Friday, October 28, 2016

Chester Gets Another Chance!

Chester left last Wednesday and will be splitting his time between Glenside, PA and Sea Isle City along with a human sibling, mom and dad, and two canine siblings.  This home will be the last!

Little old Dixie was brought to PetSmart this week.  She arrived at the Shelter in late August of this year.  She was seen wandering about a neighborhood and a Good Samaritan picked her up.  She is about twelve years old and was spayed at intake.  She is a delicate little girl and looks younger than she is. We were hoping someone missed her but never received a call.  This senior girl could sure use a break!
The schedule looks great for the next week with the exception of Wednesday morning.  Let me know if you are available to cover it.


Monday, October 17, 2016

Introducing the Magnificent Seven!

Well, every once in a while this happens.  As you know we had to take all the cats out of the Adoption Center in order to sanitize the entire area due to ringworm on one of the cats.  Since they all socialize together it is safer to proceed this way.  All the cats are doing well and will be fine.  We did have two adoptions before the cleaning - Penny and Gabriel.

Gabriel went home with a woman for three days and sadly she brought him back.  She said he was too easily excited and was too much for her.  We do know he likes to play rough and does his share of love biting.  This ten year old tom cat is no old man!  He has been transferred to Animal Outreach.  One of their volunteers was at the Shelter when Gabriel was brought back and after meeting him immediately wanted him for their adoption center in West Cape May.

Penny is joining a full house - a seven year old Shepherd mix, a four year Australian Cattle Dog, two human toddlers (ages 2 and 3) and mom and dad.  As you will recall Penny has done some bouncing around over the years.  Hopefully this is the home she has been waiting for!

Velcro, Simon and Marge are litter mates that were together in a foster home. The two girls, Marge and Velcro, look identical.  The boy, Simon, is orange and so far is the friendliest of the three. They are four months old and came into the Shelter as strays in late July.  Initially they were somewhat feral but thanks to the watchful eye and handling in their foster home they have really come around. Potential adopters need to know that they were a tad nervous at first so will need a slow introduction to a new home - especially with kids and dogs.  They will get afraid all over again in a new or loud and busy environment.
Velcro, Simon, Marge
Chester came into the Shelter as a stray in mid-August.  He was already neutered however not micro chipped. He showed up at a managed outside cat colony looking for food.  He is quiet and well mannered and will acclimate to almost any home.  He is eight years old so qualifies for our Senior For Senior Adoption Program. 

Hibic is a doll! This five year old male came into the Shelter in mid-April after being hit by a car.  He sustained a severe concussion, a fractured pelvis, and appeared to lose his sight as a result of the trauma.  After months in our iso unit under the care of the best staff EVER he is fully recovered!  He enjoys the company of other cats so he is sharing the big cage with Chutney.

Chutney came into the Shelter in March of this year from a managed cat colony.  He was so nice and personable that it seemed best to not return him to the colony.  He is a happy little guy that loves other cats.  He is about a year and half old.
Last but not least is Coco.  This pretty young calico was adopted over a year ago with another cat.  The adopter brought both cats back claiming they did not use the litter box.  We have not seen that behavior in either cat at the Shelter.  Often times calicos want to be the only cat - maybe that is what really happened.  OR maybe the boxes were not kept clean enough for them.  We recommend that Coco be the only cat and the quieter the household the better. She is about a year and half old.
And there you have it...the Magnificent Seven!  As always, please watch the cats for signs of stress and do not force any to socialize too quickly.

We continue to struggle to fill the adoption table on Sunday afternoons.  If you would like to be trained in how to do adoptions and are available periodically please let me know.  It is not necessary to sign up for every week.  Whatever you can do is fine! Judy M usually covers Saturdays with the exception of one Sunday.

We are also looking for someone to do Wednesday mornings as a regular - every other or periodically is fine.  Starting Sunday, November 6, Deb and Warren again head for warmer climates so Sunday mornings will need to be covered until these two snowbirds return in the spring.  Remember - the store opens at 10:00am on Sundays so you can sleep in and then go.

Thank you all for everything you do for this program.  It is so important to the Shelter!!