Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Penny Goes Back Home!

Gladys went home Wednesday night. Penny and Alice went home on Saturday. Alice's new mom was so excited to be approved!!

Penny has quite a story. It seems that eight years ago she was given away when her owner died. That person kept her for about two years and then gave her to someone else. That woman brought her to the Shelter after eight years and said she could no longer care for her. Penny went to PetSmart. A friend of the original owner recognized Penny immediately and even remembered her name. She contacted the daughter of the original owner who lives in Mount Laurel and told her that her mother's cat was at a PetSmart in Rio Grande. The daughter was amazed and called the Shelter. In the meantime I called the pending hold taken on Penny and they could not have been happier to be turned down given the reason why. They adopted a kitten from Animal Outreach. Penny truly went home!

The new guys, House, Wilson and Randal, arrived Sunday.... House and Wilson are male litter mates that were brought to the Shelter due to allergies. They are big and soft and nice. We have kept them together since they arrived and hopefully will get to stay together in their next home. They are in the big cage. Wilson is the white and black guy and House is the gray and white tabby. They are a few years old. They settled right in.

Randall is a gray and black tabby that came to the Shelter as a stray and is also a couple of years old. He is really nice and friendly and very vocal. At the Shelter he talked all day long! He is a little scared right now at PetSmart and is sharing cages with Ralph (who seems to sorely miss Alice). I think he will settle in quickly but please give him time.

Last Saturday volunteers Janet and Fran brought Marty, the shepherd mix below and Boots, a young male cat, to Saint Mary's Episcopal Church in Stone Harbor for the annual blessing of the animals. They represented all the Shelter dogs and cats who were blessed by proxy. It was a nice little service. Thanks to Janet and Fran!!

Attention dog walkers....please let me know if you can attend the training scheduled at the Shelter on Sunday, October 25, 1:00-3:00pm. Devil Dog Trainer, Donna Lawson, has alot of experience and has been coming to the Shelter and working with our dogs. She looks forward to working with volunteers and staff.

PetSmart Charities has added another three day adoption event - Friday through Sunday, November 13-15. Please keep it in mind as in a few weeks I will need to know who is available. I'd love to get at least two dogs per day there as well as additional cats.

OK, please forgive me but I need to say this....GO EASY ON THE LITTER. There is no need to fill the pans more than 1/2 - 3/4 inch from the bottom. Remember, we go in twice a day, every day. Also, the litter is a mess to begin with. Let's not give them mountains of it to throw about.

I am going to see about giving the cages a really good cleaning in the near future. We need to get a vacuum in there and get some of the smaller particles out of those hard to reach spots.

October schedule is done! (fingers crossed!!!)