Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lavender and Letitia Go home!

Big old solid Lavender went home Wednesday night. She will be joining Sassafras and Scout. Remember them? Letitia went home on Saturday. She had three holds at once! She will have alot of company at her new house. Her new family had adopted another cat from us in the past and they also have two dogs.

As most of you know Jellybean has been having litterbox issues. Earlier today Joanne put a different litter in her box to see if that made a difference. It appears to have done the trick! There is a separate box of litter to use. Let me know if Jellybean continues to use the box or if she goes back to her old ways.

Concetta has asked that we be more conservative with the pine litter. Apparently we are over budget in this area. We both agree that using the sand will result in the cages looking messy so would like to see if we can save money by being more careful. Scoop the litter when you can. Also, it is not necessary to fill the litter pans very high since we are cleaning up after the cats twice a day. Fill the pans 3/4 to 1 inch high. I am sure that by being more careful we can lower this cost.

Remember little old Senora who I renamed Pumpkin? I spoke with her mom today and she told me Senora, now known as Malibu Kitty, is a happy spoiled cat. She also told me that she had to have EIGHT teeth pulled but is still as spry as ever. I could tell she is very devoted to her Malibu. We did very good with this match!!

There is only one opening on the calendar for March which is Thursday, the 20th, in the morning. Let me know if you are available. Don't be afraid to look ahead at the April schedule!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Goodbye Marigold!

Marigold left as scheduled on Wednesday evening. She was very cooperative and did not make a fuss when put into a carrier. I am very happy she finally gets to go home. She has been living in a cage since mid-July!

Two new girls arrived at PetSmart today. Cassie is orange and white and is eight years old. She was relinquished to the Shelter by her owner in November. She is sweet and gentle. I was told at the Shelter that she loves her bed so I brought it with her. She was nervous when she arrived but I think she will settle in just fine. Merlot is black and is a talkative youngster. She is approximately eight months old and first came to the Shelter in August when she was just a few months old. She is also a sweetheart. She was very scared when she first arrived and tried to hide beneath the litter bin. Please be patient introducing Merlot and Cassie to the others.

The March schedule is just about complete! Coverage is needed for the morning on Thursday, March 20 and for the adoption table on Sunday, March 23 (Easter Sunday).
Here's Merlot & Cassie....

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Good App For Marigold!!

Good bye, Lena! She went home last Wednesday night. Apparently she went wild her last day at PetSmart. When Larissa arrived to open the adoption table Lena was free and running around the room! Gotta watch some of these smarter cats. They are figuring out how to open those cage doors!!

I took the BEST hold on Marigold today! I am so excited! A woman came in and told me she had completed an application and put a hold on Marigold on Friday, February 1 and had been patiently waiting for the Shelter to contact her. Every day since she has returned to PetSmart to see Marigold. Finally she called the Shelter and learned that her application had never reached there. I still do not know who took the application and where it is. Apparently it was a PetSmart manager. I am trying to track it down. She also told me she had yet to actually meet the cat. So, I took her in to meet Princess Marigold. I explained that she could be tempermental and the applicant answered, "Of course she can! That's exactly what I would expect!" I opened the cage and coaxed Marigold out. I closed the door to the cage area and sat on the floor of the adoption room. Marigold walked about like she was a show cat and then proceeded to sit right in my lap! The applicant and her daughter were totally enthralled and kept remarking on how beautiful she is. I explained that Marigold will let you know when she has had enough attention and wants to be left alone. When it came time to put her back in the cage she carried on as usual and the woman said, "I wouldn't want to be put in that cage either!" She absolutely loves Marigold despite her Marigold ways! It was great! Should this adoption be approved Marigold will be the only pet in the household. It appears to be a match made in heaven! She even had her rental lease with her. I am taking all the paperwork to the Shelter tomorrow.

I introduced another woman to Lavender and Bettina. She decided she loved Lavender and completed all the paperwork. She left to go to a nearby ATM to get the hold money and never came back! In the meantime another family wanted to put a hold on Lavender but decided not to as they saw this woman had already completed an application for her. I tried to talk them into completing the application anyway but they thought it was useless. They decided to go to the Shelter. What a shame! Poor Lavender! Maybe the first applicant will return. She seemed sincere. Maybe something happened. Just in case she does return I left all the completed paperwork in a folder and put it on the bottom shelf of the adoption cart.

There are new coupons now to give when the cats go home. PetSmart replaced the booklet with a single sheet of paper that has three coupons on it. These papers are on the bottom shelf of the adoption cart.

Remember Napolean, the big tuxedo guy? He was adopted in early 2007. His mom is Melissa, one of the managers at PetSmart. It seems old Napolean weighs 22 pounds and is doing quite well!

Please look ahead to March and let me know if you can do any of the available shifts.