Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Carbon Leaves, Snoopy Takes His Place! Welcome to Nicole!!

Carbon went home over the weekend!  He will be joining another older cat adopted from us two years ago.  His mom, a senior citizen, is very excited about having Carbon join the two of them!  Perfect "Senior For Senior" adoption!

Snoopy was brought down today to occupy the room vacated by Carbon.  It is fitting - Snoopy is another big black male cat.  He does have a white tuft on his neck.  Some of you may remember Snoopy.  He spent a very short amount of time at PetSmart in the beginning of May last year.  He had lived in the house with the original black and white Chewy.  Snoopy's eye started weeping and we brought him back to the Shelter.  Let's hope he does better this time!  On January 22 of this year he marked one year at the Shelter.  Snoopy is very friendly!!  He will do fine in a home with kids and other pets.  He is a big guy!  Right now he is on the tier with Dusty and Mona Lisa however his door is shut.  Give him time to settle before opening that door to allow him to mingle.
While dropping off Snoopy today one of the staff witnessed Spencer get VERY upset when one of the kittens - Adam or Alex - attempted to enter his cubicle.  Spencer's door was closed so that can not happen again.  Please leave him alone in his cage as that is what he prefers.  Although he appears to be fine when out with the others he does not like having his space invaded within the cage.  Be careful when you do let him out.  If he feels cornered he will get aggressive.

As we say good bye to Lisa who did Friday evenings for the past year we say welcome to Nicole who is taking over that spot!!  Lisa, thank you for all of your help!  Take care and if you ever want to jump in again you know how this works!  Nicole, welcome to the group and thank you for volunteering in a regular spot. You will get the hang of it quickly!  Remember, text me if you need a quick answer.

The March schedule looks good!  Deb and Warren will be back next month so I need Sunday mornings covered for just one more month.  Please let me know if you are available for any of them. can go in a little later...just be started by 10:00am.

The only other date in March that needs coverage is Friday, March 21, AM cleaning.

Attention morning volunteers...the general manager asks that if you are finished cleaning prior to 9:00am when the store opens please find the on duty manager before you go so the door can be locked behind you.

Please do not give anyone volunteer applications any longer. I am finding that the majority of people completing the applications do not follow through and the processing of many of these applications is a waste of time. I have changed the process.   Starting in March interested people are to attend orientation FIRST to see if this is a good fit for them.  Following orientation they will be given an application and interest sheet to complete. Orientations will be held on the last Wednesday of the month at the Shelter at 4:30pm.  Refer people to the website for the guidelines.  I am will provide a handout with the guidelines that you can give to interested people. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Two Boys Leave and Two Boys Arrive!

Chewbacca and Periwinkle went home on Sunday together and are probably running around the house right now.  They will be the only cats in the house however they will have an adopted little canine sister named Chloe, who is a four year old Papillon.  They are going to think she is another cat!!

Two brothers arrived yesterday named Alex and Adam.  Both of these guys are orange and white and are about six months old.  They were part of a group of several litters brought to us as the owner had to go into assisted living.  Although it would be nice if they were adopted together it will be fine if they are separated.  They will definitely be fine in a home with other cats.  They should be fine with kids and dogs as well.  To tell them apart you will need to study their markings!



We are doing pretty well with our Feline Frenzy adoptions. Only one more week so hopefully we get more!

Please look ahead to March and let me know if there is any open dates you can cover. Stay warm...spring is coming!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Odessa Goes Home and Two New Guys Arrive!

Odessa left today and will be home before the storm hits!!  Good for her!  She will be the only pet in the house with a retired senior citizen so will get LOTS of attention! 

Chewey was having some gastrointestinal issues and Chives was having some snotty issues so both were brought back to the Shelter to be checked.  Chives will need to stay and be put on antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection.  Chewey appears to be just fine - perhaps it was just something he ate.  He will be returning on Thursday along with the new guys.

Meet handsome Carbon.  He is a nine year old little panther!!  He is a big love bug!  Sadly, his owner passed away suddenly in an accident and he has found himself here at the Shelter.  Hopefully someone will read his story and take him home.  He did live with dogs so would do fine with canine siblings.
And then there is little Mona Lisa.  She is under a year old and is so very pretty!  She came from a managed cat colony where the caretaker became concerned for the safety of the cats and now they are here.  You can see her ear tip. She is a little shy so would do best in a home without small children or dogs. She would be fine with other cats.

Mona Lisa
The February Adoption Event is this weekend (February 14, 15 & 16) so dogs will be at the store with volunteers Noon - 3:00pm on all three days. 

Also, a reminder... it is February Feline Frenzy...all adoption fees are $14 for the month.  Adopt two cats and the fee is $20.  Of course our Senior For Seniors Program is always on!

There is two openings remaining on the calendar for this month.  Both are evenings - which is rare! Let me know if you can cover.  They are:
Friday, February 21, PM Cleaning
Friday, February 28, PM Cleaning

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Milo Joins Sherman and Dusty Returns!

Milo went home Wednesday night with the family that adopted Sherman.  The entire family came to pick him up.  They said Sherman is doing great!

Binx's dad stopped by PetSmart Wednesday night with pictures of him all comfy and settled at home. He loves Binx!!  This adoption is one of those special ones that really makes everything worthwhile!

Look who is back...Dusty!!  He feels better!  Hopefully he gets to go home soon.  He is such a good boy...and quite a talker!
Dapper Dusty

We are doing our February Feline Frenzy promotion again.  Below is the flyer that I will also send to all of you through your email.  Please share it in any way you can.  We need to be ready for spring and are hoping to increase adoptions in the next couple of months to make room for the inevitable influx of kittens.  Click on the picture and it is easy to read.

Now that February is officially here there is some openings in the calendar...always happens that way!  Below are the dates that need coverage.  Beginning March 1 there is a steady opening for the PM cleanings on Friday.  If you are interested in that steady spot, or steady every other Friday please let me know. 
Friday, February 14, AM Cleaning
Friday, February 14, PM Cleaning
Friday, February 21, AM Cleaning
Friday, February 28, PM Cleaning

The mid-winter adoption event is Friday through Sunday, February 13, 14 & 15.  Volunteers will bring dogs to the store each day Noon-3:00pm.