Saturday, August 24, 2013

All the Kittens Go Home!

Well, it has been a good week for kittens!  Drake and Michael were adopted together and will be living with another cat and two five year old twins boys!  Sounds like a good match!  Victoria is also joining a household with other cats and kids.  Primarily she will belong to a seventeen year old girl who is extremely excited!!  (Funny story...Johnny, Austin, Michael and Drake were named after the four boys who belong to the woman who found them.  Coincidentally John was adopted first, followed by Austin - which is the humans' birth order.  Then Drake and Michael were adopted together.  The human Drake and Michael are inseparable and always always together!! Very interesting how they followed their human counterparts.)

Dudley has a wound on his back so he is back at the Shelter until it is better.  He is fine so do not worry about him!!

Three kittens and one adult were brought to the store yesterday.  (As I am sure you are able to tell we have quite a few kittens at the Shelter!!)  The four that arrived are littermates Darla and Dolly, Ronin and the adult named Baby.

Darla and Dolly are female littermates about four months old and came into the Shelter in mid-June.  They are very friendly, outgoing and love people.  They are very well socialized.  If a potential adopter is interested in two cats they would be perfect together - however it is not mandatory.
Little Baby is a personal surrender.  She is between two and three years old and will walk right out of the cage and into your arms!  She is a total love bug!  She had a litter of kittens and her owner did not have the means to take care of her or her babies.  She will do well in any home.
Ronin is one of those highly adoptable cats - an orange male.  Everyone loves the orange male and Ronin typifies why!  He is four months old and very very friendly.  He will do well in any household as well.
There is a regular opening for every other Satuday in the morning beginning September 7.  In addition there is some adoption table dates on the weekends that need to be covered.  Below is the dates needed so let me know if you can do any:
Saturday, September 7, AM Cleaning
Saturday, September 7, Adoption Table 2-4pm (also Dog Day)
Saturday, September 21, AM Cleaning
Saturday, September 21, Adoption Table 2-4pm

Adoptions have been slow at the Shelter.  This is probably due to the fact that families are focused on preparing to get kids back to school, college starting, etc.  Hopefully in a few weeks things will pick up again.  Thankfully PetSmart cats move along at a somewhat steady pace and help relieve some of the pressure. The Shelter has all of you to thank for this!!  Again...thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you do to help us help these cats.