Thursday, January 28, 2016

We Survived Winter Storm Jonas!

I hope everyone fared well through that horrific winter storm!  PetSmart took care of our cats throughout the weekend so our volunteers could stay safe and sound at home. We knew there was only going to be three cats at the store over the weekend so decided to keep it that way to make it easier for the PetSmart employees to take care of them in addition to the store animals.

Prior to the store we had brought Warren and Lynette back to the Shelter after getting several reports of fighting, signs of stress and overall discontent.  These cats were living with people we suspect did not treat them very well so sadly they are accustomed to thing getting worse when they are stressed - perhaps putting them in a defensive mode when uncomfortable. Just the move to the store from the Shelter is stressful; add the additional people, the "fishbowl" effect, dogs, kids knocking on the windows, etc.  and it can be too much.

Ginger was adopted and is doing well!!  I was a bit concerned as there is a lot going on in her new home - several young children including toddlers and a hyper Jack Russell terrier.  After speaking with the applicant about the importance of a slow introduction for Ginger to all of this I felt confident she would listen. She works from home so there is plenty of supervision.  She called to say that Ginger wanted out of the spare bathroom almost immediately!  She is doing well and she and the JRT are getting along fine.  She figured out quickly how to hide from the kids!!

Three cats arrived at the store yesterday.  Peter, Bea and Camille.  All three of these cats were altered when they came in which gives us hope that all the spay/neuter promotion being done in this County may actually be paying off!!

Bea has been at the Shelter the longest.  We estimate her to be about three or four years old. She arrived in August of 2014 after supposedly biting and scratching someone in an apartment complex.   She was called "stray" however was already spayed. She is quiet and does not go looking for attention but is very affectionate when she does get it!  The poor girl has been in a cage for two years and has gained a lot of weight.  She is not crazy about other cats but will tolerate them. The perfect fit for Bea is a quiet household.  This can include other cats, kids and dogs however the overall atmosphere needs to be mellow.  Please give her space to settle in and do not force her to interact with the other cats. 
Camille is a wonderful, middle-aged beauty (just like most of us, right??!!).   She is affectionate and loves to be held!  We estimate her to be about seven years old.  She came into the Shelter in September of last year. She has an eye that can get a little wet and runny however it is not a reason for concern.  She is not sick and it is not contagious.  She would adapt well to a home with cats, kids and dogs.
And then there is Peter!!  He hugs!!  You are going to love him!  He is a sweetheart that came into the Shelter just last month.  He is about five years old.  He was left behind in a house following an eviction and we have been unable to contact his owner. 
So there you have it!!  Three new cats ready for love and attention from you guys while they await their forever homes!

The February schedule looks great!  Please take a look and let me know if I have made any mistakes.  There has been a lot of changes lately.

Cindy cut the last roll of paper and brought it to the store.  I'll be purchasing more rolls to drop off for her to cut. 

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Harvey & Henry Go Home!

As we all knew Harvey and Henry did not last at PetSmart very long!  The applicant was very excited and would not have been able to pick them up until this weekend so we sent staff down to do the adoption.  They will be living with a younger couple and two older cats - ages 13 and 15.  The two older guys won't know what hit 'em!

Three cats arrived yesterday - Silky, Lynette and Warren.  All three are several years old.  Right now we only have two kittens at the Shelter.  Hopefully people continue to adopt even though the majority at the store will be older.

Lynette and Warren are four year old litter mates. You will know Warren by the white tip on his tail. These two were brought to the Shelter in September through Animal Control however were actually owner surrenders. The owners stated they could not care for them any longer.  It was the best thing that could have happened to these two!  They were flea and lice infested and had sores on them which could never be explained. They would be fine in a home with other cats.  They have not lived with dogs so we do not know how that would go. Warren seems to have a complete aversion to the smell of cigarette smoke on a human.  If you are a smoker (please quit!!) be cognizant of this should you attempt to pick him up. 
Warren (L) and Lynette (R)
Silky is a pretty, older girl - about six years old. She was found wandering about a motel on North Wildwood Boulevard.  She does have an eartip and was spayed prior to arriving at the Shelter. She is a lovebug when it comes to humans but a diva when it comes to cats!  She would be okay in a home with dogs but not other cats.
The January schedule is complete.  Special thanks to all those who have helped to fill in the time slots!!  I did find a Friday regular in Cathy Tchorni!  Thanks, Cathy!

Monday, January 04, 2016

2016 Will Be OUR Year!!

Hobbit spent New Year's Eve in his new home!!  A couple came to the store last Wednesday night and met him and HAD to have him!!  The application was approved on Thursday. Rather than have Hobbit spend another holiday in a cage we arranged for staff to meet the applicant at the store and off he went!!

Two wonderful long haired boys arrived at the store last week - Harvey and Henry.  They are really handsome!!  They are all boy and all kitten...they love to play and they play rough!  We would LOVE to see them go home together.  Harvey is the orange guy and Henry is the gray, black tiger.  They are about eight months old and you will all love them!
Harvey & Henry
We received a few reports that Bart was experiencing some gastrointestinal problems - however as of today he seems fine!  Too many treats, maybe, or stress. 

I am aware that there are donations at the store and will arrange to have them picked up.

There are quite a few openings in the schedule so please let me know if you can can cover any of the dates.  We need a regular for every Friday evening cleaning now.  Anything you can do would be a big help.  Below are the dates:

Friday, January 8, PM Cleaning
Sunday, January 10, AM Cleaning
Friday, January 15, PM Cleaning
Friday, January 22, PM Cleaning
Friday, January 29, PM Cleaning 
Friday, January 29, AM Cleaning
Sunday, January 31, Adoption Table

Thank you all for your help and your commitment to this program throughout 2015!!  We had a great year!!  Let's hope it continues through 2016!!