!

A new volunteer is training tonight! Welcome, Marisol!! We always love getting more help!

Larissa's friend made beautiful quilted and crocheted blankets to send home with the cats when they get adopted. They are not to be used for the cages but are part of the adoption packet. They are in one of the cabinets so if you work the adoption table please make sure each new adopter gets one along with a kitty cat!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Welcome Prince Albert!

It seems that due to the holiday Rhett did not get a proper send off! He left the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. Two teenage girls were VERY excited to adopt him. Here's his goodbye shot:

Fern left Friday night. Sabrina tried to go with her! When she could not get into the carrier she chose to sit on top of it. Fern's mom got a tad teary eyed, feeling bad leaving her behind. Then Fern's new dad proceeded to fall in love with Gabel! They just may be calling the Shelter tomorrow to adopt another one!

This will make you happy...Mayhem went home from the Shelter this week! Oh, and remember Zeus and Apollo from way back?? They were adopted together - finally - from the Shelter.

A wonderful tom cat arrived on Saturday named Albert. He is adorable! Albert is about two years old and will be good with cats, dogs and kids. He showed up in the yard of one of our volunteers, Larissa. She fostered Albert as the Shelter has so many cats and was trying to place him in a home for us. After a good prospect fell apart it was decided that he should go to PetSmart for prime exposure. OMG!! You guys are going to love him! He has a big old tom cat head and chubby cheeks and white whiskers!

Welcome to our newest volunteer, Olivia!! She was clutch when she jumped in last Thursday texting me at 10:30pm the night before to say she could cover! Thanks, Olivia!!!

Only one date left open on this month's calendar - Friday, December 17, in the morning. If you are available let me know.

Remember. Holiday Open House and Santa Claws next Sunday, December 12, 12-3pm. Please stop in and bring a friend! Santa pics will be 12-2pm.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Doogie, Doug and an old friend go home!

Doogie went home Wednesday night. He went right into the carrier without any trouble as if anxious to get on with his new life. His new dad bought him a bed and some other stuff and off they went!

Doug went home Friday night. He and our friend Cassie were adopted together. They will be living with two little girls - ages 5 and 6 - who are thrilled to have them! For those who don't remember Cassie she was at PetSmart at the very beginning of September and didn't seem to like it so we brought her back to the Shelter. She was the sweet little gray cat found in Wildwood stuck under a house. She was wearing a collar at the time but no one claimed her even after a canvas of the neighborhood. Here she is:

Fern and Sabrina arrived today. Fern is about a year and half old and is very sweet. She loves to be held and petted. She likes other cats and would also do great with kids. She is a cutie and very soft! She is a tiger cat with a lot of white!

Sabrina is a torti between two and three years old. She is also a sweetheart and will do fine with other cats and with kids. She is missing a toe on her back left paw which may be a little sensitive. I know some of you guys trim nails so please be careful with her.

Leona had Sabrina and Fern out for a short time today when they first arrived - and after putting all the other guys away. The two walked around and did a little hissing and grumbling which is to be expected. As always give them time to settle in before forcing them to share quarters with the other cats. Let's see how they do first. Here they are:

Hold on Rhett!!! I'll keep you posted!! Hopefully he gets to go home for Thanksgiving!!!

The following dates are still open in December:
Thursday, Dec 9, AM cleaning

Friday, Dec 17, AM cleaning

Thursday, Dec 23, AM cleaning

Saturday, Dec 25 - only one cleaning - not sure what time

Special thanks to Anne and Leona for teaming up and volunteering to clean on Thanksgiving Day.

Mark you calendars: Sunday, December 12, 12-3pm is the volunteer and staff Christmas get together at the Shelter. This year Santa will be at the party to pose for pictures with pets from 12-2pm!! The public is invited to come get their pet's pictures taken as well! The pictures are free and donations are welcome. There will be plenty of food on hand as well! It should be a lot of fun! I hope to see many of you!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jinx & Cali Were Short Timers!!

Most of you did not even get a chance to meet Jinx and Cali and they are already gone! Yes, they went home together just last night. A family had come into the Shelter and met them last weekend but did not complete an application. Well, they came into the Shelter yesterday and completed the application and were easily approved. They have two little dogs and three other cats - obviously animal people!! Jinx was a tad stressed last night when they were picked up so we checked on them today. They are doing fine!

This is surprising...Tigger has settled in wonderfully and they are loving him! He adapted immediately. JoJo is the one who is taking a little more time and is a tad stressed. And, initially they did not want Tigger! (Since we all were so fond of Tigger and Jinx and Cali were such short-timers I have decided to allow Tigger to continue to be the featured cat!!)

Two girls have moved into the big cage. Although they were bunking together at the Shelter they did not come in together. Please do not hesitate to take applications for them separately. Although at first you may think they will be difficult to tell apart they are not at all.

Stefania is a gray tiger that came to us as a stray in February. She is two years old. She is a love! She is the one with the sleek body and thin face.

Meow is also a gray tiger that is two years old. She is the pudgier of the two and has a round face. She was surrendered to the Shelter in March when her owner was moving and could not take her. She is a nice kitty and very loving.

Stefania is the first picture and Meow is the one below it.

The December schedule looks great already! Please take a look and let me know if you can fill any of the remaining spots.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hooray for Tigger!!!!

Yes, it is true!! Tigger has finally gone home! A family went to PetSmart and saw JoJo and Tigger in the cage together and initially chose JoJo. They came to the Shelter to complete an adoption application and decided to take Tigger as well. The boys will be living with an Old English bulldog and two boys - ages 7 & 9 - as well as mom and dad. Tigger came from a family of kids and dogs so should do fine. JoJo is so nice and easy going so he will be fine, too. They went home Wednesday night.

Sky and Mayhem are having trouble shaking an upper respiratory infection so we brought them back to the Shelter. I promise they will be back when they get better - hopefully they will get adopted before that, though!

Rhett and Gable took over the top row of cages Wednesday afternoon. These two came from a group of seven cats that were all trapped at one location where it appeared they were all inside/outside cats. Apparently the tenant in a rental property left them all behind when he moved out. The new tenant notified animal control and the cats were brought to the Shelter. Both are males about 6-8 months old and are very friendly and should do well in any situation. Rhett recently represented our Shelter cats at a visit to the Crest Haven Nursing & Rehab Center and did really well. Rhett is the brown tiger striped guy and Gable is black and white. Here they are:

Jinx and Cali took over the big cage today. These two are litter mates and are five years old. Their owners were moving and could not take them. Jinx is the black cat and Cali is, of course, the calico. They love each other! It seems bad luck is following them. A very nice woman came in and was adopting both of them. The day before she was to pick them up she learned her sister was very ill and needed her. She was really sad but could not go through with the adoption. She has promised to come back and get them as soon as she can but does not want to deter anyone else from choosing them as she is not sure when she will be able to actually bring them home. She paid the adoption fee but asked they continue to be available. If we find the right people we can waive the adoption fee. This is a pair that ideally will go home together. Please remember to tell their entire story to anyone who shows interest in one or both of these guys.

This weekend is another adoption event at PetSmart. We will have dogs at the adoption table on Saturday and Sunday from 1-3pm. In addition we will have our regular adoption table hours on Friday from 6-8pm, Saturday and Sunday from 2-4pm. Animal OutReach will also have volunteers at the store with Shelter cats on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Adoptions have been going so well (knock on wood)and let's hope it continues!

Please look ahead to December and let me know if you can fill in on any of the open dates.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sixty Goes Home & Sky Comes Back

Sixty went home last night. We all knew he wouldn't last long! He will be living with another cat and a Golden Retriever. Poor Mayhem will have to live without him.

Sky came back today. She is doing great! She is bunking with Mayhem and Doug on the top floor. Marilyn and Brandi are sharing cages on the bottom floor. The woman who put a hold on Marilyn picked two other cats at the Shelter and canceled the hold on Marilyn. We were so excited as she chose two five year old cats that were surrendered together. Unfortunately due to an illness in the family she had to withdraw the application completely.

Here's some GREAT news....Sheba was adopted from the Shelter!

I have received e-mails about Doug sneezing. I cleaned this morning and kept an eye on him and he wasn't sneezing. Let me know if you see it again. Also, just a reminder... When you observe something you think needs medical attention e-mail the shelter at and Cc me. Put Attn: PetSmart Medical in the subject line. Each morning and throughout the day the e-mail is checked at the Shelter and your message will be forwarded to the medical staff. In the event the e-mail is not being checked due to a holiday or sick day I will be aware of that and will see that the message gets where it needs to be. Please do not text me or only e-mail me. Also, between the hours of 8a-4pm you can call the Shelter as well.

Doogie, a long haired black male cat, arrived today. He is a nice cat and gets along with other cats, dogs and kids. He is on the lower level in a cage by himself. I think he will settle in just fine and after a day or two we can open the door and he can hang with Marilyn and Brandi. The guys seem so comfortable and happy when three share four cages with one cage being the "bathroom!"

I have two openings left this month and both are Thursday mornings...November 11 and November 18. Also, let me know if you are available to help with dogs for the adoption event at PetSmart on Saturday and Sunday, November 13 & 14.

I will be doing the schedule for 2011 that includes the regulars. Please let me know if you want to change anything.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good Week!!!

We had a good week! Poncho went home Wednesday night and will be living with a nice family and a weimaraner. His new dad brought the dog into the Shelter to see how he would do with cats. The dog reacted very well to the cats and we are sure he will be respectful of Poncho and they will get along quite well.

Chuck and Annabelle went home last night. When Ruthann got the carrier ready for Chuck poor Tigger jumped in and didn't want to get out! I guess he has been enjoying his time with Chuck and wanted to go home with him. Chuck's family was pretty sad leaving Tigger after watching that. We need to get Tigger a home!!

Annabelle's new family is thrilled! They remarked several times on how soft and beautiful she is. She will be living with a very nice family.

Sheba is not doing so well at PetSmart. Some cats just don't do well in the "fish bowl" atmosphere or the communal living. She is exhibiting some signs of stress. She is becoming increasingly resistant to having her back touched and got a tad hissy yesterday. She will be fine with the staff at the Shelter.

Below is the trio arriving over the weekend. Jojo is a gray male and is a few years old. Not much seems to faze him! He does well with dogs, other cats and kids. He will be Tigger's new roommate. Marilyn is a sweet little calico about a year and a half old. She is another one who is pleasant and will be fine with other cats, dogs and kids. Brandi is special!! Look at her little black and white face and pink nose! She is so cute!! She is also about a year and half old. She may be a tad scared when she first arrives but I guarantee you will have her purring away if you hold her and talk to her. Although her profile recommends a home with older children please assure potential adopters that this is always a case by case basis. Some children do better than others with animals. Also, since she is a tad nervous adopters with a dog may not be a good fit. She is fine with other cats.

For now the three youngsters will continue to share the lower level. Mayhem and Sixty will continue to share their two cages. Leave the door shut between Brandi and Marilyn and give them a chance to settle in.

Next Saturday we will have cats and dogs at The Waggin Tail pet store on Route 9 in Erma for the inaugural (and hopefully annual) Howls and Growls Halloween Event from 12-3pm. Please spread the word! Our dogs and cats will be in costume! (Special thanks to Barb A for organizing this event.)

Every couple of months I need to remind everyone of a few logistical things. I hesitate to ever criticize as you are all volunteers and I would be lost without you!! The PetSmart program is very important to the Shelter cats. Let me first thank all of you for everything you do and for your continued commitment. Now...a couple of logistical reminders....

Food bowls need only to be filled half way.

Litter boxes need only to be filled about an inch to an inch and half from the bottom.

Empty the water jug before you leave.

One blanket per cage is PLENTY!

If you have time cut a few sheets of brown paper for the next volunteer if you see there isn't any left.

The November schedule looks good! Below is the dates & shifts that still need coverage:

Thursday, November 4, AM

Sunday, November 7, AM

Monday, November 8, PM

Thursday, November 11, AM

Friday, November 19, AM

Sunday, November 21, Adoption Table

Sunday, November 28, Adoption Table

Monday, November 29, PM

Let's hope we have a good weekend!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Welcome, Sixty and Mayhem!

Clementine knew her time had finally arrived!! Like a perfect lady she allowed herself to be placed in a carrier for the journey home. Her new mom had a cart full of welcome gifts including a new bed. So happy for her!!

Doug fit in well with all the youngsters so now all four share the lower level. Chuck and Tigger are together in the big cage and are wearing each other out! Sheba is on the top floor with two cages.

Sixty and Mayhem are the new arrivals and will be sharing quarters at PetSmart. They were surrendered to the Shelter together when their owners moved and could not take them along. Sixty is white with patches of color and is so friendly! He is 7 months old. He is like a wiggle worm that you can do anything with! He loves to be held and loves attention. Mayhem is really not as her name implies - actually the opposite. She is quiet and gentle and watches over Sixty like a mom. She is a year old and has brown and black stripes. Ideally we would love to see these two adopted together however it is NOT a must. If anyone shows interest in one or the other we need to make sure they are aware of their shared history and using the skills of a master salesman we need to encourage them to take both!!

Here they are in separate pictures as well as together.

On Friday I dismantled the big cage and took the pieces into the back store room and scrubbed them down with hot water and lemon quat. Boy do I wish the cages and inserts were not made of that textured material! It is so hard to keep it clean.

We have really been doing well since summer ended and hopefully it will continue through the weekend - knock on wood!

Happy National Feral Cat Day ^..^ !!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh My Darling, Clementine!!!

Clementine is going home tomorrow night!! Yippee!! She is going to a very nice young family who can not wait to get her! She will live with three kids, mom and dad and a dog. I had a long conversation with her new mom and she totally understands that Clementine will need an adjustment period in her new home.

Cody went home last night. It sure didn't take him long! He left the store with a new family and a cart full of new kitty cat supplies!

Doug arrived at the store today. He is a male gray tiger - about five months old. He is one of a litter of six. Three have been adopted. He is super friendly and couldn't wait to explore his new surroundings at PetSmart. He actually seemed happy to be there! Doug's two brothers are still at the Shelter so let people know if they like him you know where to get them another!

Look ahead to November and let me know if you are available to fill in any of the empty days. There will be another adoption event at the store Friday through Sunday, November 12-14. As always I am hoping to have enough volunteers to be able to brings dogs to the store on Saturday and Sunday from 12:30-3:00pm.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Skippy and Streetz...YAY!!!!

Yes, it's true!! Skippy AND Streetz went home this weekend! Streetz went home Friday night and Skippy went home on Saturday. What a great weekend! Skippy will be living with four other cats and a dog. His new family totally understands how important it is to slowly introduce him to the new environment. Their reign in the big cage is finally over!! (Kudos and special thanks to Ruthann for "closing the deal!")

Regal went home yesterday. He was brought to the Shelter in the morning where his new family picked him up in the afternoon. Tigger was having such a good time with him all morning rolling around and wrestling! I hope Tigger gets to go soon.

Three new guys are coming today. All three are young, friendly and energetic. I suspect Sky is gonna have a ball with these new friends!

Annabelle is a cream colored female about a year old. She is a total love bug! She is so friendly and just loves attention. She will be put in the cage next to Sky and after a day or two we can open the door between the cages. I think Sky will be happy to again have company. Here she is:

Poncho and Cody are both males and although they are not litter mates they have been sharing a
cage at the shelter. They will be put in the other two empty cages with the door open. They both came into the Shelter when they were about seven weeks old and that was in mid-June. They are about five months old now. Cody is orange and white and starts to purr as soon as you look at him! Poor guy was found in a trash can. Poncho is gray and white and is a friendly little guy! Both have no problem being picked up and held and love attention. Beware when you first set them free as they are gonna love to run about! Meet Poncho & Cody:

Please....another not put soiled litter pans in the cabinets beneath the cages. There was four in there yesterday. It is so important that the room be kept clean and not have an unpleasant odor. I know it is difficult to clean the pans in the area in the back room. Ugh. So, at minimum spray the pans down with the lemon quat and wipe them clean.

The store was totally out of paper towels on Monday. Hopefully more will have arrived today. Look in the back room or ask the manager if they have arrived. For now there is a box of disposables hand wipes to use which should easily carry us over until the paper towels arrive.

Only two openings left on the October schedule: Monday, October 11 in the evening and Thursday, October 14 in the morning. Let me know if you are available.

This was such a good week!! Boots, Streetz, Skippy and Regal all leaving is awesome! Let's hope it continues at this rate! We still have MANY kittens at the Shelter so please tell people interested that we got 'em!! Thanks again for all your help!!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Boots and Moon Go Home

Boots and Moon went home on Wednesday night. No, they did not go together. Actually an applicant came to meet Skippy and decided on Moon. Poor Skippy! But, after learning the hold was pulled on Skippy ANOTHER applicant called the Shelter and will be in tonight to meet him. Keep your fingers crossed. This new applicant is a regular at PetSmart and has seen Skippy there for a long time. Ruthann, let's see you close the deal tonight!!

The family who adopted Boots was considering Tigger as well. Unfortunately when they were introduced to Tigger we say...acted up a tad. There was a little scratching and some acting out so they decided to just take Boots.

Chuck was brought to the store yesterday. He is a big handsome orange and white cat with a lot of attitude!! He is really cool. Chuck is a few years old - maybe three. He has a lot of energy so will enjoy play time out of a cage. Check out Chuck below....

We will cap the number of cats at PetSmart at eight. It seems to get too cramped when we exceed that number. Right now we have four males and four females. I'm going to try to keep it a good mix like that.

Saucers is being picked up this weekend from the Shelter. Remember sweet little Lady, the gray tabby? She has been adopted from the Shelter and will live in a quiet home as the only cat. It is a perfect fit for her.

October is national Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog month. We will be having a couple of special events to increase awareness of the plight of shelter animals. On Saturday, October 8, 11a-1p, we will be at the Stone Harbor Post Office with dogs and cats. On Saturday, October 16, Sandy Paws Mobile Grooming will spend the day at the Shelter pampering our dogs and instructing visitors on the importance of grooming pets. On Saturday, October 30, 12-3pm, we will be at the Wagging Tail in Erma for a Halloween Adoption Event. Volunteers are needed to help Barb A with the event at the Wagging Tail so if you are interested please let me know. In order for dogs to go Barb will need help.

The October schedule has a few holes that are listed below. Thursday and Friday mornings are tough to fill!! Let me know if you can cover any of the below dates:

Friday, Oct 8, AM

Monday, Oct 11, PM

Thursday, Oct 14, AM

Friday, Oct 15, AM

Friday, Oct 22, AM

Thurs, Oct 28, AM

Friday, Oct 29, AM

Friday, September 24, 2010

Two New Arrivals

Sweet little Saucers was brought back to the Shelter on Wednesday. One of her eyes was looking sore, was slightly closed, runny and irritated. She was not congested and showed no signs of upper respiratory problems. She is doing fine and will be back soon. Maybe she was scratched or got something in it.

Sheba arrived on Wednesday afternoon. She is a beautiful soft gray kitty with gold eyes. She came into the Shelter as a stray but was already spayed. She is a couple of years old. She is a pleasant cat and was friendly from the start and adapted well at the Shelter. Hopefully she will do the same at PetSmart.

Regal is a lovebug!!! He is the kinda cat that walks right out the door and into your arms when you open the cage! He is a black and white male and is a few years old. He is so handsome and so friendly! You guys are gonna love him!

You will see that changes were made to the profile posted for Boots and Tigger. It is made clear on the new profile that the two cats do not have to be adopted together. Although you should encourage a potential adopter to take both please do not discourage someone if they are only interested in one.

The September schedule WAS complete...I said WAS! Coverage is needed for the morning cleaning on Tuesday, September 28 and for the evening cleaning on Thursday, September 30. Please let me know ASAP if you are available on either day.

Please look ahead to October and let me know your availability.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Casper Finally Gets To Go Home!

Casper left on Saturday and his new family is delighted to have him! They arrived thirty minutes early to pick him up. Streetz was moved into the big cage with Skippy.

This weekend is the fall adoption event at PetSmart (Sept 10, 11, 12). Kittens will be brought to the store Friday afternoon and picked up Sunday afternoon. If you are scheduled for morning cleanings keep this in mind and allot some extra time. Kittens can be messy!

I have volunteers for Saturday to help with dogs from 1-3pm. I'm looking for people to do the same hours on Sunday. If you are also available on Saturday please let me know. The more volunteers there are the more dogs we can bring.

Six rolls of paper were brought to the store last week. Five were given to the manager, Stacey, and one was put in the adoption room. Whoever takes the last roll let me know so the supply can be replenished.

We all survived another summer! Let's hope kitten season is over, too!

Below is the dates still open this month:
Sept 16, Thursday, AM

Sept 17, Friday, AM

Sept, 22, Wed, PM or Adoption Table

Sept 29, PM or Adoption Table

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two New Arrivals

Two cats were brought to PetSmart today to replace the cages vacated by Ronnie and Charlie. Both are petite females that are really friendly.

Cassie is a beautiful shade of gray and is under a year old. In June she was found under a house in Wildwood crying for food. She was really thin and so hungry. She was wearing a collar so the person who found her knocked on all the doors in the surrounding area but no one knew where she belonged.

Saucers is a few years old and is awesome!! She is so friendly and can be quite vocal. She will reach out to you through the cage for love and attention!

Both Cassie and Saucers should settle in without a problem however give it a few days before you open the doors to their cages. Remember, they have been living solo for months and cats need to take their time when dealing with changes in their environment.

Here they are:

Bobbie Sue seems to be having a little trouble with her back legs and we fear it may be due to lack of movement and being cramped in the cage. She really has put on weight at PetSmart. She is back at the Shelter and at night we let her loose in the lobby so she can get those legs moving and get some exercise.

Calendar update: Thursday, September 2, has been filled. Please look at the previous post and let me know if you can cover any of the remaining days.

Keep your paws crossed that Hurricane Earl does not cause any damage along the east coast as it travels this way.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Some Old Friends Go Home!

Wow! The last entry I did was July 31! How did that happen?? I do have good news... Charlie and Ronnie were brought to the Shelter this week and were picked up by their new parents. Their foster parents are THRILLED to see them going home together.

The below litter mates arrived at the store Wednesday afternoon. Sky is a female brown tabby and Moon is her brother. They are really nice! Of course if they go to the same home the adoption fee for both is $70. It is not a MUST that they go together but it sure would be nice!

The fall adoption weekend at PetSmart is Friday - Sunday, September 10-12. I am hoping to have dogs at the store on Saturday and Sunday so let me know if you are available so we can make that happen.

There is still some openings on the September schedule. Here they are:

Thursday, AM, September 2

Thursday, AM, September 16

Friday, AM, September 17

Wednesday, PM or Adoption Table, September 22

Wednesday, PM or Adoption Table, September 29

Thursday, AM, September 30

Here's some more good news.... Remember Anya and Willow? They were adopted together two weeks ago! And remember poor Belle who left only to be brought back two days later? She was adopted along with her brother, Beau, and they are very happy in their new home!! Oh...and Fendi and Gucci?? Remember them?? They too were adopted together! I need to remember to let you all know when the guys you met and took care of get adopted from the Shelter. I can't believe I haven't shared all this sooner!!

Please let me know if you can cover any of the above dates. Thanks for your help!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bad Break For Belle

Sadly, Belle was brought back to the shelter in less than forty-eight hours. I am so sad for her. She went home Wednesday night. Thursday night the couple who adopted her tried to bring her back to the store. By this time the cages had been filled and the store manager told them to call us in the morning. In the meantime she left me a phone message and I immediately called the people. It seems Belle hid under the bed initially which I tried to assure them was totally to be expected. She later told me that Belle also urinated on their bed and they immediately decided they would not keep her. Poor old Belle.

Patch went home Wednesday night also. His family seems very nice and very excited to get him. He was a surprise for one of the kids.

On Thursday Tigger and Boots arrived. They are just over a year old. If adopted together their fee is $35. Tigger is a brown and gray tabby and Boots is an orange tiger. Their story is one we have heard too often lately... Their owners were evicted and had many animals and could not keep all of them when they moved out. They relinquished four cats and a nine year old Rottwieller to the Shelter. Among the cats was Boots and Tigger, a kitten, and a nine-year old full bred male Maine Coon cat named Huey. He is beautiful! The kitten and the Rottie have been adopted. Huey is at the Shelter. I would really like to see these two leave together however they can be adopted apart as well. Both are very friendly.

At the Shelter we have decided to offer microchipping to Cape May County residents on a regular basis. Please read the press release under Shelter In The News to the right.

Kittens from the Shelter will again be brought to PetSmart over this weekend by volunteers from Animal Outreach. This program has been a huge help to us! Special thanks to Anne!!

No takers for tomorrow morning yet... Don't can sleep in a bit as the store does not open until 10am. I do not have a taker for Thursday morning either....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lots Going On!!

Finally it looks like the heat has broken and people are leaving their homes and adopting our kitties!! Let's hope it continues! Alice and Cindy left on Sunday. It is great that they get to go together! Leona reports that their new dad is wonderful and very nice.

Belle and Patch will be going home Wednesday night. Belle will be splitting her time between Cape May Court House and Lancaster along with two other feline siblings. Patch will be living with a couple of kids but no other animals. Both are great homes!

Clementine is fine so expect her back very soon.

Tomorrow two kittens, Ronnie and Charlie, will be arriving. These two boys have been raised in one of our many foster homes and are fun and sweet and nice! You know the deal - they go together and the adoption fee is a total of $70. Both are black and white - Charlie is the one with the white chin. They are just a few months old. Here they are:

On Thursday, after Belle and Patch have gone, we will bring down two adult cats and probably Clementine. Dora was brought back to the Shelter on Sunday. She was involved in a bit of a cat fight and a volunteer was bitten and scratched by her as she attempted to break them up. By law she must now be quarantined for ten days. She is fine and is none the worse for wear. Don't worry about her! (The volunteer will be okay, too!)

The August schedule looks great. There is only two openings - both are mornings: Sunday, August 1 and Thursday, August 5. Let me know if you are available to cover either day.

Stay cool!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cindy and Alice Arrive

Anya and Willow came back but had to return to the Shelter. They are having a difficult time shaking an upper respiratory infection. Looks like they will be spending some more time in sick bay. Poor little guys!

Alice and Cindy are the new kittens that arrived Wednesday. They are part of a litter of four girls named Marcia, Cindy, Jan and Alice. Get it?? The Brady Bunch! Jan and Marcia have been adopted and these two are still left. Alice is smokey gray and Cindy is a tiger. They are about three and half months old and are typical kittens. They love each other and they love to play. Should they get adopted together the fee is $70.

Skippy was limping around on three legs so we brought him back to the Shelter and he saw the vet today. No worries!! He is fine. The vet feels he has a patella that actually shifts out of place from time to time. He feels this is most likely something Skippy was born with and should not stop him from having a wonderful little kitty cat life. Once at the Shelter he was putting weight on all four legs. He will be back by the weekend.

Has the heat slowed down our adoptions or what?? We did get an application on Patch but it will not work out. The hold has been pulled. This weekend volunteers from Animal Outreach will have kittens from the Shelter at the store on both Saturday and Sunday. They have been a big help. Through their efforts two of our kittens were adopted July 4th weekend. Hopefully more will be adopted this week.

The August schedule is just about complete. Coverage is only needed on two days and both are mornings: Sunday, August 1 and Thursday, August 5. Let me know if you can cover.

Meet the last of the Brady Bunch:

Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Old Guy Gets A Home!

Well, well, well...guess who went home yesterday...our old buddy Archie!! And guess who took him of our very own PetSmart volunteers who also happens to be my mom! Here is a picture of him in his introduction cage. It is quite large and he is very comfy in it. This way he can be slowly introduced into his new home and to his new sister. Mom LOVES him!

Anya and Willow came back today. As promised here is finally a photo. Anya is the lighter colored of the two. They are just about four months old.

Until the end of the month if someone adopts a cat or kitten from the Shelter - this includes our PetSmart kitties - the Animal Alliance of Cape May County will pay the adoption fee for a second cat. Please keep this in mind for Anya and Willow as well as the rest of the guys. Also, if anyone inquires about kittens please send them to the Shelter!

The updated July and August schedule has been posted in the cage room. I do have one opening in is Friday morning, July 30. Please let me know if you can cover it. Also please look ahead to August.

There is a new notebook in the adoption table when the present one is filled. More hold agreements, adoption applications and volunteer applications were placed in the folders. For those of you who send cats home...another form has been added to each packet that requires a signature - I know, I know.... It is a liability waiver. Please make sure to get that signed when adoptions are finalized.

The shelter is participating at the Whale of a Day Family Street Festival on Clubhouse Drive in Town Bank this Saturday, July 10. This event is sponsored by the organization Historic Townbank, Inc and will feature many vendors, food and family fun. Shelter volunteers will have a table at the Festival along with a dog and a litter of kittens. The animals will arrive in the morning at around 10:30 and the length of their stay will depend upon the heat. If you are in the area stop by and say hi to Barb and Larissa.

Also, next weekend on Saturday, July 17 Paw Pals is having their annual yard sale from 8am-3pm at 915 Towerview Road in Erma. Paw Pals is an organization formed by Shelter volunteer Barb Allison. Each year she gives a portion of the proceeds from this sale to the Shelter and to the Farm Sanctuary. Last year they purchased the furniture that is in our new pet introduction room at the Shelter. If you have any items to add to the sale or if you can help Barb that day shoot me an e-mail for her phone number.

I hope you and all your furry friends are staying cool in this heat!! Thanks for all your help!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Arrivals....

Both Fendi and Gucci seem to have an allergy to something we are using at PetSmart - maybe the litter. Both were doing well at the Shelter and after arriving at PetSmart they appeared to have eye irritations and sneezing. We brought both back to the Shelter and it is clearing up.

Poor old man Archie. We brought him back today to see our vet who comes in every Thursday. We did a geriatric blood work up and will know more when that comes back. The vet feels he is an old cat - 14 or 15 - and suffering from aging and arthritis. He is comfortable with us so please do not worry. We know he is special!

So, we had a lot of open cages to fill. Clementine arrived and is a very pretty young calico. She is good with other cats, dogs and kids. She loves to be brushed and is affectionate. Belle is a black and white female and is really really friendly! Her last owner surrendered her to the Shelter along with another cat because they could no longer care for them. Belle is eight years old and is de-clawed.

Two kittens came also...sisters named Anya and Willow. I'll add their pictures tomorrow. They are young - three months old. Anya is a tiger cat and playful but a tad aloof. Willow is a blue cream torti and is the more affectionate of the two. Of course they are sharing a cage.

Representatives from the Shelter are at two events this weekend... The Woodbine Chamber of Commerce Family Festival on Saturday and the Jaws Youth Fund Fitness Festival in Stone Harbor on Sunday.

Only three time slots still open in July. Please look ahead and if you can cover any of them let me know:

Monday, July 12, PM

Monday, July 19, PM

Saturday, July 10, AM

Friday, June 18, 2010

Little Peter Went Home!

Little Peter went home today! His new family also adopted a female kitten that is about the same age. A very happy little girl left the Shelter with Peter and his girlfriend.

One of the last arrivals, Gucci (orange tabby), developed an irritation in one of her eyes. We suspect she may be allergic to the litter we use there as this condition did not appear here at the Shelter. We brought her back and will see if it clears up.

Streetz arrived today. She is about a year and a half old. She was brought to us in September because the owner was pregnant and did not want her any longer. She is very nice and fine with other cats. Right now she is petrified and was panting when she arrived at the store. Remember she has spent about half of her life here in a cage so this change is pretty traumatic. She is in the Open Your Heart and Home program so her adoption fee is $10.

I had a cancellation for Saturday, June 26 in the morning. Let me know if you can cover it.

I was mistaken on the last blog entry - tomorrow volunteers will be at Skimmer Weekend in Sea Isle City along with Cora, the dog, and a litter of kittens.

Animal Outreach will be helping us by bringing our kittens to PetSmart every other weekend all summer beginning tomorrow. Thanks, AO!!

We had some great news here at the Shelter... Almost two years ago a previous manager put us on the waiting list for a cat sanctuary located in Flemingon, NJ called Tabby's Place. Well, they called and it was our turn! We drove five adult cats up there today! Check them out at

We got some great coverage in the Atlantic City Press yesterday. I put the link to the article on the right under Shelter In the News.

The July schedule is just about complete. Please check it out and let me know if you can cover any of the open dates.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Diana Goes Home, Patch comes Back!

Yes, our boy Patch is back. You may remember him from a short while back. He is very very sweet and will walk out of the cage and hug you! In case you don't remember him or never met him here he is:

Diana left last night. When Ruth arrived to open the adoption table the family was waiting! She is going to have a good life now. If you remember...she was found under a house in Rio Grande and was skin and bones. She had a severely injured front paw and spent quite a bit of time in sick bay when she first arrived.

Peter is doing well! Someone did come in to meet him at the Shelter after first seeing him at PetSmart. Maybe he is allergic to the litter or it just makes him sick. We'll continue to watch him for a few more days.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vick & Vito Go Home Together!

Vick and Vito went home last night together! A family of five met them on Sunday and the two gray boys became dad's birthday present. Everyone in the house is excited! They are going to get a lot of attention and be a part of a great family.

Cute little Peter has been sick so we brought him back to the Shelter today. Poor guy has been vomiting for a few days now. He has two sisters at the Shelter so we will let him hang out with them and maybe bring them all to the store when he feels better.

We looked at Archie today as we have had reports of a lump on his neck which may be itching him and possibly ear issues. His ears were a little waxy but fine. The little lump is nothing to worry about. Archie is an old man and requires a little extra TLC. He suffers from arthritis and possibly has some old healed fractures. He is a good boy that just needs to go home where he can live out his golden years in comfort.

Two sisters arrived today - Fendi and Gucci. Fendi is a calico and Gucci is an orange tiger. Gucci is a BIG girl! Both cats are about a year and a half old and are very friendly. They were brought to the Shelter together and reportedly strays. Upon arrival they had already been spayed and had obviously been well cared for. We suspect they were abandoned. Based on the fact that we did not have to pay for the spay surgery we can offer both cats IF TAKEN TOGETHER for the price of one - $35. Needless to say they are sharing two cages. Here they are...

I took one of the little cubbies into the back room and scrubbed it today. A wire brush and hot water made that nasty purple colored stain come right off! I plan to get in there and do them all very soon.

Just a reminder...when you feel that a cat has an issue requiring medical attention please contact the Shelter either by phone or e-mail. The e-mail address is Do not just e-mail me. The medical staff will get your e-mail first thing in the morning and can plan on going to the store. Put something like "PetSmart - Attn Medical" in the subject and Cc me as well. The phone is answered Monday through Saturday from 8am-4pm and on Sunday 9am-4pm.

Thanks to Joyce, Ron and Charlotte we will have an informational table at the Skimmer Weekend Festival in Sea Isle City this Saturday from 9a-4pm. If you are in the area stop by and say hi.

The June schedule is complete! Thanks to those who jumped in on the last few. Please look ahead to July and let me know what you can do.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Roxanne Goes Home!!

Yes, it's true! Our Foxy Roxie finally went home last night. Her new owner is so excited! She came into the Shelter on Wednesday and completed the application. She picked up Roxanne last night after shopping for TONS of new cat accessories. I just double checked and Roxanne was first introduced on January 1. Wow!!

George went home last night also and will be joining Karen and Cheyenne who are doing really well in their new home.

In the next couple of days new cats will be brought to the store. I'll let everyone know when that happens.

Please look at the June schedule - there is still several open dates.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Arrivals: Identical Twins and Lady Di

Poor Patch is sneezy so we brought him back to the Shelter til he gets better. We did some re-arranging and three very nice kitties arrived on Thursday.

Diana is really really really friendly! She came in as a stray and had an injured foot so spent quite a lot of time in our sick room. She is black and white and has gained some weight since joining us. I think you are going to love her.

Vick and Vito are two gray males who are identical. Because they are impossible to tell apart we put collars on them. They came in when their owner was no longer able to take care of them. Both are really friendly. Since they came in neutered and medically tested and we did not incur that cost should someone adopt them together the fee is $35. Should they be adopted separately each one will be $35.

Here's Diana and the two boys:

Five rolls of brown paper were dropped off at the store this week. Four were placed in the manager's officer and one in the adoption center. Let me know when you ask for a new roll so I will have an idea when I need to get more.

The following dates are still open in June:

June 9, Wednesday, PM or Adoption Table

June 10, Thursday, AM

June 18, Friday, AM

June 22, Thursday, AM

June 24, Thursday, AM

June 29, Thursday, AM

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Karen & Cheyenne Go Home Together

It was a good week! A woman who adopted a little dog from the Shelter saw Cheyenne at PetSmart and applied to adopt her. When she went to pick her up Friday night she also met Karen and decided to take her as well. What a lucky lot!! When Karen's mom saw she was not crazy about getting into a cardboard carrier she went all the way home for a larger dog carrier and came back with it. When she left she told George that she just may be back for him, too! Wow!

Two good natured males arrived today. There is Casper who is three years old. For the most part he is white with the exception of his tail which is black and a couple of smaller dark spots. Casper was dumped at a feral cat colony - eartipped and all. He is affectionate and likes to be held. Patch is a four year old with a nice calm temperament. He will jump right into your arms! He is white with gray patches. Both of these guys are good with other cats. Here they are:

I am so happy that we brought Heiress to PetSmart! She had been at the Shelter for so long! Well, at PetSmart she was seen by a woman who has adopted from us in the past and she immediately called the Shelter and her application was approved right then and there. She was picked up from the Shelter on Monday.

Liam's new dad brought pictures to PetSmart on Wednesday showing him hanging out with his new buddy, Skinny. He is doing great!!

Just a word of caution...PLEASE when you work the adoption table do not assure someone that their application will be approved. Simply tell them that it will be reviewed and someone from the Shelter will be contacting them. Also, if they need to provide paperwork tell them that the quicker they provide the Shelter with the paperwork the quicker the application will be processed. Just because the applicant indicates they own their home this does not necessarily mean they actually do.

The June schedule is shaping up well but there is still some openings. Please look at it and let me know if there is anything you can do.

If you know anyone interested in adopting a kitten please let them know that we have many!! In a few weeks we will be bringing them to PetSmart on weekends.

Special thanks to Ruthann for adding Friday as another night the adoption table is open. It is working out well!!