Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Finally - An Adoption!!

Finally an adoption went through!!  It has been nearly six weeks since one of our cats from Petsmart was adopted.  June can be so slow but this has been really slow! Let's hope Fester jump starts adoptions!

Fester was brought back to the Shelter over the weekend and his new family picked him up along with a kitten - a little female named Winky.  These two lucky ones are joining a family that has two children and an older cat (age 11).  It was nice to see them choose a kitten and a cat.

Sad news...our boy Dusty was returned to the Shelter.  He seems quite happy to be here and settled right back in.  We were told that he cried constantly in his home and did not use the litterbox.  We do not see either behavior here!  He is in good hands here and hopefully will get to his real forever home soon.

On Wednesday we are bringing down a beautiful Himalayan mix named Jasmine.  She is three years old.  She was found in September by the family who surrendered her to the Shelter but that did not work out.  There is four kids in the house - three of them under the age of ten (9, 6, 1.5).  Jasmine was not particularly fond of constantly being handled or chased.  She will do best in a home with adults and older kids only who admire her from a far!  She does not like other cats so keep her cage door closed!  She would be fine with a mellow dog as a house mate too. 

Princess Jasmine
Just a reminder...June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month and all cat adoption fees are reduced by 50%.

The July calendar is looking good.  Once I hear from Judy M and Leona the adoption table slots will be completed.  Below are dates that need to be filled:

Wednesday, July 2, AM Cleaning
Thursday, July, AM Cleaning
Friday, July 18, AM Cleaning