Friday, November 20, 2015

And Adoptions Continue!!

Jolly left from the Shelter yesterday. He was picked up by staff.  He will be joining a young Coast Guard couple and their seven month old female cat, Callie.  He will have a nice life with them!  We had met the couple prior to this adoption.  A friend had found kittens and they adopted Callie from her.  When the friend initially found the kittens she brought them to the Shelter and we asked her to foster them and she agreed to do so. She was told should she be able to find suitable homes we would help make sure the kittens received all their vet work and were spayed and neutered.  This couple adopted one of her kittens and contacted us.  A few weeks later they met Jolly at PetSmart and decided he needed to be Callie's friend!

Trevor left Wednesday night.  As the featured picture to the right indicates he is joining a kid friendly, dog friendly, cat friendly, animal loving household! The cat the family already owns was adopted from us years ago as an adult. (I worked with the dad of this family at the Stone Harbor PD and was pleased to see the application! Great family!)

Tink arrived at PetSmart while I was away.  Although many of you already know her I will introduce her now. She is about a year old and came into the Shelter in June with four kittens. She was a good mommy!  She was very protective of her litter. Once her kittens were ready to go she went up for adoption. She will be fine in a home with other cats and kids, however with dogs she will need a slow introduction.
Bailey and Toffee arrived at PetSmart yesterday. Both are female. They are nice kittens !!  They are littermates that arrived at the Shelter in August at four weeks old.  They went into a foster home where they spent time with other cats, kids and dogs. It is one of our most experienced fosters.  They are purring machines!!  Pick them up together and hear the roar!! Our goal is to see them be adopted into the same home.
Tawney has had a few issues while at PetSmart.  Yesterday when staff arrived to drop off Toffee and Bailey there was several small piles of vomit in her cage.  Poor old Tawney just seems to be stressed out there so we brought her back.  She seems happier here!!

Schedule is good through the rest of this month...paws crossed it stays that way!!

Thursday, November 05, 2015

New Arrivals, Pending Adoption, Return of Groucho

Trevor has an approved adoption application and hopefully will be going home this weekend.  He will be the only pet in the house,  however the family has had cats in the past as well as a dog.  The primary caretaker will be a young man living with his mom.

Groucho was having some medical issues so we brought him back to the Shelter.  He was vomiting a lot and looked like he did not feel well. PetSmart management was concerned so we thought it best to get him.  Also he urinates standing up and apparently has been missing the box often.

Introducing the new guys:

Hobbit is a young male cat that came into the Shelter in early September along with the rest of his litter.  He is a sweet little guy that will do well in any household.  He and his littermates were living in a shed after their owner passed away.  He should do well in any household.

Fluff is a couple of years old and has been bounced around a bit.  In the summer of 2014 he was found hanging around a local motel and was obviously friendly.  We helped the person who found him and Fluff altered and vaccinated.  We were told he would be kept as a pet.   In August of this year Fluff was brought to the Shelter because the owner could no longer care for him after having him for a few months.  we recognized him as the cat we had helped to get fixed last year.  The person who had originally had Fluff was notified but he said could not take him back. 

When Fluff first came in he so obviously was suffering from neglect.  He had terrible scratches and loss of hair probably due to lack of flea control and poor food.  Now he looks wonderful! He is very friendly and a good boy!  He is three years old.  In the last home he lived with other cats and with kids.  We do not know how he would do in a home with dogs. 
Mars is a fun loving playful little boy!!  He and his litter mates were allegedly found running out of the woods by a passerby in her car.  All three in the litter are friendly and totally socialized! We suspect that perhaps they were living in a home and not actually found in the woods.  This little imp will make a wonderful pet and will acclimate to any household.  Look at that little face!
The schedule for this month is complete with the exception of Friday, November 27, AM cleaning.  Please let me know if you are available.  As far as Thanksgiving...PetSmart store employees will take care of our cats when they go in to take care of their animals.  We get a day off!! (Thank you, Deb and Warren,  for offering to cover that day!)

Below are two annual events/promotions that we do at the Shelter which most of your are quite familiar with....Black Friday and Santa Claws!  Click on the below pictures for information on both.  We will post flyers at PetSmart as well.  Please feel free to save the pictures and share as an email attachment or Facebook post.
Black Friday
Santa Claws