Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Bye, Marilyn!!! Yay!

Yes, it has finally happened! Marilyn went home Wednesday night and she was ready! She went into her carrier, did a little sniffing around and then laid down right in it. She will be living with a cat adopted from us a few years ago from PetSmart named Tabs. Some of you may remember her.

Randal went home Wednesday night as well. He will be living in a household with four other cats. A vet check of this applicant revealed he knows the secret of feline longevity! He has owned quite a few cats that all lived beyond age 15.

Flurry has been sneezing up a storm so she was taken back to the Shelter and put on meds until her cold clears up. Don't worry - she'll be back.

Having two cats go home and one go back to the Shelter allowed for the arrival of the three guys below. Cheech and Versace are so cute!! They are buff colored males with silky smooth fur. They will adapt to a home with kids, cats and dogs. They were relinquished to the Shelter when their owner went into a nursing home and could no longer take care of them. Cheech is wearing a leopard skin collar and Versace is wearing a dark blue collar. Versace is the playful outgoing one and Cheech is the laid back guy. Of course I would LOVE for these guys to go home together! The adoption fee is waived on one if that happens!

Calypso was added to the group as well. She is a beauty and very friendly. She went to PetSmart for the weekend and had such fun playing with Squirrely we decided to give her Flurry's cage. She would adapt to any household as well.

Here's pictures of Cheech, Versace and Calypso:

The March schedule looks great. Below is a list of days that still need to be covered:
Thursday, March 3, AM

Friday, March 11, AM

Monday, March 14, PM

Thursday, March 17, AM

Friday, March 18, AM

Friday, March 25, AM

Thursday, March 31, AM

I would like to set up a regular schedule for dogs to go to the store once a month - maybe the first Saturday of each month. This schedule would be posted in the store and added to the on line calendar. Please let me know if you are interested in helping with this and if so what your availability is for March, April, May and June.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Old Man Winter Feels the Warmth!!

I am starting to have trouble keeping up with blog posts with so many cats coming and going! Of course that is a good thing!! Let's hope it continues!

Winter went home last night! Now that was fast - but didn't I predict it would be?? He will be living with two other cats and a dog. His new family was thrilled when their application was approved.

A nice big male black cat named Randel was brought to the store on Tuesday. He is three years old and was abandoned in a house by his previous owner. He weighs thirteen pounds and loves to snuggle!! You will see a small patch of hair missing on his back. Do not worry!! This was caused by a topical worming medication that was used on him and the hair will be back. Here's Big Randel...

This weekend is the annual Second Chance For Love adoption event at PetSmart. The adoption table will be open from 1:00-4:00pm on both Saturday and Sunday. The weather forecast is good so hopefully people will be out and about. We will have several dogs at the store from 1:00-3:00pm on both days. Volunteers handling the dogs: please be at the store by 12:45pm and plan to be there until the dogs are picked up at 3:00pm. Dogs must always be monitored and can only be handled by volunteers who come to the Shelter and walk dogs on a regular basis.

I still do not have takers for the morning cleaning next Thursday, February 17. Please let me know if you are available.

I have not heard otherwise so everyone must have located the new cleaning agent. Please...if you haven't - let me know!!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Less than a week for Baxter!

Oh, that Baxter!! Sure didn't take him long to get adopted - less than a week! His new mom had been at the Shelter looking for a cat for her son and then went to PetSmart where she met Baxter. He'll be going home tonight and will live with a dog and a nice little family.

Two boys joined our collection of girls today. They are pictured below - Butters and Winter. Winter is a big old white cat and is so cool! He is laid back and will be fine with kids, dogs and other cats. He is somewhere around 5-6 years old. Butters is young, lively and friendly and will make a great addition to any home as well. He was found on Butter Road in Upper Township. I don't think these two are going to last very long!

Hopefully the misunderstanding concerning the cleaning products has been cleared up. not hesitate to contact me or talk to the store manager if you are unsure about the location of any thing you need.

We are all set for the adoption event for next weekend. I will e-mail instructions to those involved at the end of next week. Looks like we will be able to have a couple dogs at the store on both days! Great!

Good news...we received pictures at the Shelter from the woman who adopted Meow and Stefania. In the picture they are sitting side by side in their beds. They look so content and comfy!! It is always so nice to see our guys in their homes looking happy!!!

I still need someone for the morning cleaning on Thursday, February 17.

Have a wonderful weekend!!