Sunday, November 20, 2016

Eight New Arrivals!

Busy, busy week at PetSmart and at the Shelter!  As you are aware by now we did some cleaning at PetSmart this week and then brought down a whole bunch of new feline friends!!  When the numbers get as low as they did we take advantage of the empty cages to purge the adoption center. 

Chutney left from the Shelter after receiving two applications.  The first applicant was very nice - however during the interview and application process we learned she had declawed her cat when she could not control his scratching up of the furniture.  Her veterinarian had told her that her only option was to declaw him so she did.  Sadly, as long as the vets not only condone declawing but suggest it we have in uphill better when we deny applications based on the possibility it could happen. Fortunately this was an easy one as the application was withdrawn and the second applicant was a good one!
Below is an introduction to the new arrivals......
Doloris a is a two year old female and will make a sweet little indoor house cat!  She will make someone very happy!
Kip will make a wonderful companion!  He is a lap cat that wants to be with his human all the time!  He'll be a constant cuddling companion!  He is older - ten to twelve years - so qualifies for our Senior For Senior Adoption Program.  Although he came into the Shelter with another one he actually would prefer to not live with other cats.
Fefe can be a tad moody and fickle but is also sweet and quiet.  Like Kip she also came into the Shelter with another cat however is not all that fond of feline company.  She is eight years and also qualifies for the Senior For Senior Adoption Program.
Preston and Porter are six month old siblings and are a great pair of fun loving youngsters!  These two will double your fun!  If someone is looking to adopt a pair tell them to look no further!

Preston and Porter
Ava and Charlie Bear are five month old litter mates that were fostered in a home along with other cats, kids and dogs.  They may seem shy at first but will warm up in no time!
Ava and Charlie Bear

Sesame was another guy that arrived last week however he has already gone!  This five month old little girl was shy and afraid when we first met her but she slowly got over her fear.  She was a little afraid when preparing to leave the store on Saturday, however after being calmed down by her new mom she settled in and off they went!

It is that time of year again!  Black Furr-iday Sale starts this week!  See the below flyer for all the details. 

Please look ahead to December and let me know what you can do.  Barb A, Lisa and Sarah and Toni...let me know if you can continue the days you have been doing.