Sunday, April 19, 2009

Welcome Royalty!

An entire family of five came to pick up Ebony on Sunday afternoon. She will be living with a dog, too, so there certainly will be no lack of company for her.

Shy little Gracie is getting alot of attention. A very interested person plans to return with her dog on Wednesday night to see how they do together. She is so timid so I don't know how that will go.

The two new arrivals just may break your heart. They were surrendered to the Shelter together when the daughter of their owner developed an allergy. Both are about two years old. Prince is a male tabby and quite friendly but is presently very afraid. His companion, Prinny, is a pretty girl with very distinct calico markings. She, too, is normally friendly and affectionate but arrived at PetSmart very nervous and afraid. Since they are accustomed to being together they were put in the big cage. Tracey said they were huddled together and "looked like one big cat lump" when she left the store. I know you guys will give them the patience and TLC they need to settle in and not be afraid anymore. I sure hope they go home together.

The following dates are open in May:
May 9, Saturday, AM
May 12, Tuesday, AM
May 15, Friday, AM
May 23, Saturday, AM
May 24, Sunday, Adoption Table or PM
May 29, Friday, AM

As always I will update the calendar as people sign up so please check it before responding.

Don't forget the Earth Day Fair at the County Park this Saturday 10a-4p. Joan and Barb will be there with dogs and Janet will be at the table with a couple of cats along with shelter animal attendant Libby! Encourage people to stop by and say hello and meet our animals.

Check the link to the right...that's right, the Shelter made the news again!

Here's our sad little new pair...

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter Bunny Was Good To Us!

We had a great weekend! (Thank you, Leona, for covering the adoption table on Saturday AND Sunday). Corki finally went home! He left on Saturday. Leona said he jumped right into the carrier! Our boy was ready to get out of there! He will be living with a young man who is very excited to have him. Saturday Squeaky got a hold and was approved the very next day and got to go home on Easter. Also on Saturday a young girl came in and after spending alot of time with Jess came back on Sunday and put a hold on Isabella. The application has been approved and she will be leaving on Wednesday.

I am amazed that Jess is still there. She is so cute and friendly. I wish her day would come!

I brought two new new kitties down this afternoon - Kisses and Grace. You guys are going to love these two. Kisses is a black and white female and had absolutely no problem settling in. I put her in a cage and then let the others out. She was so intrigued I opened the door. She promptly jumped down and joined right in.

Little Grace is shy. She is a tiny calico and is really nervous. She looks like a kitten but is actually about two or three years old. (Unfortunately I do not have a picture.) She is very sweet and loves to be held and feels so frail and little. She climbed into a cubby and watched everything going on. Leave the door betwee cages shut for her for a couple of days and let her feel secure. Poor girl's a scaredy cat.

Ebony's hold is still active and the application is being processed. I anticipate her going Wednesday night.

I noticed today that we have no boys. I need to bring down some tom cats!

Volunteers are all lined up for the Earth Day Fair. We will have dogs and cats there available for adoption. If you get a chance stop by and say hi to Barb, Joan, Vilma and Janet. Libby, the senior animal attendant at the Shelter, will be on hand as well.

There was a nice article about the Shelter in the Spring issue of the Seven Mile Times. Click on "Shelter In The News" to the right and go to page 8.

There is still some openings in May so take a look and let me know what you can do.

Meet Kisses:

Monday, April 06, 2009

Good Golly Miss Mollie!

Molly went home on Saturday. Her new family brought a small carrier but she was not crazy about the idea of being stuffed into it so she left in one of our cardboard carriers. Often times it is easier (and causes less stress for the cat) to put it into the top of the carrier rather than into the door of a carrier.

Minx has a good application pending. Her potential new dad came in on Sunday armed with a completed application, all the supporting documentation AND a carrier! Unfortunately I was unable to verify his vet reference. He was very understanding about our adoption process and if all goes well will be back Wednesday night to pick her up.

Ebony got a hold on Sunday. Her app was promptly faxed to the Shelter by the very competent Judy M and is being processed.

I removed all the papers from the walls within the adoption room. All the sample forms are in a folder in the adoption table. The emergency phone numbers and list of volunteer phone numbers are in a clear plastic folder and are also in the table. I put the "Happy Endings" list in the cage room and the current calendars are on the back of the door. Please do not add anything else to the walls or to the folders. Once I bring a small file box where money and pending holds can be secured the table will permanently sit outside the adoption room.

A couple of reminders:
1) Please cut off the UPC codes from the litter and food bags and place them in the folder in the table. Do not leave empty bags folded on top of the bins. Throw them away.
2) When a cat goes home throw away all the cage cards.
3) Limit the blankets to one per cat. I know everyone wants the guys to be comfy and have lots of options BUT more is not always better. Remember, the cats are being marketed and clean, uncluttered cages show our guys alot better.
4) PLEASE sign the Maintenance Check List

The shelter will have a booth at the Earth Day Fair on Saturday, April 25. Also, the annual spring adoption event held at PetSmart is May 1,2,3. The adoption table will have increased hours and additional cats and dogs will be coming from the Shelter. Please let me know if you can help at either event.

As you may or not be aware kitten season is upon us. This means area rescues and shelters will be inundated with kittens. Kittens are born with a weak immune system and can not receive their initial vaccinations for several weeks. As a result many can not survive in a shelter atmosphere and often succumb to illness. If you or someone you know is interested in fostering kittens for the Shelter please let me know or have them call the Shelter and leave me a message.