Sunday, August 27, 2006

More Happy Endings

Jeeves, Molson and Crinkle went home on Saturday. The adopting families were all very excited about the new additions to their homes. Trixie has two holds right now so hopefully she will be leaving soon.

Remember Nike? One of his eyes looked a litle red and weepy so he went back to the Shelter for a check up. He has a touch of conjuctivitis and will be brought back when he is better.

Sophie found a home! She was adopted from the Shelter and will live in a nice quiet home with caring people. Good for Sophie!

Trixie will be the thirtieth cat adopted since the grand opening of PetSmart on June 24. This project so far has been very successful. It is important that the adoption table be open so that potential families can talk to volunteers and meet the cats. When I arrived at PetSmart yesterday (Saturday, 8/26) there was a line of people waiting to ask questions about the adoption process and meet the cats. Please look at the September schedule and see if you can volunteer for a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and open the adoption table. There are three open Saturdays and one open Sunday. Remember, you can set the hours. If you have any questions about the process and paperwork I will gladly discuss it with you. It is very rewarding when you assist in the adoption process.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Adoption Table: Help needed

Help is needed to cover the adoption table on Saturdays and Sundays in September - specifically 9/2, 9/3, 9/16, 9/23 and 9/24. I will be at the table on Saturday 8/26 from 1-3 pm and will gladly explain the adoption application process to anyone who would like to learn. Just let me know if you will be coming by. The weekend of 9/16 is the 2006 National PetSmart Charities Adoption Weekend. Friday and Sunday are covered but there is no coverage for Saturday. Ideally someone is needed from 12-5pm. The other weekend days require less time.

In addition coverage is needed to clean and feed the guys in the evening on 9/4 and 9/8 and in the morning on 9/5, 9/7 and 9/30.

Please look at the calendar link and do not hesitate to let me know what you can do in the upcoming months as well.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Petsmart Volunteer Calendar

Click on the heading or the Calendar link to the right to view the adoption specialists and cat caretakers scheduled each day at Petsmart. See where you can fit in the picture.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

2006 Fall National Adoption Weekend

September 15-17 is the 2006 PetSmart Charities Fall National Adoption Weekend. During last year's event 14,500 otherwise homeless pets were adopted. The event includes giveaways to new adopting families as well as $15 from PetSmart Charities to the Shelter for every pet adopted during the event. Volunteers are needed to work the adoption table on all three days of the event. Normally we are at PetSmart from 2-4pm on Saturday and 12-2pm on Sunday. I would like to see the table open from approximately 12-5p on Friday, September 15, and 10-5p on Saturday, September 16 and 12-5p on Sunday September 17. I would also like to see dogs brought to the store on Saturday and Sunday. Please keep in mind that one or two people can not cover this event. Ideally we should have at least two people covering every hour on Saturday and Sunday to help with the dogs. Please let me know if you are available at all to help with this Adoption Weekend.

Also, you should have received the September schedule. Let me know what days(s) you can do.

Thank you for everything you do. The partnership between the CMC Animal Shelter and PetSmart has proven to be very successful this summer. Let's keep up the good work!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Volunteer Orientation - Kitty Klub - August Schedule

The August schedule is complete. You should have received it by e-mail. Please let me know if I made any mistakes. Also, look ahead to September as before you know it I will be asking about your availability. The nights are filled with relative ease - the mornings are tougher. Also, Jen R, who has cleaned cages every Friday morning and sat the adoption table every Sunday afternoon since Pet Smart opened will be returning to school. This is alot of time that will need to be filled.

In an effort to find Sophie a home she has been added to the Open Your Heart and Home campaign. This means Sophie's adoption fee is $10. Please remember this should anyone want to meet her while you are at Pet Smart.

Sometime in mid-September I am going to schedule a volunteer orientation for people interested in volunteering at the Shelter. Should you know of anyone interested please have them download a volunteer application from the Shelter website or stop in the Shelter and get one. The date will be firmed up by the end of this month. To volunteer at the actual Shelter site attending an orientation is mandatory.

I am excited about the start of our Girl Scout Kitty Klub!! Janet K has agreed to chair this program for me and I am sure she will need help. A local Girl Scout troop under the supervision of their troop leader and Janet will be coming to the Shelter one Saturday a month and helping us socialize cats and kittens. In addition they will be educated on the importance of responsible pet ownership, spay/neuter, and the problem of pet overpopulation. Due to the age of the scouts it is necessary that they be closely supervised. I anticipate the scouts' parents will be helping however I may give a shout out for help from time to time.

Thanks for all your help!!!