Monday, June 23, 2008

Teeny Reeny & Mittens Go Home!

This weekend was a tad busy - finally some activity! Little teeny tiny Reeny and big old Mittens went home on Saturday. The hold was put on Mittens at the Shelter Thursday so he was able to go home on Saturday. In addition Leona took a hold on Mr. Bertie. The application is at the Shelter being processed. He is such a big nice boy - lets hope this is his forever home.

Seems we have some room at the inn. I will make arrangements for some new kitties to join us.

I had a cancellation for Monday, July 14 in the morning. Let me know if you are available to take that cleaning.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Freddy's Back!

Snowdrift went home last Wednesday night. Apparently he really wanted to stay as the volunteers had quite a time getting him into a carrier. He ran up the cages and all around the room in an attempt to stay with us. Thankfully Snowdrift's owner understood the stress that change puts on a cat and did not seem phased. Good luck, Snowdrift! Hopefully you are already all settled in.

Yes, big old Freddy is back! Yeah! He came back on Sunday and according to Tracey is even more lovable than before! He happily settled right in. With him came a shy girl named Linsey. Her first day she just sat on her blanket and took in the new surroundings. Hopefully she settles in quickly.

Mittens is apparently having litter box issues. We are trying to determine if it is the pine litter and he will do better with clay. Apparently he is making quite a mess. Let me know if the change in litter helps. Make sure he has a big pan.

Reeny has a hold right now and the application is being processed.

Hopefully with the end of this heat wave and the end of school graduations we will see an increase in activity!

I had a recent cancellation for Monday, June 23 in the morning. If you can cover that morning please let me know. I am happy to say that the July schedule is complete!

Here's our new girl: