Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hooray For Sandy II and Tabby!!!

Finally!!  It seems poor Sandy has been waiting forever!  She went home on Saturday where she will be living with two young boys, their mom and a lion rabbit.  (The rabbit is really cute!!!)  On Tuesday Sandy's new mom reported that she is sleeping at the bottom of her bed at night and has already made herself at home on the living room couch during the day.  Her mom says she is "a real love bug!"  Yay!!  So many of you grew fond of worry no more!

Tabby went home on Saturday, too.  He will be the only pet in the house with a single older woman.  This is a good fit for Tabby as that is the life he was accustomed to prior to coming to the Shelter.  His new mom called and said that he hid for the first two days under a dresser in the bedroom but now has ventured out.  He will be fine!

Three new cats are arriving today or tomorrow.  They are all females...Lucy, Sassy and Fefe.

Sassy came in as stray in late April of this year.  She had already been spayed so someone should be missing her, however we never received a phone call.  She is a young adult...just over a year old.  She is a sweetheart!

Lucy came into the shelter in September of last year as a stray.  At that time she was under a year old - so today she is approaching two years old. She is a friendly girl who stays right up to the front of the cage!  She pays a lot of attention to what is going on around her!
Fefe is a lover!!  She will walk right out of the cage and into your arms! She is so friendly!! Her owner brought her to the Shelter in February - he was moving and Fefe couldn't go with him.  He had been feeding her as stray for over two years and did not know how old she is.  We think she is older...somewhere between seven and eight years old.  So, she qualifies for the Senior For Seniors Adoption Program.  The fee is waived for those over the age of 62 who are approved for adoption.  However, the actual application process remains the same.
All three of these girls have been fine with other cats while at the Shelter.  As always do not automatically set them loose among the other cats and do not open the doors between their cages.  Give them a few days to settle in and see how they do.  Remember, the setting at PetSmart is quite different than the setting at the Shelter.  PetSmart can be overwhelming.  It is louder and busier than the Shelter.  Cats are sensitive creatures and some get more afraid than others. 

I am almost afraid to say this...the July schedule is complete.  As always emails will be sent out requesting coverage should any cancellations be necessary.

For those of you who are not regulars please note that when you cover for someone and need to pass on information to the Shelter, including medical concerns, email me at and Cc

Hopefully graduation, wedding and family vacation season is drawing to a close and adoptions will pick up!!  If anyone is interested in kittens please have them come to the Shelter.  Kitten season has begun!

Thanks again for everything you do for the Shelter!