Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Arrival - Long Time Shelter Resident

Ok, everyone, we have a project. Our new arrival at PetSmart is Priscilla. She is a little chubby - weighing in at fourteen pounds. She has been at the Shelter since April 5, 2010. Yep, that's right, over a year. Ruth was adopted quickly and hopefully Priscilla will be, too. She is about three years old and is missing her top K9 teeth. This makes her always look like she has a little Elvis-like lip curl! She is not crazy about being picked up - but how many cats really are?? She will make a nice companion and will sit with you and enjoy brushing and petting. She would do fine in a home with dogs and other cats. We will consider a home with young children based on a review of the application and on meeting the children.


Can someone tell me if the properly marked bottles for the disinfectant have arrived yet from the PetSmart management?

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

It Only Took One Day For Ruth!!

Most of you did not even have a chance to meet Ruth - that's how quickly she was adopted from PetSmart. On Monday, May 15, we sadly marked Ruth's one year anniversary of arriving at the Shelter. On Tuesday she went to PetSmart. On Wednesday we received the perfect application for her and last night she went home! She will be the only pet in the household and her new mom already loves her! So, this is her welcome blog entry AND her goodbye blog entry! Happy tails, Ruth!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another GREAT Week!!!

Pathetic Puffy left on Wednesday night. YAY!! She will be living with another cat and a dog. Her family saw her last week and fell in love with her immediately. They recently had a cat that passed away and she strongly resembled Puffy. Mom and Dad both understand feline behavior and are very sensitive to Puffy's nervousness and fear. Dad quietly held Puffy the night she left until she calmed down. They have a big bedroom where Puffy will spend time alone until she has acclimated to her new home. This is a good fit!

Here is some more good news.... Trooper and OC left last night together!! They will be the only pets in the house. They will be living with a toddler which could take some getting used to. Their new family told me, "They were the only ones that looked back at us through the glass!" Looks like they knew how to work it!! Both were nervous and growly when they left last night so the Shelter checked on them today to see how their first night went. Both ate and both used the litter box. OC is a tad more nervous than Trooper. We did reiterate that with time and patience they will settle in and be fine. For now they will be separated from the toddler until they feel more comfortable.

An application for Isabel has been approved and she is scheduled to leave today. She will be the only pet in the house and will have a couple of kids to play with!

Which leads me to our new arrivals.... First, there is Piper and Shiloh - another case that will break your hearts. These two are littermates that came to the Shelter in late November of last year when their owner passed way. Both are friendly and will sit with you and enjoy being petted. Unfortunately there was not a family member available to take them. Both are 2-3 years old. They were accustomed to a quiet home. Although the bios say no small children we would consider an applicant with kids if they appear to understand the history behind these two and understand cats in general. We also would prefer they are adopted together because they have always been together. If adopted together the fee for one will be waived. Piper is the torti and Shiloh is the tabby.

The last new arrival is Ethan - a handsome and friendly young male. He came into the Shelter as a stray and is 2-3 years old. He is a brown and black tabby and has a big tom cat head and a flat nose! He looks like a little lion!

Please look at the schedule and note that in July a schedule change begins. Joanne has been doing Sundays since 2006 and asked for some time off - well deserved, I must say, since she works at her real job Monday through Saturday! She will do Monday nights for July and August and then will do every other Sunday and every other Monday starting in September. If you are only available on weekends here is an opportunity to pick up a regular spot. Please let me know if you are interested. Otherwise it will be filled monthly.

The June schedule looks great. There are only two openings - both in the morning: Thursday, June 9 and Friday, June 17. Remember, starting in June dogs will be at the store the first Saturday of each month from 12:30 to 3:00. If you signed up make sure you remember and check the schedule for your name.

Let's hope this momentum continues!!!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Three More Go Home!

And they continue to go home!! Great week! Calypso and Butters went home Wednesday night. Calypso's family arrived first and and when the carrier was prepared Butters went and jumped into it! Guess he was a tad anxious knowing his turn was next! When his new family arrived he went right into the proper carrier. Calypso will be the only pet in the house. Butters will have both a canine and feline sibling.

Puffy has a pending application which so far looks good. We are still waiting for some information. Poor Puffy seems sad. She was always a finicky eater here at the Shelter and apparently that is continuing and she is not eating. Purina Cat Chow was her favorite here so a small bag was brought down to the store to see if she would eat it. Please note in the book if she is eating and "eliminating." Hopefully she will get to leave soon.

Two new girls arrived today...Isabelle and Ginger. Ginger is a blue cream pretty girl that has been at the Shelter since October of last year. She was a poor old mangy looking thing - skin and bones and losing hair. The staff gave her a lot of TLC and she is looking good! She would do fine in a home with other cats, dogs and kids.

Isabelle is gray tiger/torbi who was found in a managed cat colony in one of our shore communities. She was already spayed and we suspect was dumped there by someone thinking the colony caretaker would see she was okay. She is young - a little under a year. She is an outgoing little girl and will adapt to any environment.

As always - please monitor the new guys and see how they fit in before pushing them to socialize. Here they are:

On Thursday the blankets from the hamper were brought to the Shelter, washed and returned. The room looks great!! Everyone does such a good job keeping it clean - and I know it is not an easy task in those cramped quarters! Again, thank you all for your commitment to this program. I just can not say enough how much this means to the Shelter.

I'm not going to bug you guys about the June calendar because it is still early May! Wouldn't hurt to take a peek though! :-)

Happy Mother's Day to all my moms!!!

Yes, we have kittens! Spread the word! ^..^

Sunday, May 01, 2011

"Flurry" of Activity Results In FOUR Adoptions!

What a great week for the PetSmart cats! Cheech and Versace left on Friday night. They were adopted by a couple who adopted from us in the past and sadly their cat passed away after a little more than a year. It is so great that these two get to stay together! Flurry left Saturday afternoon and so did Bonnie. Bonnie was also adopted to a repeat offender!! Her new family had adopted from us in November of last year.

Below is the line up of new arrivals. Blackout and Duncan were moved into the big cage. The first two, OC and Trooper, were surrendered at the end of January as a child in the home had developed an allergy. Trooper is the tiger with the white snout and pink nose. He is three years old. OC is the gray tabby and is five years old. He loves to be babied and will sit with you and enjoying a good petting session. Both will be fine in a home with kids and other cats.

Can you pick out Puffy?? Yep, the long haired cutie! She too was surrendered due to allergies in the home. She is four years old and will be fine with kids. She lived in a home as the only animal so we are not sure how she will do with other cats or with dogs. Please keep this in mind when letting the guys out to play. She may get stressed out. Also, Puffy was an indoor/outdoor cat.

The orange and white one is Lady. She came into the Shelter as a stray along with a tiny kitten. The kitten is in foster and doing fine. She is another one which we need to watch initially and see how she reacts when with the rest of the gang.

All in all...a good group!!!

New blankets were made to accompany the cats when they go home. If you work the adoption table and send the guys packing don't forget they get a blanket as a Going Home present. The blankets are made by Larissa's friend who lives in Pennsylvania. They are located in one of the cabinets under the cages.

The May schedule is just about complete. I still have not acquired a regular for every other Thursday morning or for Friday mornings. Anne (aka Mom) is picking up the Fridays this month - THANK YOU!! I still need coverage for Thursday, May 12 and Thursday, May 26.

Next weekend the Shelter will have a table and dogs at the Cape May County Earth Day Fair at the County Park 10a-4p.

Thanks to everyone who assisted with the adoption event this weekend. It sure was busy!!