Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy is quite happy!!

Happy went home Wednesday night.  He will be the only only pet in the house and is going to be quite spoiled! We knew he would be adopted quickly!

Daisy arrived on Friday.  She is between two and three years old and is a sweetheart!  She is very friendly and outgoing and even does not mind being picked up.  Daisy is not very fond of other cats so be cognizant of this during play time.  Introduce her slowly and give her space if it appears she needs it.  Potential adopters need to be aware of this should they have other cats in the home. She is very pretty!!
I received an email that PetSmart management left a note with instructions concerning the arrival of new cats as well as other things.  I will contact the manager on Monday to get details.  It appears the responsibilities outlined will fall on the shelter staff and not the volunteers.  I will pass on the information as soon as I have it.

For the most part Thursdays and Fridays are now being covered.  It looks like Sunday is going to become my "special" day now!!  Special thanks to Joe B for jumping in this week to cover the cancellation! Below is the dates still needing coverage for April:

Friday, April 6, AM cleaning
Sunday, April 8, AM cleaning
Sunday, April 15, AM cleaning
Sunday, April 22, AM cleaning
Sunday, April 29, AM cleaning

Please let me know if you are available to cover any of the days.  If you can do a regular Sunday schedule that would be great!  It can be once a month, every other, every third, whatever.  It is easier to work around regulars.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two New Arrivals

Here is the two guys who have replaced Calli and Snowball. They arrived Tuesday afternoon and were placed in separate cages. Both cats should acclimate quickly and will be fine with other cats - however, as always, please watch how they are doing and let them begin to socialize according to their schedule!

Meet Happy! As the name implies he is a happy cat! He an orange and white guy three or four years old. He loves attention and is definitely a lap cat. He even enjoys being picked up! He will make someone very "Happy!"

Our other arrival is a sweet tiger and white female named Francesca. She is also three to four years old. She was living with MANY other cats and four dogs prior to her arrival at the Shelter. Her owner was unable to take care of her any longer. She will do well with kids, also.

Leona had occasion to speak with the new family who adopted Calli and Snowball and both cats settled right in!! Snowball is a lap cat and Calli is sleeping in a bed!! Such good news!

Toni and Irene are back (yay!!!) so, for the most part, Thursdays and Fridays seem to be getting coverage. Also back is Patty and she does every other Thursday. Whew!! That was difficult to keep covered.

There is an adoption event at PetSmart Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 4, 5, 6. Dogs will be brought to the store on all three days from 12:00-3:00pm.

Below are the days in April when coverage is still needed:
Friday, April 6, AM Cleaning
Sunday, April 8, AM Cleaning (Easter Sunday)
Saturday, April 15, Adoption Table
Sunday, April 22, AM Cleaning
Sunday, April 29, AM Cleaning

Lydia will be covering the adoption table the third Wednesday in April and May. Starting in June the time slot is open for a regular. Please let me know if you are interested in a permanent spot. It is only once a month!!

I spoke with Jackie, one of the managers, today. She was unaware that store associates would be cleaning the food/water bowls and will check with the other manager, Amanda, to see how this will be accomplished.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Snowball & Calli Go Home!

Thanks to everyone for holding down the fort while I was away! We had two new arrivals that did not receive a proper introduction so I shall do it now!

Raven and Candy are two sisters who came into the Shelter as part of a litter of five right around Halloween. The other three have since been adopted. These two girls are about seven months old and are really sweet. They love to be petted and held and are very playful! They will adjust to a home with cats, kids or dogs. As always, adopt both of them and the fee for the second is waived! (Candy - to the left - is the sibling with less black around her nose.)

Calli and Snowball were adopted together and left on Friday. They will be the only pets in the home and will have a wonderful life together. A mother and her adult daughter met the cats at PetSmart and at the Shelter before making a decision. They did really enjoy Imp and Isis but after careful consideration thought that the two kittens had a better chance at adoption than the older girls. What a thoughtful choice! They brought their application and deposit money to the Shelter on Thursday. At that time they met Snowball's sister Lizzie as well. They just may be back for her! Two new cats will arrive either Monday or Tuesday to take their places.

Ron's new mom called and said he is now known as Rusty and he is "fabulous!" She said he is doing well with her other cats and has really blossomed in her home. She thanked us repeatedly for allowing this cat to become a part of her life. How nice is that?!!

I know there is a bit of a mis-communication among PetSmart staff concerning the cleaning of our food and water bowls. Ruth washed 48 bowls on Friday so we should be good for a few more days. I need to talk to Amanda as she is the manager who was going to see that this policy was put in place. Hopefully I can get this rectified on Monday. Thank you for your patience!!!

Please look ahead to April and let me know if you can cover any of the available time slots. Also, any takers for a permanent adoption table the third Wednesday of the month?? Let me know!! If you are new to the paperwork I will train you at your convenience. The shelter is open seven days a week so I am sure we can work out a time.

Hope you all had a great
St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 02, 2012

Three out & Three In!

Little Ron went home last week!! He will have a nice life living with three other cats of various ages - all females!! Johnny finally got to go home! He will be living with a very nice man who already is taking good care of him. The original applicants were not permitted by the landlord to adopt. They were so sad to see him remain at PetSmart so they convinced a good friend to meet him. He did and he loved him and now they are a family!!

Sabrina was not doing well so we took her back to the Shelter. She was depressed and not eating. Back at the Shelter she is so happy! Don't worry - she 'll be fine!!

Below are the three new cats. Imp and Isis are from the same litter as Ivan and just as nice! They are about seven months old and are both lap cats. They will do fine with other cats, kids and dogs. They are both sweet and playful. Isis is a gray and white female and Imp is a male gray tabby with white.

Callie is a sweetheart! Yes, as the name suggests she is a calico. She is two years old and is very friendly. She is playful and energetic! She will be fine with everything and everyone!

The Shop-A-Holics event in Avalon was great!! It was a three day event at two locations. We received $3200 in donations and a full truck load of linens, pet supplies, food, toys, cleaning supplies, etc. People were so generous! Joyce and Peggy brought several dogs over on Saturday and they were a big hit!

Feline Frenzy February was fabulous! Thirty-five cats were adopted!! This will be an annual promotion for sure!

A young intern from The Herald came into the Shelter last week and wrote a very nice article about the Shelter. Please click on the link to right Shelter In The News to read it.

The March calendar is complete with the exception of the difficult-to-fill Thursday and Friday mornings and one Sunday morning. Below are the dates:
Thursday, March 8, AM
Friday, March 9, AM
Thursday, March 15, AM
Friday, March 16, AM
Thursday, March 22, AM
Friday, March 23, AM
Sunday, March 25
Thursday, March 29
Friday, March 30

Beginning in April someone is needed to do the adoption table on the third Wednesday of each month. The time now is 6:00--8:00pm. I would like to keep the time the same and keep it consistent however if need be I can change it. It would be great to have a regular! Let me know if you are interested. If you are I will arrange for you to be trained on completing the paperwork. It is not difficult!! Do not be afraid of it!! I am always just a phone call away, too.