Thursday, September 27, 2012

Luscious Leaves and Handsome Kahn Arrives!

Pretty little Luscious went home on Saturday with a very excited new mom!  We knew she would not last long.  Her new mom is young and ready to spoil her!

We suspect our new arrival will not last long either!  His name is Kahn and he is a handsome Siamese Snowshoe mix.  Wait til you see him!!  he is the definition of a handsome tom cat.  Kahn is an older distinguished gentleman - maybe around eight years old.  He does have a slight heart murmur - however the vet is not concerned about it.  Kahn is a social guy and loves attention however this will not be immediately apparent. He will start out a bit shy.  At the Shelter he is playful and enjoys stretching his legs.  He does like to play rough and we think he is man's cat!!  For now leave Kahn alone in his own cage and let him settle in.  He does like other cats, however remember this is a new environment for him.
Handsome Kahn

Some volunteers take laundry home and some do not.  If you do a cleaning and see that the hamper is full you may email me and CC the Shelter. We can pick it up and wash it at the Shelter. OR, Toni can bring it along with the litter pans on a Thursday.  Please do not automatically change the blankets each day.  If the blanket is still clean it can remain.  This will cut down on laundry.  Of course if it is soiled please replace it! To remove hair you can take a very slightly damp paper towel and wipe the hair down.

I have been receiving emails that some of you are experiencing difficulty accessing the volunteer calendar.  I am as well.  I am not sure why and I am hoping it is a Yahoo glitch that will soon be rectified. Fortunately I was finally able to access it but is has been hit-or-miss. October looks wonderful!!  The below dates still need coverage.  Please let me know if you are available to cover any.

Sunday, October 13, AM cleaning
Monday, October 15, PM cleaning
Friday, October 19, AM cleaning 
Saturday, October 20, AM cleaning