Sunday, January 26, 2014

Three Out and Three In!!

It has been a good week!!  Vito went home with a happy little boy and his mom and dad!  Mom had never had a cat before but dad, being a cat guy, convinced her what a great pet Vito would be for their family.  Binx went home with an older gentleman who just fell in love with him!!  He called the Shelter during the week to say how wonderful Binx was doing.  Apparently this is a perfect match - Binx came out of his carrier and adjusted right away to the new house.  Sherman left yesterday and is joining a family with several kids, mom and dad, and two other cats.  This family had been coming into PetSmart and looking at all the cats and were thinking about adopting Binx.  Once they saw he had gone they chose Sherman.  It looks like they will probably be back for Milo as well! 

So, the new arrivals are all boys and are wonderful! Chewbacca is under a year old and is a love bug!! He will purr away when you hold him! (We tend to call him Chewy which may confuse you guys because the other Chewy just left!)  He has been sharing a cage with his adopted brother Periwinkle.  Although they are not littermates they are friends!! Both came in over the summer as strays.  It would be wonderful if they left together, however it is not necessary.
Chewbacca - aka Chewy

Periwinkle aka Perry
And then there is handsome Spencer!  This four year old long haired boy would be best in a quiet household - as an only pet would be ideal but we will consider all the circumstances. Spencer was originally adopted from our Shelter as a kitten.  He was brought back as he was showing signs of stress in his present environment which consisted of two dogs and five kids - ages 7, 9, 10, 12 and 15. Please give Spencer time to settle in before mixing him in with the others.
In February we will be doing a an adoption promotion to help alleviate overcrowding at the Shelter and in anticipation of the inevitable influx of kittens in the Spring. We are going to promote February Feline Frenzy and have different reduced adoption fees for the month.  Details will be provided along with a flyer that can be printed out and shared.
The February schedule is complete with the exception of one day - Friday, February 21, the morning cleaning.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

FINALLY...Home For Mira!!

Yes, it is true!! as you all know Mira arrived at PetSmart on March 22 of 2013 along with Jerry.  Wow...10 months!!  She finally went home on New Year's Eve.  Looks like 2014 is going to be her year!  She was adopted by a nice young couple who saw her in PetSmart and after reading her story really wanted to give her a home.  Although she arrived at PetSmart in March of last year, she actually arrived at the Shelter in July of 2012 as a seven week old kitten.  Your kindness and patience finally paid off!  Every day as you all cared for Mira you helped her to trust the human touch.  As a result she became more trusting and more adoptable every day!  Now she has her own home!

Poor Dusty has been sick so he was brought back to the Shelter on Wednesday.  We are hoping he gets to come back. 

Two new cats arrived today, shy but sweet Odessa and friendly, "I will be all over you" Milo!

Milo is a four year old male that has been at the Shelter since the beginning of July.  He came in with the telltale ear tip indicating he had been neutered and vaccinated.  We knew immediately he was very accustomed to humans.  He is so friendly and would do well in a home with other cats, dogs and kids.  He should settle right in at the store.
Odessa, a buff colored female about two years old, is sweet but can be shy.  She came into the Shelter in the beginning of July as well. The below picture does not do her justice.  She is really pretty!  Please take your time with her.  She will love the other cats and love to play but may shy away from you as you reach for her.  Give her a few days, if not a week, to settle in.  Let her move at her own pace. Initially the PetSmart environment  may intimidate her so be patient.  She is a real sweetheart!!

Thanks to those who jumped in on the open time slots!  The January calendar look good!! Please look ahead to February and let me know if you can cover any of the open time slots.  You will see that I changed the calendar to reflect  AM (morning) or PM (evening) cleanings rather than a time.  Only the adoption table reflects specific arrival and departure times.  Hopefully this will be easy to read and solve that weird time problem.