Thursday, December 13, 2012


OK...get very is true...Glory went home last night!!  Anastasia went with her!  The two will have run of a very large house so Glory will have her space.  Their new mom is so excited!  After seeing our very pretty Glory on line she went to PetSmart and met her.  While there she saw sweet little Anastasia and fell in love with her, too.  It is a perfect household for the two of them.  They will be the only pets in the house and will spend very little, if any, time alone. Don't worry...Glory can find solitude if need be.

Snowball went home last night as well.  She will be joining a family with kids and another cat that is two years old. Another family came in thinking they could adopt Snowball and were disappointed she was leaving.  They faxed a completed application to the Shelter anyway and plan to meet our new arrivals and come into the Shelter as well.  They just may adopt two!!

Below is the three cats that arrived at PetSmart today.  You will love them all!!! Josephine is cute as a button with her round face and pretty tiger markings.  She may seem shy at first but she is a nice, friendly girl.  She is under a year old.

Lauren and Humphrey are about four months old.  They came into the Shelter at seven weeks old.  They are litter mates so it would be very nice if they were adopted together,  however they can be separated.  They are both friendly and playful!!
Josephine the Jewel

Lovely Lauren
Humphrey the Hottie

If you do not follow us on Facebook then I am very happy to report that Piper and Shiloh have finally been adopted and went home together on Tuesday!!  It has been over two years since they arrived at the Shelter!

The December calendar has two openings.  Let me know if you can cover:
Wednesday, December 25, AM Cleaning
Saturday, December 29, AM Cleaning

Reminder!!!!  Open House, Holiday Party,  and Santa Claws at the Shelter this Sunday, 12:30-2:30PM!  Please stop in and say hi and have some tasty refreshments!!  This a great time to mingle with people of like minds!!  Bring friends and family!!

(PS: FYI...brown paper was restocked today! )

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Gus Goes Home For The Holidays!!

Gus went home last Sunday.  He was adopted by one of the PetSmart associates who is so happy to have him!  She had adopted a kitten from us just about a year ago so Gus will have some feline company!

OK...I do not want to jinx it BUT...a woman is VERY interested in Glory and will be in today (Friday) or over the weekend to meet her.  She doesn't have any other cats!  She saw Glory on PetFinder and now wants to meet her.  Keep your paws crossed!!!

A precious medium haired kitten named Anastasia arrived at PetSmart today.  OMG!!!  She is a doll!!!  She walks out of the cage right onto your shoulder and purrs away! She came into the Shelter in mid-September as a kitten and is now about five months old. Although the cage card indicates she should not be placed with kids she has gotten better.  Just let potential adopters know she can get nervous. (This is really not a good picture of need to see her to appreciate her!)
Cutie Anastasia

The shelter is teaming up with the Animal Alliance of Cape May County and offering a special program through the end of the year.   It is called Senior Pets For Senior Citizens.  Please click on the link to the right for details. Also to the right is the details concerning the annual Santa Claws Holiday Open House.  Please share both links with anyone you know who may be interested.

Good news...Toni will be back volunteering with us after all!!  Yippee!!  She is leaving for those dreadful winter months but will be back!

A new volunteer is training tomorrow with Leona.  She will be taking over every other Monday evening for Paige.  Welcome, Judy Mc!!  We love new volunteers!!

The December calendar is just about complete.  Below is the dates that still need to be filled. Please let me know if you can cover any of them.
Saturday, December 15, AM Cleaning
Friday, December 21, PM Cleaning
Wednesday, December 26, AM Cleaning
Saturday, December 29, AM Cleaning