Friday, May 24, 2013

Jasmine and Belle Go Home Together!

Jasmine and Belle left Wednesday night and headed to their new forever home!  That did not take long at all!  They were a surprise for two children ages 6 and 3 who could not be more excited!! They will be the only cats in the house however they will be joining a nine year old dog.  It's the perfect family...a dog, two cats, two kids, mom and dad!

Studley Dudley was brought to the store Friday afternoon.  He has a handsome gray and white cat and is super friendly. He was brought into the Shelter as a stray that had been hanging around the property for some time.  He was already neutered so someone somewhere should be missing him!  He will do fine in a home with other cats, kids or dogs.  He is a bigger cat so we are giving him the two cages vacated by Jasmine and Belle.

We continue to get reports that Sierra is doing well and has settled into her home with two feline roommates and a dog.  Good for her!!

The June schedule is complete.  The only opening that needs to be covered as of today is Sunday, June 16, in the morning.  Please let me know if you are available.

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fast Track For Candy!

After being at the Shelter for ten months Candy goes to PetSmart and is adopted in a week!  Her new family is extremely excited!  She will spend almost no time alone and will receive a ton of attention!  We are so happy for this pretty girl!

We waited for Candy to go home so we could being two young, smaller litter mates down that can share two cages.  They will arrive tomorrow - Wednesday.  This will bring us back to our full capacity, which is eight cats. The two new arrivals are seven month old females, Belle and Jasmine.  They are very friendly!!  They have lived their entire lives indoors and were handled from birth and are very social.  They will do fine in any home.  Although they are close to each other it is not required that they go home together.  Of course if someone is interested in two cats litter mates is always the best bet.  Also, if adopted together the fee is waived for one of $70 for one or $70 for both.  How will you tell them apart?  Jasmine has a much fluffier tale than Belle.  Here they are:
Belle and Jasmine
Sierra update!!!  Sierra's new mom (Rita) calls the Shelter every few days to let us know how things are going.  She knew we were all concerned.  Well, Rita listened to all of our advice and Sierra started off in a bathroom with all of her stuff.  Rita would periodically sit with her and just talk to her.  After two days Sierra would get up to see Rita and say hi.  Then Sierra graduated to a bigger room - an extra bedroom.  She would sleep on the bed and not hide if Rita came in.  After two days of that she now has run of the house and enjoys sitting in the window and watching what ever is going on outside.  She sleeps on Rita's bed at night. She is doing very well!! 

And below is a picture of our old friend Mr T, now known as Ollie.  He looks so handsome in the window, doesn't he?!!!  Gotta love that face!! It's nice to see our friends in their new homes!
Mr T
Due to a cancellation there is one opening remaining on the May calendar...Sunday morning, May 19.  Please let me know if you are available to cover it.  And can sleep in a tad as the store does not open until 10:00am.

If any customers at PetSmart ask about kittens have them call the Shelter.  We are starting to see this year's litters.

Let's keep these adoptions going!!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

We Need To Get Caught Up!!!

Wow!!  We really need to get caught up!!  I promise to be better with updates in the future!  So, here is what happened this week...

Coco went home on Saturday to a young couple who took a lot of time choosing a new pet.  They were torn between Coco, Sierra and Tabby (he is one of our new arrivals).  They did express interest in adopting Tabby after a week or two however that is not definite. We are not going to let that deter us from placing him an a home.

Caramel and Eddy left on Saturday to a wonderful home.  They will be joining an older cat.  The couple adopting them understand that they will need time to settle in and get comfortable.

Sierra left on Sunday!!  Yippee!!  She is joining a home with two cats - both a little older - and a small dog.  I spoke with Sierra's new mom twice so far and she is settling in just as we expected!!  She is being slowly introduced to the household and is presently in a bathroom with everything she needs.  Periodically her new mom goes in and just sits with her and talks to her.  She did jump up and out of the tub to greet her on day two when she entered the bathroom! 

Poor little old Howard came back to the Shelter as he did not acclimate well to the PetSmart atmosphere.  He is fine here...eating, drinking, using the box, etc.  Maybe it is more mellow here and the activity of PetSmart is just too stressful for him.

Chewey and Snoopy were brought down on Sunday.  Both of these guys came into the shelter along with five others when their owner was evicted.  Sadly, Snoopy only spent the night at the store.  He has a chronically goopy eye however the stress of the move to Petsmart seemed to irritate it more.  We picked him up Monday afternoon. Chewey is black and white and is so cute!! He will do just fine with other cats and is quite friendly! He is about two years old.

Three new cats are arriving tomorrow...Wednesday.  We will only have seven cats for a while as opposed to the usual eight because one new arrival is...shall we say...a big girl...and she will need two cages! Her name is Candy and she is a gorgeous calico somewhere around 4-6 years old.  She came into the Shelter in August of last year.  She is definitely a lap cat and loves attention.  She is a tad iffy with other cats so please keep her doors shut!  She probably will not want to come out and play with the others but will demand personal attention!

Tabby is a love bug!!  He is about 6-7 years old and came into the Shelter in February after his owner died.  Poor Tabby was alone in the house for a while and a neighbor could see him in a window.  Knowing the owner had passed away the neighbor knew he had to be alone so started to bring him food.  Shortly after that animal control was notified and he was brought to the Shelter.  He has been enjoying stretching his legs and running about in our main cat room with the others.  He should have no problem acclimating to PetSmart and any home.
Alex has been at the Shelter a looong time.  He arrived in September of 2011and was very nervous and afraid.   Please let him take time settling in.  He is now friendly and happy, however remember the Shelter and his cage have been his environment and his home for eighteen months.  He does like to stretch his legs and is fine with other cats.  When he first came in we estimated his age to be about eight months which makes him about 2 1/2 years old now. Just watch him and let us know if PetSmart is too much for him.
So, there we have it!!  It was nice seeing four cats go home last week!!  Let's hope it keeps up!!