Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Helena and Cathy Go Home - Madame and Angel Arrive - Future Volunteers Visit Shelter

Helena and Cathy went home as scheduled on Saturday. Yes, Helena's new Grandma does indeed have the same name! Helena, the person, and her daughter were very excited to pick up Helena, the cat. Cathy went home, also. She, too, went to a home where the family is thrilled to have her. I spoke with them several times on the phone and they could not wait til Saturday. I am sure Cathy will be missed as she spent alot of time at PetSmart.

Two new guys arrived at PetSmart on Sunday. Madame is a "senior" cat. It is estimated she is nine years old. She is sweet and nice and I know you will all love her! Angel is a few years younger than Madame but older than three. She is shy but very nice. I am sure that after spending some time with all of you she will overcome some of that shyness!

Madame (left) and Angel (right)

On Saturday, February 10, a local Girl Scout Troop visited the shelter as part of a program organized by volunteer, Janet K. Janet initially met with the scouts in October and they discussed responsible pet ownership and pet care techniques as well as the importance of spaying and neutering pets. During the scouts' visit at the Shelter, they spent time touring the facility and learning about food preparation, cleaning and medical procedures. They even observed blood being drawn for testing from a kitten who had just arrived at the Shelter. The scouts named the kitty "Panda." In addition each member of the Troop was permitted time to pet and cuddle one of the Shelter cats. The program was a great success with both the scouts and the staff. Here is a picture of the visitors along with Shelter animal attendant, Jess, who is holding Panda. Looks like a bunch of future volunteers to me!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sasha Finds A Home With Four-Legged Friends

Sasha arrived at the Shelter a few months ago at the age of six. Her previous owner was moving and could not bring her along. Shelter staff fell in love with this big girl (she must weigh twenty pounds) and were anxious to see her be back in a comfortable house. Sasha went to PetSmart on Saturday and on Sunday she found a home! After hearing how Sasha had been left behind in the move a retired school teacher and his wife submitted an adoption application. They were approved and Sasha went home Wednesday night. Along with this kind couple, Sasha will be living with two four-legged housemates - a poodle and another cat. Sounds like quite a home!!

Robin went home as scheduled last Saturday. Helena is scheduled to go home this Saturday and so is Cathy!! Yes, Cathy has a home!! The hold for Cathy I told you about on the last blog entry was pulled by the applicant. Cathy got another hold Wednesday night and the application has been approved. It is a home with a couple with no children and no other pets. I think she will be spoiled and quite happy. (I must say Cathy has come a long way. Thanks to the compassion and patience shown by all you guys she really has come around and is a sweet, loving little cat. Good job!!)

Poor Taye went home Wednesday afternoon and was brought back to the Shelter this morning. He had been adopted by the family who adopted Smokester. Apparently he did not get along well with another cat in the house. He was promptly brought back to PetSmart by Shelter staff this afternoon. I am confident we will find him a good home.

Two new guys arrived yesterday - Senora (I call her Pumpkin - I like that name better!) and Iris. Senora (aka Pumpkin) is a six year old female torti. She has a round head and little ears. Iris is a two year old female who is gray and white and has had a tough time. She came into the Shelter with a serious eye infection which resulted in removal of the eye at the end of December. She is none the worse for wear and is still mouthy and inquisitive! Meet Iris and Senora...

Friday, February 09, 2007

Brandon, Patsy & Ellie say "TGIF!"

When Brandon's new mom came to pick him up tonight he was all snuggled up with Patsy and the two were sound asleep. She could not bear to separate them so she decided to take both cats. Fortunately the Shelter Director was right there at the adoption table and could approve the adoption immediately. What timing!! There is no doubt in my mind that Brandon and Patsy knew exactly what they were doing!

Ellie went home as scheduled. Her new home is chock full of new toys and accessories. She is going to be one spoiled cat. Robin is scheduled to go home tomorrow.

Jenny G was kind enough to donate litter pans to the cause. They are made of nice strong plastic. The ones that are not being used are stored underneath the large cage. I labeled the cabinet door. It is not necessary to fill the pan up with any more litter than we have been using. This should keep the cages looking really clean. However, the pans will need to be kept clean. If anything adheres to the side of the pan use the quats (the yellow liquid in the spray bottle) and wipe the pans out or take it into the back of the store and rinse it out. PLEASE...DO NOT STORE ANY PANS THAT ARE NOT TOTALLY CLEAN!! We have done a great job keeping the area free of unpleasant odors. Let's keep it that way!

Four new guys are arriving tomorrow (Saturday) at about 2:00pm. They are all older cats. There is Taye (rhymes with "may"), a black and brown male tabby and his roommate, Estralita, a gray female tabby. They have been roommies at the Shelter and will share the big cage. Also arriving tomorrow is Sasha - a female torbie that was surrendered to the Shelter by her previous owner and is six years old. Last but not least, Gus, a big frendly male is joining the group.

Dare I say this? I am afraid to type it but... Cathy got a hold yesterday and the application describes the perfect househould for her. It is a mom and her 17-year old daughter - no other pets. Keep your paws crossed that this one works out! Cathy has come a long way and needs to go home soon!!

(from left to right...Taye, Sasha, Gus & Estralita)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Smudge and Chucky Go Home!

Smudge and Chucky went home last night! Ya gotta love how well adoptions have been going in 2007! Looks like it is our year! Brandon is scheduled to go home soon - hopefully Friday afternoon. There are holds pending on Robin and Helena and two on Ellie. Everyone is moving so fast that I never got a chance to get a picture of Chucky! Hey, no complaints here, though!

Good news...we are going back to the old litter pans. As soon as our present supply is finished we will restock with the deeper ones.

When you take an adoption application and the applicant indicates they have pets at home please let them know that the Shelter will be calling their veterinarian for a reference. Tell them to make sure that ALL pets in the household are listed and up to date on shots. If not the application will not be approved until the animals are brought up to date. Also, added to the application is a note that proof of residence in the form of a tax bill or rental agreement is required. Although applicants may become impatient with our process assure them that the Shelter is working in the best interest of the animals and it is important that they go into a healthy and secure environment.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Connie & Midnight Go Home - Welcome Helena & Robin

Midnight went home Friday night so Brandon has lost his roommate! Since Brandon is so accustomed to company in his big cage someone else is moving in. I am sure Brandon will miss Midnight as will many of you! Connie went home on Friday night as well. She is quite a cutie!

I spoke with Smokester's new mom last week and she told me that Smokester settled in quickly and gets along well in her new family which includes another cat and a dog. Things went so smoothly she is even contemplating adopting another cat!

Helena and Robin will be arriving on Sunday. Helena is an orange and white female and loving and friendly. Robin is a female and is primarily black with white markings. She is a little shy but is very nice.

As far as the new litter pans...I think we all agree we prefer the old ones - however we have to live with them. I know they are shallow and somewhat flimsy. Please be careful not to use too many. They tend to stick together and some cages have as many as four piled upon each other. Before using a new pan please make sure that it is not several stuck together. Using two at a time seems to work fine.

The March schedule looks great so far. The following mornings are still open: March 3(Sat), 8(Thu), 9(Fri), 16(Fri), 23 (Fri). The only remaining open evening is: March 23(Fri). Please let me know if you are available to cover any of these days.

If you know anyone interested in volunteering at the Shelter please let them know that the next Volunteer Orientation is Tuesday, February 20, 7:00-8:30PM. Volunteer applications are available at the Shelter or can be downloaded from this site or the Shelter's website. Volunteers must submit to a background check prior to attending the orientation so if you know anyone interested have them complete an application ASAP. (Volunteers at the Shelter can not be younger than 14 years old. Volunteers between the ages of 14-17 years old must be supervised at all times.)

Again...thank you very much for your help!! I am SOOO pleased with the number of successful adoptions we had in January!!!

Meet Helena and Robin: