Friday, September 22, 2006

Possible Home For Becky!!

Thanks to Jen and Lauren Becky may be going home! While cleaning cages Thursday night they introduced a wonderful couple to Becky and they fell in love with her! The couple took the application and hold agreement home with them so they could get their vet's number. Jen L told them to return it and slip it under the door at the adoption center. Should you arrive to clean and find the paperwork make sure you notify the Shelter so they can tell the Director. If all goes well they could be approved in time to pick up Becky Wednesday night from Barb A.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New Director, New Arrivals & While I Am Away

Wait til you see our new arrivals!! Janet K will be bringing the following six kitties to Pet Smart on Wednesday: Hobbs, Pepper, Silvia, Major, Pierce, and Ginger (yeah! Ginger is coming back all nice and healthy and ready to go home!). We sure will have a full house!

I spoke with the new Shelter Director and nothing will be changing at Pet Smart. I will continue to contact him when a cat gets a hold. He will stop in and pick up the paperwork and arrange through me to have the cat picked up at the store. Thank God!! We are all getting good at this and a change could slow us down!

Seven people attended the volunteer orientation I held at the Shelter on Thursday, September 14. Help is on the way!

Just a reminder...I will be away from Friday, September 22 - Sunday, October 8. I will be home for one day (Tuesday, October 3) and will check in with the Shelter. Should you have any issues at Pet Smart during my absence contact the Shelter and ask for Linda (vet tech). If you think a cat needs medical attention contact her - do not leave a note as she will not be going there. Should you take a hold on a cat contact her as well. She will contact the Director. She will be handling any emergency scheduling that takes place as well. The Shelter number is on the wall at Pet Smart (465-8923). I hope that is everything!! I just may send out one last update before I go!!

Thanks for everything! I know I am leaving the program in good, compassionate, feline-loving hands!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Two More Homes Found

Lollipop went home today! I must admit I will miss him! What a personality! Mackenzie goes home tomorrow. She is so sweet and will make her new owners very happy. Sara was having some medical issues and went back to the Shelter. Hopefully we will see her back soon.

Thursday night I held another volunteer orientation at the Shelter and it was well attended. We will soon have some new help at PetSmart as well as at the Shelter. I may call upon some of you to show the new volunteers the ropes at PetSmart.

Tomorrow there will be dogs joining the cats for a few hours at PetSmart thanks to Lisa T, Sue C and Barb A. Tracey R will be manning the adoption table from 12-5p.

If you are wondering who cut all that paper it was Katherine S! Thank you!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

WOW!! Good Job on the Schedule!!

Special thanks to Kitty G, Mary M and Barb A for filling in so many slots through October!! As you can see, it is those Saturday/Sunday adoption table slots that are hard to fill. Is it because the paperwork seems complicated? Is it intimidating? Is it the hours? I would love to get some feedback on this area. Tracey R was VERY excited this past Sunday when she got her first hold ever!

Barb A normally does the adoption table on Wednesdays nights but needs a replacement for October 4. Can anyone do it? If you only want to do the PM cleaning/feeding that is fine.

Again, thank you SOOO much for the quick responses today!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Latest & The Schedule

Holds were put on Howie and Mackenzie over the weekend! That's good news! Ginger was continuing to have problems with her eyes and went back to the Shelter for some TLC. Hopefully she will be back soon.

This weekend (Sept 15-17) is the PetSmart National Adoption Day. We will have volunteers mannning the table on Friday 12-5p, Saturday 1-3p and Sunday 12-5p. Barb A is hoping to bring a dog on Friday and Staff from the Shelter will be bringing dogs on Sunday. As you can see we have limited help on Saturday so if you can spare a few hours (3-5p) it would be great.

Please take a look at the schedule. I need someone for Saturday, Sept 23 and Sunday, Sept 24 to clean in the evening. If you are interested in doing the adoption table - GREAT - however at this point I am just trying to get a PM cleaner/feeder for both days. In October I again need help on weekends (Fri, Sat, and Sun) and Tuesday mornings. Please let me know what you can do. Again, if you are not interested in doing the adoption table on the weekend but can clean in the evening let me know. Remember - the store closes at 6p on Sundays.

Please e-mail me rather than leave me notes at PetSmart. It is often days or even a week before I get the note. Should you have any concerns about a cat needing medical attention you can e-mail me or call the Shelter and ask to speak to someone in the medical department.

I am going away from Sept 22-Oct 9 so hope to have the schedule filled through my return. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I will let you know who to contact in my abscence for emergencies, cancellations, etc.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Arrivals

Five new kitties arrived at Pet Smart today. They are Lollipop, MacKenzie, Ginger, Howie (don't be fooled by the name - Howie is a girl!) and Sara. They seemed to settle right in! Trixie went home on Sunday. Becky and Tangare are still waiting for homes.

Just a word of caution... I noticed today that some of the cardboard covering the holes along the bottom of the cabinets under the cages has a tendency to move. Before you let one of the guys out to run around double check all the cardboard and make sure the openings are completely covered. Some of the new guys are definitely small enough to fit into a hole. I am working on a permanent solution to those spaces!

Katherine S, thank you for taking the time to cut all that paper! I am sure it will be appreciated by others!