Thursday, February 26, 2015

Adoption Updates and New Arrivals

Where did everybody go???  Well...Lisa went to a home where she will live with a senior dog, four kids under age 12 and three adults.   Yen and Skittles went to a home with a couple and are the only pets.  They are receiving a TON of attention!  It's nice to know they have each other.  Girli is the only cat living with a single man and spending little, if any, time alone.  The diva is happy!

Four new cats arrived at the store yesterday.

Russ is wonderful senior lap cat about ten years old.  He was living with other cats when his owner died.  He loves humans and will make someone a wonderful companion.  He qualifies for our Senior For Senior Program. 

Jane is a friendly little lady under a year old. In September of last year Jane and her brother Tarzan were left behind when their owner moved.  Prior to being left behind she lived in the house with cats, kids and dogs. Tarzan has been adopted and Jane is patiently waiting for her turn to have a second chance.
Prince Harry and Lola will be occupying the big cage. These two siblings are just under a year old and were brought to the Shelter when their owners moved.  They have not had experience in a house with dogs however they did spend time with kids in their former home.
Prince Harry
We decided to move Bugsy and Daffy to two of the cages rather than the big cage because they were creating quite a mess daily and it is easier to clean out the smaller cubicles - especially when it comes to taking out those big pieces.  Also, Anya and Brody were transferred to a small feline shelter in Lindenwold in Camden County.  They are doing well and are in a wonderful place. Often times the change in location results in a quicker adoption.

Below are the dates coverage is needed for the month of March.  Please let me know if you are available to cover any of the dates.
Monday, March 2, AM Cleaning
Tuesday, March 3, PM Cleaning
Monday, March 9, AM Cleaning
Monday, March 16, AM Cleaning
Tuesday, March 17, PM Cleaning
Friday, March 20, AM Cleaning
Monday, March 23, AM Cleaning
Monday, March 30, AM Cleaning
Tuesday, March 31, PM Cleaning

Who is tired of this winter besides me?! Three weeks until Spring!!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

A Pair For A Pair

Due to numerous reports of sneezing Anya and Brody were brought back to the Shelter today.  Just a reminder for those who get sad when the cats are returned...they are FINE!!  Lots of times when we switch things up like this the cats seem happy to be back and also it gets exposure for some new guys.

So...your new pair of boys is Daffy and Bugs and they arrived today to take up residence in the big cage.  These two came into the Shelter as strays last summer from a TNR site.  At that time they were about three months old.  We estimate them now to be about ten months old. They were both so nice we opted to put them up for adoption rather than return them to the managed colony. They have been living together in a cage at the Shelter - however it would be okay if they went to separate homes.  Of course best case scenario they stay together.  Both cats are sweet and get along fine with other cats.  We think they will be fine with kids and dogs as well.  Daffy is a tad vocal when no one is paying attention to him!
It is time for our annual Feline Frenzy February!  For those volunteers working the adoption table please make sure you know the fees.  Below is a copy of the flyer that shows the various reduced adoption fees.  In addition a flyer was posted at the store. Of course the regular application process does not change. A link to this promotion is on the right.
I am going away next week...Sunday, February 8 through Sunday, February 15.  If you need anything during that time please call or email the Shelter - or call 465-8923.  The phone is answered and emails are monitored seven days a week.  If you are scheduled at night and need to cancel at the last minute and the Shelter has closed please call PetSmart at 886-7356 and let the manager know.  A store associate will check on the cats. If you are working the adoption table simply process applications as usual and fax them to the Shelter.  Tom and Chrissy know the drill!

I am afraid to say this BUT...the February calendar is complete!  Special thanks to Barb A for jumping in on all those Mondays!

Stay warm! 45 days til Spring!