Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Minerva and Fabio Go Home!

After being in the Shelter since May of 2011 our Minerva was finally adopted!  She will be living with an older cat and a nice quiet couple.  Perfect situation for her!  Fabio also was adopted.  He too will have feline companionship in his new home.  When Fabio's new parents first saw him at PetSmart they could not believe how closely he resembled a cat they had owned and sadly lost.  They were very happy to bring him home both for his sake and to also help them mend their own broken hearts.

Two newcomers arrived today at the store...Gladys and LJ.  Both will do fine with other cats and kids.  Most likely they will both be fine with dogs as well. For now they will be occupying single cages at PetSmart until they appear settled and at ease.

Poor Gladys really needs the luck of PetSmart to help her.  She has lived in a variety of homes and needs to find that last one where she can no longer worry about again finding herself living in a stainless steel cage. She is approximately nine years old.  She first arrived at the Shelter in July of 2009 and was pregnant.  She had a litter of kittens and went home with a kind foster mother until her kittens were weaned and able to be put up for adoption.  Shortly after that she was adopted and went home with a nice couple.  Sadly, in January of this year Gladys was brought back as her owners were moving and could not keep her.  In May Gladys was adopted and we were all so happy!  Imagine how sad we were when she was brought back two weeks later as someone in the home was allergic to her.  We were heartbroken for Gladys!  Gladys needs you guys at PetSmart to help her find her forever home - we promised her this was it!
Gladys - a good girl!

Then there is handsome, regal, majestic LJ!  He, too, has had a bit of a tough time but won't let you see it! In January his actual owner left him behind with family when he moved. In April they brought him to the shelter saying they had too many pets and could not care for him.  He was already neutered and had been a strictly indoor cat. He is so friendly!!  He will walk right into your arms! He has gorgeous markings and will make a wonderful companion.  LJ is between three and four years old.
So, by now hopefully all of you have had a chance to review the substantial changes in the volunteer calendar.  Some of the vacancies have been filled and some still need coverage.  Thank you, Leona,  for volunteering to do every other Monday until Paige is available again!  Thank you, Barb A, for volunteering to cover the third Wednesday of each month! And thank, Deb and Warren, for taking every other Saturday morning! 

I neglected to include in the list of changes sent by email that another regular spot that needs to be filled is every other Tuesday evening beginning July 3. Friday evenings still need to be filled effective immediately as well as every other Friday morning beginning June 8.

To complete the month of June the below dates need coverage:
Friday, June 1, PM Cleaning
Wednesday, June 6, Adoption Table or PM Cleaning
Friday, June 8, PM Cleaning
Friday, June 15, AM Cleaning
Friday, June 15, PM Cleaning
Sunday, June 17, AM Cleaning
Friday, June 22, PM Cleaning
Friday, June 29, AM Cleaning
Friday, June 29, PM Cleaning

PLEASE let me know if you can help with any of the above dates. You do not have to commit to every Friday.  You can commit to one or every other.  Whatever you can do helps.

This Saturday we will have two dogs available for adoption at the store from 12:00-3:00pm.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Tails, Char, Duchess and Knight!

Last week was a good one for adoptions!!  Char, as we suspected, did not last long at all!  She went home on Wednesday night.  Duchess and Knight went home together on Friday night.  Their new dad was so anxious and so afraid that he would lose out on their adoption!  He was thrilled to be approved!  The two will be the only cats in the home and will live happily ever after TOGETHER!!!

Three new cats have taken the place of the lucky three adopted.  They are Minerva, Skittles and Starburst.  Minerva has been at the Shelter since she was just a few weeks old.  She came in on May 31 of last year. That makes her just over one year old.  She is very sweet!  She has gorgeous copper colored eyes!  She is a little nervous about making the change to PetSmart but will be fine.  She will do well with other cats and with kids.  She will probably do well with dogs as well.
Mild Manerva

Skittles and Starburst are littermates discovered in crawl space at the end of last October.  At that time they were about three months old.  They are under a year old - eight or nine months.  (Even though they are under a year their adoption fee is still $10 for this month.) Skittles is a female gray tabby and Starburst is a male orange tiger.  They are together in the big cage.  We would prefer to see them go home together.  Of course the fear is that someone wants Starbust because orange males are pretty and desirable and they leave poor Skittles behind! We need to get them taken together!
Handsome Starburst
Sweet Skittles

So far we have been doing pretty well with adoptions as a result of the May promotion.  This month is typically slow - maybe because families are focused on graduations, weddings and proms. 

A warm welcome to new volunteers Debora and Warren who trained today at PetSmart!!  Their first day is this Sunday.  You will not be sorry you joined this compassionate team!!

Please look at the June calendar and let me know if there is any open dates you can cover.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Prince and Clyde Go Home!

Yay for Clyde!!!  Finally he was adopted!  He left last night and will be joining another cat and a dog.  His primary caretaker is a young girl who is thrilled to be adding Clyde to her household.  Prince also left last night.  He was adopted by a vet tech who works at Abri Animal Hospital so we will be able to keep very close track of him!  He left in a new carrier and was quite content to be in it!!

Two new guys arrived today. Char is a fabulous young lady who was discovered inside the remains of a house following a fire. Even though she was wearing not one but TWO collars at the time she came in to the Shelter, still no one called to report her missing. She is very affectionate and will purr as soon as you pick her up!! She is a petite little torti and will acclimate well to a household with cats, kids and dogs.  She is just under a year old however her adoption fee is still $10.00.
Petite Char

Fabio is a big, handsome,  friendly boy that seems to LOVE children!  He has been staying in our main cat room and every time kids come in the room he runs to the front of the cage to say hi!  This poor guy was relinquished to the Shelter when his owner moved and could not take him.  He is two years old and very friendly.  He gets along with other cats and would more than likely be fine with dogs as well.

Fabulous Fabio

As always please allow Char and Fabio to settle in and do not force them to socialize with the other cats.  Both should be fine once they have settled in however let that happen at their pace.  Do not open the door between cages for them until you are certain they will be ok.

At this time of year unfortunately the kittens totally over shadow the adult and teenage cats.  To entice adopters to take cats and not kittens we are having a promotion at the Shelter for the next two months.  For the month of May the adoption fee for all cats over one year old is $10.00.  All the cats at PetSmart - regardless of age - are $10.00.  For the month of June (which is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month) all adoption fees for cats are 50% off the regular fee. Please look to the right under "Links" and click on May and June 2012 Cat Adoption Promotion and you will a flyer detailing the promotion.  Please forward it to any one you know who may be interested or make copies and distribute it.  If customers at the store are interested in kittens we do have them at the Shelter.

Help is still needed for the last two Sundays of this month for the morning cleaning.  The dates are May 20 and May 27.  Please let me know if you are available.