Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kit Goes Home For Chrsitmas

Kit will be home for Christmas!! Actually she left last Wednesday. Initially her new dad was going to take Franny, too. Not having had pets for a long time and living alone he decided to only adopt Kit and see how things went. No worries! Franny was just happy for Kit and very understanding! She will be in a quiet home which suits her!

After Kit left we brought Monty to PetSmart. Monty at the Shelter was super sweet, friendly and loving. A long haired orange and white male - we thought he would be snatched up in no time. Well, our sweet Monty apparently hated PetSmart and had trouble settling in. After three consecutive days of receiving reports of growling, swatting and even lunging at volunteers we decided to bring him back. He was VERY happy when he was picked up.

So, pretty Mistle Toe has replaced Monty. She is so gorgeous! She is a five year old torti blue point with a bit of a Himalayan face. She was definitely someone's pet. She had been spayed when she arrived - brought in by animal control. She was thin and had a lot of fleas. She feels a lot better and she is ready to go home for Christmas! (In her picture she looks a little angry but believe me, she's not!)

Our Holiday Open House & Pet Photos With Santa was a huge success. If you have not seen it please read the article and the pictures that appeared in The Herald. The link is to the right.

I am not going to bug everyone about the calendar until after Christmas! Special thanks to Larissa for covering Christmas morning!!!

May all of you, your family, pets,
friends and loved ones
have an absolutely wonderful Christmas!!
You are all on Santa's nice list!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rusty Long Hair Is Out The Door!!!

Well, we knew that wouldn't take long and indeed it didn't!! Rusty Longhair left Wednesday night with a very excited new dad. He will have several feline companions in his new home and shall want for nothing!!

Kit and Frannie have been adopted together however will not be picked up until Wednesday night. Rather than put them through the stress of bringing them back to the Shelter only to be moved again in a few days into their new homw we are going to just let them stay at PetSmart.

Two new cats arrived yesterday - Carmel and Carter. Carter is the black one. These two were left along with Rusty Long Hair at the vet office a few weeks ago. They are both very friendly and outgoing!! Both are males, over five years old and came in neutered and ear tipped. They are sharing two cubicles.

The December calendar is one time slot short of being complete. The last open date is the morning cleaning on Friday, December 23. Let me know if you can cover.

Don't forget our Holiday Open House and Pet Photos With Santa tomorrow! It will be fun!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Say Hello To Rusty Long Hair!

Speckles seems to be suffering from the same eye issue as Ricky so we brought her back to the Shelter. Rusty Long Hair was brought to PetSmart on Saturday to take her place. About three weeks ago Rusty was left over night along with four other long haired cats at the door of Parkway Veterinarians on Route 9 in Court House. All the cats are several years old, spayed/neutered and ear tipped. All are VERY friendly. A couple of them may be over ten years old. We estimate Rusty LH to be about five years old. As you will see he is VERY friendly and sweet!! He will fit in well in a home with other kids, cats and dogs.

Barb A and the crew won another first place prize in the West Cape May Christmas Parade on this past Saturday with the theme "Bow Wow Pow Wow." Below is a picture of the float and one of our participating PetSmart volunteers. Nice job, guys!!!!

Slowly but surely we are getting the December schedule complete. Only two open dates remain - both in the morning: Thursday, December 22 and Friday, December 23. Let me know if you can cover either of them.

Reminder....Holiday Open House and Santa Pet Photos this Saturday, December 11 at the shelter!!! Should be a lot of fun!!!